Overview of modern toilet bidets. How to choose a bidet toilet, the difference between brands and manufacturers. TOTO and GEBERIT.

What is a  toilet bidet and what do you need it for?

The most standard combination is a stand-alone toilet and a separate bidet on which the mixer is mounted. The user receives the same hygienic procedures for which these two devices are needed. Naturally, the toilet and bidet require much more space than just a toilet bidet combo. This is exactly what the Japanese, back in the distant 80’s, came up with the idea of combining one with another to save space. The fact is that in Japan, as often as we have, quite compact bathrooms are adopted. There is, of course, another solution when a hygienic shower is used, but in my opinion it is less convenient. In order to give you the most complete idea of what models of toilets and bidets are available on the market, we went through several exhibitions. 


We visited the exhibition in Germany. I also reviewed some models when I was in Japan. First of all, Japanese manufacturers make bidet toilets. Naturally, this is the company TOTO, which started producing them in the 80s. Let’s compare Japanese bidet toilets with products of Swiss company GEBERIT.


TOTO bidet its toilets with bidet lids called WASHLET. Accordingly, all appliances are placed in the lid itself. Sometimes they look rather bulky, but TOTO is working on this as well, given the wishes of its customers. The simplest model has a remote control that is directly integrated into the lid. It has adjustable bidet functions. That is, you can adjust the temperature, you can adjust the pressure, and there is also an adjustment for the heated seat. There is an energy saving function and naturally there are functions related to cleaning the exit nozzle. There are models for higher prices. They have a remote control. All the same functions, only you control them with the remote control, which can be placed either on the wall next to it, or you can hold it in your hand and control the bidet. The top model has an automatic seat opening function. It has a much more elegant design, which makes it more attractive than previous models.

I don’t like WASHLET models very much, because they are necessarily connected to electricity and water externally. That is, in any case, you will see these very wires and the water hose. But the more expensive TOTO model, called the Nearest, is a completely smart toilet. Completely one-piece, designed as a whole product.

These toilets have much more functions. In addition to automatic opening, there is also automatic flushing and much more different settings. There are also certain functions that affect the hygiene of the bowl. These are the preliminary rinsing of the bowl with special electrolytic water and additional disinfection by means of ultraviolet. A large number of functions embarrass many, but do not be afraid. Everything is controlled intuitively enough. It is possible to program individual settings for two users. This is quite convenient. 


And now let’s move on to the Swiss manufacturer GEBERIT. We can introduce you here three top models of bidet toilets. (Merah, Dumah, Sumah) What is interesting, the designers had a task to make the toilet bidet as similar to a normal toilet as possible. And it seems to me that they succeeded very well. The appliances are integrated inside and look very elegant. Here, the bidet function is hidden. The most expensive model has an automatic opening. 

I think it is a bidet lid which can also be installed on another toilet. Of course, it is best combined with the native toilet. There is also a rimless flush. Naturally, there is a smooth lowering of the lid and the function of the bidet with a hair dryer, which is controlled by the remote control. There is a temperature control, head adjustment and the ability to make settings for 4 users, which in my opinion, best fit the average family composition. There is also a very interesting air cleaning system. There is an air extraction and purification system. As for the flagship model GEBERIT Merah, this model of toilet is equipped with a maximum set of functions. Automatically opens the lid and turns on the backlight. Heating is also turned on when approaching. You sit down already on a warm place. This saves energy. 

Main features

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the seat is made of duroplast material. It is hard and heavy. And it is unique, because no manufacturer has yet learned how to heat the duroplast. When a person sits down, the weight sensor will trigger and at that moment the function of removing unpleasant odors begins to work. Directly from the toilet bowl, unpleasant odors are collected, which goes through the inside of the bowl and through the ceramic filter goes out. This is the know-how of GEBERIT.  A ceramic filter is used, which does not require frequent replacement, such as coal. It can be changed every two or three years. This function is activated automatically. There is of course a remote control but there is also a simple and intuitive operation available on the toilet body. It is enough to press one of the biggest buttons, feel it and the bidet function is started. This toilet is ultra hygienic, because the nozzle is washed twice before starting. Once in the standard position and then goes deeper into the chamber and washes again.

It is important to note that the cost of a set (a toilet with a bidet function) and the cost of a separate set (a toilet with a lid with a microlift + a bidet with a mixer and a trap) are approximately the same if we are talking about a basic model. If you also consider that the installation of additional devices will require an additional budget, you can get even more benefits by spending perhaps a little less if you buy a more expensive model.


Naturally, the cost of the toilet depends on the set of functions that go into it. Here, of course, it is up to you to choose. When choosing a toilet with a bidet function, also pay attention to the installation. The presence of protruding wires, hoses does not add aesthetics. Well, in general, aesthetics is the most important thing when choosing. This toilet should match the style of your room. Also pay attention to the reaction speed of electronics. It is different for different manufacturers, and this is also an important point. After all, you are not going to spend time in the toilet forever.

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