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Our Top 5 Picks for BSV Wallets

First, let’s take a look at BSV which was created as the only digital asset to stay true to the original white paper written by Dr. Craig S. Wright. It’s a scalable and stable blockchain protocol that can process transactions at a faster and cheaper rate than others. Combine that with its built-in high level of security makes it a great choice for institutions and individuals. 

Buying your BSV from a reliable exchange is the first step to building your digital asset portfolio. Choosing a secure wallet to store it is quite possibly more important because storing it in an open exchange is not the safest method to keep it from possibly being compromised. Each wallet offers a set of pros and cons. There are a limited number of wallets available that support BSV today and more coming in the near future. Some are more user friendly than others. A few wallets offer additional services to make the user experience more worthwhile.

Here’s some of our picks in random order for storing your BSV as well as other digital assets:


Centbee is a user-friendly wallet that offers a good amount of quality tools. You can top-up your BSV using a bank account as well as local retailers. Shopping and paying some bills can also be done from the app. Sending and receiving payments with a @paymail handle is fast and simple. In some areas users can withdraw BSV into their bank account’s local fiat.

Money Button

Money Button is a good wallet for users that want an easy way of storing or making payments with BSV. It’s a fully non-custodial wallet, meaning the company does not see any of the user’s money within the account. Users can send and receive payment simply with the swipe of a button. 


Coinomi is one of the oldest wallets available and highly trusted. Users can hold and exchange thousands of tokens instantly using their built-in exchanges. It’s a global app with more than 25 recognized languages.


HandCash is a cool app that does all the basic things like store BSV and send payments at virtually no cost. It’s also setup for the future to make nanopayments which are payments under one dollar. The cool part is you can shop online with the app as well as connect to games and other media. Add friends to make it a cross-app fun experience.


Exodus offers both desktop and mobile app functionality that can be synced. This gives users the added security to manage and exchange your assets with face detection or fingerprint scanning. Easily send and receive your BSV with your private address or using the scannable QR code.

These are just a few of our top picks for digital asset wallets. It seems like everyday more of them come into the market. We highly suggest you do your own research to find a few that suit your needs. We also recommend you don’t keep all of your assets in one place. Should something go wrong, say you lose your access to a wallet or it gets hacked, you won’t lose everything.

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