Performance of agricultural silicone surfactants

Silicone materials have been widely used in various industrial fields. Silicone materials have many unique properties, such as temperature resistance, weather resistance, lubricity, excellent electrical properties, low surface tension and physiological inertia. Silicone products used in agriculture mainly include agricultural silicone surfactants and foam control agents. Agricultural silicone surfactants include: pesticide formulation additives and spray additives, of which the most widely used is silicone spray additives, the main component is polyether modified trisiloxane compound (TSS), which is widely used in killing Insect agents, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators and biological pesticides, these additives can quickly reduce the surface tension of the spray liquid, so that the liquid spray can be quickly absorbed and expanded and penetrated when it reaches the target. Improve the utilization and efficacy of drugs, promote the penetration of systemic drugs through plant stomata, improve the ability to withstand rain and reduce the amount of spray, rationally save drugs and water, labor and time, reduce pesticide loss, and protect the environment.

Performance of agricultural silicone:

It has low surface tension, spreadability, permeability and emulsification and dispersibility, and is easily soluble in methanol, isopropanol, acetone, xylene and methylene chloride. main feature: Super spreadability, excellent permeability, efficient systemic absorption and conductivity, resistance to rain washing, easy to mix, high Degree of safety and stability.

1. Enhance the adhesion of chemical liquids and increase the utilization rate of pesticides
2. Excellent wetting and expansion, increase coverage and improve pesticide efficacy
3. Promote the penetration of systemic agents through the stomata and improve the resistance to rain erosion
4. Reduce the amount of spray, rationally save medicine and water, save labor and time
5. Reduce pesticide residues and reduce pesticide loss.

Use range:

Agricultural organic silicon additives can be added to the spray mixture of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators and/or biological pesticides, and are especially suitable for systemic agents.

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