PC Components for Gaming That Are Preferred By PC Power Up

The world of gaming has been growing consistently for many years and for those of you who do not know, this is a huge market that rolls in huge amounts of money. Even with companies that develop and market video games, even in tournaments that will not embarrass in terms of prizes and number of spectators, and also in the gaming hardware market that allows all these games to run.


RAM is also a very important component in a gaming computer, the purchase of which should be based on budget. In general, you can get a crucial CT4G4DFS824A memory board with 4GB of memory. However, often this amount for gaming will not be enough so higher priority should be given to 8GB memory, like Samsung DDR4 2400 DIMM 8GB, with an average price of 6K.

The next part of the PC, but with a much lower priority, is the hard drive. In this case, you can choose many indicators of this component, but with our budget such an approach is not acceptable. You can literally take any Western Digital hard drive with 1TB of memory, but at a low cost. For example, blue or red are great models.

Graphic Cards:-

There are high-performance on-board graphics for gaming notebook PCs, but many general-purpose on-board graphics are not suitable for games in terms of functionality and performance. Even if you try to enjoy a game with beautiful 3D graphics, you may experience problems such as flickering on the screen, delayed operation, and unstable movement. Therefore, in the case of a desktop gaming PC, it is desirable to have a “graphic board” as an independent part.

Inside the graphic board, there is a video processing device called GPU, and the better the performance of this GPU, the more beautiful the video can be enjoyed.

The “NVIDIA GeForce” series and “AMD Radeon” series are said to be the two major brands of GPUs.

The PC Case:-

The case is very important in the gallerias series gaming PC. This is because it affects heat dissipation and expandability. High-performance CPUs and graphic boards generate a lot of heat, so it is necessary to adopt a solid case.

There are five types of PC cases: full tower, middle tower, mini tower, slim tower, and compact case. The most popular are the middle tower and the mini tower. The lineup of slim towers and compact cases (small) has almost disappeared. It is a good idea to select it according to the user’s usage environment and purpose.

Other Components for Building a PC:-

There are many other important parts to consider when assembling a powerful gaming PC that is balanced for all uses, and these are the processor cooler, storage, power supply, RAM, and case.

The computer case is also important as it plays an important role in keeping your device cool by providing good airflow, bags are also available. If you have it, you will grow old.

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