Overcome the Covid19 crisis by keeping your business afloat and active on Instagram

Businesses have taken a hard hit during the Covid19 pandemic, and especially small businesses had to bear the brunt of it. Despite the governments providing financial stimulus, the damage is much more than what it seems. Business owners face the most challenging task to play their role in combating the pandemic and try their best to salvage their business from the depths of deep despair. Businesses must make all efforts to stay in touch with their customers and consumers despite the disruptions hindering normal business operations. It is the time for the business of all types and sizes including small businesses to use their resilience and respond faster than others by adjusting to the new normal. Every business owner must try to stretch every dollar to keep their business afloat and wait for the opportune moment to gather momentum. 

Businesses must bank on innovation to work out new ways of engaging with customers by maintaining physical distancing and recast their business processes to ensure contactless interactions with customers. Social media provides endless opportunities to stay connected with customers.Creating a business account on Instagram will help maintainbusiness operations, including selling your products. You can maintain business continuity amid the pandemic by using the business-friendly features of Instagram to overcome the physical disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Get going by buying Instagram likes

Instagram promises a high return on investment, and its constant innovation and adding more business-friendly features makes it a hot favorite among businesses. The increased engagement rate of Instagram works in favor of companies as it helps to connect closely with customers and inspire them to take some positive action. Instagram’s business orientation is evident from the way the majority of active users keep following some businesses.  Launching an Instagram campaign on the right note consists of popularizing the posts soon after posting them. That is only possible when you buy likes from real people by logging on to Stormlikes that offers targeted likes. The likes hint at the number of followers you have because a higher number of likes translates into a higher number of followers. 

The advantage of having an Instagram business account is that you can carry out full-fledged business activities, including selling your products instead of just marketing and branding. In that sense, Instagram provides a marketplace that puts it in a different bracket from other social media channels. The conversions on Instagram bring instant revenue, which is not possible by using other social media channels.

Fight the virus but not at the cost of your business

Following the government and public health advisories to the T is the only way to ensure that we put the brakes on the path of the coronavirus. Maintaining physical distancing and practicing good hygiene and safety like washing hands frequently with soap, water, or sanitizer and wearing masks effectively cut off the infection that spreads through minute droplets floating in the air. When someone carrying the virus sneezes or coughs, the virus transmits through the air, and wearing masks can minimize the risks of getting infected. Maintaining a distance of 2 meters when moving in crowded places breaks the chain of infection. But businesses find it hard to maintain their operations by adhering to the strict restrictions, which has resulted in widespread closures and many small businesses tragically meeting their end.

To combat the crisis effectively by maintaining constant contact with customers, Instagram provides almost endless opportunities.  Using Instagram Stories, you can tell customers how you are tackling the crisis and the steps you are taking to ensure customer safety. Describe the modifications of your business processes to ensure safety for your employees and customers that will instill confidence. Moreover, your customers will realize how much you care for them even when there are almost no chances to resume normal business activities. 

Instagram Live can help to grab all attention

Instagram providesplenty of opportunities of engaging with consumers by offering a tip, guidance, and education while keeping them entertained. The feature of Instagram Live allows uploading videos. You can find it within Instagram Stories for streaming videos in real-time, which creates better engagement and increases trust for the brand. Tutorials, demos, teasers, and launch announcements are all useful for promoting products. Using a short video to alert customers about a limited time special offer will generate interest that leads to meaningful conversion.

To attract viewers to your videos on Instagram Live, tease it in your feeds or Stories before going live that would make them curious to know more about it and grow their expectation about the brand.They would be eagerly waiting to watch the video. Since the videos appear within the Instagram Stories, it follows the same guidelines of remaining live f 24 hours and then vanishes. However, you can save the videos in your feed for future use.  Going ahead, you can use the content in a different way by uploading it on IGTV, another novel feature of Instagram.

IGTV –another business-friendly feature on Instagram

The pandemic has not dampened Instagram’s spirit to enhance its business-friendly features as it keeps introducing something new that gives more options for showcasing brands and businesses. The feature named IGTV, an acronym for Instagram Television, gives a shot to marketers who can use the feature to get closest to customers and engage with them more intensely. Since videos have the highest appeal among all types of content and constitute the majority, IGTV helps stream full videos, a marked improvement of Instagram’s earlier streaming capabilities only micro-videos. 

To create a distinct identity of your brand on Instagram that leaves a lasting impression, you can use the feature of IGTV, which resembles YouTube in its capabilities of streaming videos up to an hour-long. You can offer consumers more opportunities to interact with your business and even engage in the transaction by using the shopping feature of Instagram that sets it apart from other social media channels. 

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