Pairing Guide For Cigars And Alcohol

Pairing Guide For Cigars And Alcohol

While you love a good alcoholic beverage now and then, you may not realize that pairing your drink with a good cigar can bring about an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. When the right beverage and cigar are brought together, you’ve got something very special. However, since there are so many different cigars and alcohol, knowing which combinations work best can be a challenge. If you’re ready to embark on your journey to discover the best pairings of cigars and alcohol, here are some to consider.

Gin and Macanudo Cafe

If you like a glass of gin now and then, consider pairing it with a Macanudo Cafe cigar. A milder cigar as far as flavor, the Macanudo Cafe blends very well with gin, since this alcoholic beverage is also a bit mild. When you’ve finished your dinner and are looking for a great way to relax, gin and Macanudo Cafe cigars are a great combo.

Vodka and Gran Habano Connecticut

A combo many cigar lovers swear by, a good glass of vodka paired with a Gran Habano Connecticut cigar will be a great combination, since each compliments the other’s flavor. While most vodka doesn’t have much of a taste, flavored vodkas tend to bring out the subtle flavors of the cigar.

Tequila and Perdomo Reserve

While some cigar enthusiasts prefer milder drinks to go with their stogies, others want both their alcoholic beverage of choice and their cigar to be big, bold, and pack quite a punch when paired together. If you fit into this category, consider pairing a glass of tequila with a Perdomo Reserve cigar. Though some tequila can be relatively smooth and mild, other variations such as silver tequila can be very peppery. When combined with a Perdomo Reserve cigar that also has a strong, robust flavor, you’re sure to get quite a jolt with each gulp and puff.

Champagne and Avo Classic

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just feel like drinking something a bit more festive, champagne and cigars go very well together no matter the occasion. If you decide to give this interesting combo a try, do so while smoking a lighter cigar such as the Avo Classic. If you try smoking a stronger cigar, the cigar’s flavor will easily overshadow the subtleties of the champagne.

Rum and Padron

For the vast majority of stogie lovers, rum is the ultimate drink to pair with almost any type of cigar. With its bittersweet and spicy flavoring, rum has the unique ability to blend well with both mild and strong cigars. For most who love a good drink and cigar pairing, a dark rum paired with a spicy cigar such as a Padron works best.

Red Wine and Revolucion Cameroon

While not all red wines mix well with cigars, Spanish red wines are often the exception. Since many of these red wines have a somewhat smoky flavor to them, they can stand up quite well when combined with stronger cigars. Though a Merlot or Cabernet can work well with cigars, it’s likely you’ll prefer a combination such as a glass of Garnacha de Fuego and a Revolucion Cameroon cigar.

Whiskey and Rocky Patel Prodigy

In many cases, it can be hard to find the perfect whiskey to go with your favorite cigar. However, there are some pairings that seem like they were always meant to be together. When it comes to whiskey and your cigars, one of the best pairings seems to be Macallan whiskey and a Rocky Patel Prodigy. While the Macallan will have a strong, vanilla-like flavor, the Rocky Patel will have a unique leather and cocoa flavor that combines very well with the cigar.

Now that you have so many different options from which to choose, it’s time to get to work. By trying various beverages with different types of cigars, you may surprise yourself at which combo turns out to be your favorite.

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