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Overview of the past

It is impossible to proudly erect a country on concrete pillars, just as it is impossible to build any progress without many resources. Consequently, this is also true for Pakistan, and it is possible that, of all the pillars that support the country’s foundation, real estate is the one that has stood the test of time the best. A case in point is the analysis of the real estate sector in Pakistan.

From the beginning to the present

It has been a long and challenging road for the pillar of real estate, and it has faced numerous challenges as a result of its contribution to the overall economy of our country. Real estate development has been halted since 2017 due to political unrest and ongoing economic and financial policy changes. Examining events in 2019, we can see that the performance has been even worse than it is at present. Even at that time, the countries were dealing with a slew of financial, economic, and political issues, all of which contributed to a significant slowdown in the real estate market.

Due to the progression of the global pandemic in 2020, it appeared that the road to success would be even more difficult, but it turned out to be a fantastic year for real estate in the end. Several initiatives were launched as a result of this to encourage residents to make investments in the area. Unfortunately, those new initiatives and rules will be the driving force behind the accelerated improvement projected in 2021, indicating that the real estate forecast for 2022 will be vulnerable.

However, the real question is: where did the damage begin, and what was done to repair it? The real estate forecast for 2022 will assist us in accurately identifying the damages, whether minor or significant, as well as the necessary repairs and improvements and the roles investors, realtors, and consumers play in all of these endeavors.

Discouragement of International Pakistanis 

  • Pakistanis who live abroad have a penchant for investing their hard-earned cash in real estate.
  • To have a place to call home is a blessing.
  • They want to make a variety of decisions, so real estate appears to be a good fit.

Their interest has already been piqued by the luxurious lifestyles offered by most of the top housing societies in major cities, including Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

The government has just announced additional initiatives and packages for 2022. Pakistan real estate forecast 2022 reflects the promising future of the country’s real estate for both domestic and international investors. The relief package is an absolute necessity at this point. Pakistan’s President has also signed the Tax Amendment Ordinance 2021, which will positively impact the country’s construction industry.

Investments by Pakistanis in foreign countries in 2022

The investments of Pakistanis living abroad, classified as remittances, are critical to the country’s economy. Increased remittances raise the value of the Pakistani Rupee, allowing it to compete with the US Dollar on a par with the latter’s importance.

Increased remittances have the potential to improve the economic condition of a country’s citizens significantly. According to research conducted by Abdul Qayyum, economic growth and social improvement in Pakistan are facilitated by remittance inflows. Sending money to Pakistan has benefited districts such as Sindh, Punjab, and Baluchistan, to name a few.

And now, with the Pakistani Rupee trading at its highest level in nearly a year, the real estate sector in the country is experiencing significant growth and prosperity. As a result, the value of the rupee increased. Besides bringing in new investment, existing investors and Pakistanis living abroad focused on us will also keep us.

As a result of new rules and developments, an additional benefit has been made available to Pakistanis living in other countries. According to the Pakistani real estate forecast for 2022, the income tax returns for non-resident aliens have been simplified and made more flexible.

Tax Laws from the past versus current tax laws

The CGT, or Capital Gains Tax, is a type of tax that the seller pays, and capital gains are defined as the profit made on the sale of a piece of real estate. Previously, capital gains or profit received were taxed based on the length of time the taxpayer held the property.

  • During the first year, there would be a 10% return on investment.
  • 7.5 percent would be earned in the second year.
  • It is anticipated that the increase for the third year will be ten percent.

If you sell your home within three years, you will not be required to pay any additional capital gains tax. Unfortunately, this approach has the unintended consequence of shortening the holding period, or during which an investor maintains the property for himself. The holding period had shrunk to the point where purchased homes were solely for resale.

Everything has vanished without a trace. You will be subject to capital gains tax if you sell your property after four years of ownership. Due to the reduction in the holding period, this new reform is advantageous to investors, as it makes it more manageable for them and those purchasing property to put it aside for years.

It has already begun to strengthen the cornerstone of the real estate industry, just in time.

Relief Packages that are currently available

To keep investors interested in the real estate crisis, they must provide them with incentives. The lack of development occurred partly because they did not incentivize interested parties in the project’s early years.

The government has introduced new programs and packages in recent months. Among them is the construction relief package, which is of particular importance. In addition, the Tax Amendment Ordinance 2021 has been signed by the President of Pakistan to assist the country’s construction industry.

Beginning in 2022, you will be able to take advantage of this benefit

Builders and developers can now quickly and easily register their projects under this tax amnesty program, which exempts them from the requirement to identify their sources of income and allows them to take advantage of the fixed tax rate in the process.

Due to the extension of the deadline, real estate investors will now be able to benefit from immunity from disclosing their funding sources, as well as the advantages of a fixed tax regime. For example, it was September 30th, 2022, and it is now March 31st, 2023. It is an example of time travel.

The Lenient Regulations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Board of Revenue, also known as the FBR, collects information about your earnings, investments, and real estate transactions… If there is a discrepancy between your income and the tax returns you filed, the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) will notify you and charge you a penalty. They may also impose a freeze on your assets.

Before, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) targeted non-filers or citizens who failed to file a tax return by the deadline. The result was that those who did not register with the Federal Revenue Board were barred from purchasing a property worth more than $5 million unless they registered with the Federal Revenue Board (FBR). As a result, investors are discouraged from investing in the industry in 2018-19 due to the strict control exercised by the FBR over non-filers banking transactions and the imposition of significant property transfer taxes.

The Federal Bureau of Revenue has now lifted these restrictions, allowing non-filers to spend large sums of money in the real estate sector. As a result, it is making a significant contribution to the prosperity of the real estate sector, thereby indirectly raising the overall level of the economy. The Pakistan real estate forecast for 2022 indicates that its real estate industry has a promising future ahead of it.


As a developing country, Pakistan’s real estate is confronted with several difficulties. Not all of them, on the other hand, has gone missing. In Pakistan, the real estate sector is a hive of activity and momentum worth watching and learning about. The appreciation of the Pakistani rupee and the depreciation of the US dollar have resulted in a significant profit for investors who decided to invest in 2022. It is not because of economic strength but rather because it is ushering in a new kind of power. As a result, Pakistan gains an advantage over the competition and establishes a position of supremacy that the rest of the world admires.

The new policies and packages of 2022 are also beneficial to the real estate industry, as they benefit both the working class and investors. In addition, it will all lead to an increase in both foreign and domestic investment. According to the Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022, Pakistan’s real estate market will outperform expectations in 2022 due to these factors.

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