Pain Management: How can you Benefit from Physiotherapy?

Many people consider physiotherapy as less effective alternative treatments. People believe that it is better to watch online videos related to exercises than to visit a physiotherapist for quick healing. But that doesn’t help. I am here to clear the doubt!

Physiotherapy, which is often confused with massage has actually a lot to offer when it comes to pain management. Townsville physiotherapy has also shown improvements in patients suffering from trauma, mental illness, depression, anxiety and psychic issues.

Why Choose Physiotherapy for Treating Pain?

A physiotherapist can treat both acute as well as chronic pain after thoroughly going through the symptoms and addressing the type of pain a patient is suffering from. Whether a patient is suffering from back pain, neck pain, ruptured tissues, joint pains and any pain, the professional physiotherapist will inspect about your lifestyle, come up with a routine plan and the type of treatment it will require to heal the pain. 

The treatment could involve any method such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, spasm, point-pressing, tension-releasing, stretching, exercise, correct posture building, mobilisation and so on. If you stick to the treatment thoroughly, you can get a permanent solution to your problem since the healing begins from within once you agree to what your therapist recommends you.

Let us look at some of the examples of pain and how physiotherapy is serving patients to cure all of it-

1) Acute Pain- Acute pain is a short-term pain which stays for a while and can be cured within days if treated properly. For instance, a strain in the leg or pain in the wrist. However, if you feel the pain frequently in a particular area, then it is an alarm to something serious that might occur later. Hence, do not ignore it.

2) Chronic Pain- Usually, the pain in the soft tissues remain for a few days or weeks if they are not severely affected. If the pain persists beyond months and takes too long to cure, then it is known as chronic pain. The chronic pain occurs when the brain doesn’t comprehend the signals from the nerve endings correctly, and the pain occurs frequently. 

3) Bad Knees- Many doctors have claimed that physiotherapy, along with proper medication, can prevent people with bad knees from going through a surgery. Usually, there is a muscle tightness near the knee joint that results in knee pain, and a person cannot walk properly. Physiotherapists find those tightened points and treat them with right stretching exercises, later applying warmth to the muscles for them to connect well.

4) Obesity Leading to Joint Paints- Excessive body weight can put pressure on various joints, causing body pains. In physiotherapy, the combination of different exercises and a lifestyle change can help reduce weight simultaneously treating the pain.

5) Back Pain- Wrong body posture, walking, sitting and sleeping pattern can often put pressure on your back, resulting in back pain. In physiotherapy, back pain is relieved using basic principles where the patient undergoes posture-correcting and muscle strengthening exercises as well as applying heat to the affected part.

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