Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas for Destination Wedding

Being a bridesmaid is very panicking while selecting the dress designs and colors with the bride. You do not want to look like a little bo peep. As a bride, you would love to choose the best dresses for bridesmaids which you girls also love. If you choose a beach for your destination wedding you must not underestimate your bridesmaid dresses. Choosing the best bridesmaids dresses for a beach wedding might be a little time-consuming but it is really exciting. First of all, you have to match the dress style and color for your girls to let them look beautiful standing beside you which will increase the whole wedding vision to life. As you are planning for a destination wedding so your wedding is about to be aesthetic. To make aesthetic your bridesmaid dresses should be perfect as your overall plan. Here are some ideas for destination bridesmaid dresses to help you,

Ideas for a Beach Wedding

If it is bach, you must keep in mind that you are about to be messed up with the 3 big S’s. sun, sand, and sweat. Here do not forget about the humidity. So you have to choose something that your girls can wear and hold it till the last moment comfortably.

A lightweight Fabric

Choose something breathable. Most of the day all of you will be standing outside in the sun. so choose a fabric that is cool and easily breathable for your girls. If you are thinking about soft and silky without even clinginess, you must try chiffon. Chiffon is smooth enough to brush off the sends and creates fine blows in the ocean breeze. If you want something else, here are more options like organza and tulle. These are amazingly lightweight to travel easily. Ending up with an alert: if it is possible, avoid polyester and nylon at the beach wedding.

Choose dresses according to body types

Do not forget to keep in mind your bridesmaids’ body type while selecting their dresses. If needed, mix and match the dress style according to their different body shape. You all want your bridesmaid to be comfortable, confident, and beautiful. A specific style does not suit all body types as a specific size does not fit in all. For your pear-shaped girl, fit and flare dresses will look great. Though girls who wear close-fitting strapless dresses prefer high necklines or thick straps, a sweetheart neckline looks great in petite girls. For your athletic girls, belted waistline dresses can create a curvy shape. A fitted top or sweetheart neckline can embrace the look of your hourglass-shaped girl and a V neckline embraces the look of broad-shoulder women. V necklines are slimming and elongate enough that it looks good in everyone. If there are any pregnant women you may choose a high waistline and flowy skirt for them. It will allow room for the beautiful big belly to grow so that there is no worry about fighting into the dress.

Embrace the color

The most rated topic is color, especially when it is a destination wedding. Only the natural colors can bloom the destination wedding. But there are so many natural hues that you might get confused here. You can pick the vibrant blue ocean, softened colors, white sand, palm trees, lush greenery, and so on. You can pick the color with different shades which will embrace the tropical nature. You also may choose something contrasting like emerald or burgundy. Here are some most exciting colors for a destination wedding, you may choose.

Seafoam Green, does not it sound more natural? It is soo. This color brings soft feelings, fresh looks and conveys a sense of tranquility to your destination wedding. 

Pink, if you like to bring a delicate and romantic vibe to your destination wedding you may look for this color.  Pink or rose is the most popular bridesmaid dress color nowadays. This perfectly blends with all bright natural colors.

Blush, the sun-kissed shore, and glittering sand perfectly match this color. You also can mismatch blush with pink to make it more fun and romantic.

Lilac, this color can hold any style and any season. It is classic, serene, and whimsical. For a destination wedding, this creates amazing videos, especially in the gardens or beach. You can balance this color with bouquets full of white, pink, and green colors. If you like to choose different shades of lilac you may pick lavender and dark purple.

Light Blue, if it is a beach wedding you can take this color to look fresh and claiming. You also can choose different shades of blue like sky blue, ice blue, and powder blue. In a cloudy season, your bridesmaids will blend perfectly in nature with this color. Add bright and colorful colors with white to the bouquet to embrace the light blue.

Turquoise, for a seaside wedding destination, this color is a perfect match. Thi vibrant color rocks the beach. It is a flattering choice that suits almost everyone. Also, it gets matched with any other color.

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Mixing and matching the dress styles is okay but make sure everyone is stuck in one color with creativity. According to your wedding theme, your bridesmaids can choose one color with different shades. Like, if your theme is the ocean, your bridesmaid can wear blue or green but different shades. For example, Turquoise, aqua, and teal match nicely. Choose different dresses instead of one. If you have 5 bridesmaids, choose 5 different dresses. Because your girls have the right to choose their styles to rock your wedding day. 

The world is full of colors. You may choose colors out of this article as your requirement. Choose The color that connects you to yourself most. It might be light pastels, bold, or a little more edge. Do not forget to discuss it with your fiance and bridesmaids because the wedding function is supposed to be fun so every person should be happier with their choices. Choose something exciting for all. Following the above ideas, you will not regret it when you look back to your wedding day after many years.