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OSRS Unusual Weapon Special Attacks



The ignored but useful ones

While adventuring through Gielinor, you’ll find many things. One category of those things is weapons with Special Attacks. Those are sort of alternate uses of the weapon. It needs the Special Attack Gauge to be filled to a certain level to activate. While it doesn’t raise a weapon’s value drastically, it adds utility to the otherwise boring weapon. For comparison, the Twisted Bow doesn’t have a Special attack, but it’s priced at 1B OSRS GP. Then again, it is quite a rare drop, and the difficulty of the raid factors in that price.

Anyway, here are some unusual ignored but useful special attacks.

Ancient Mace – Favor of the War God

While the Ancient Mace is quite a weak weapon, its Special Attack shines. It can drain the target’s Prayer by 100% of the attack, meaning you get the same amount. This attack also lets your Prayer go over the limit, so you don’t have to worry about the extra points. As an added bonus, the attack goes ignores Protect from Melee Prayers. It’s great for regaining Prayer Points. Uses up 100% of the Special Attack bar.

Abyssal Bludgeon – Penance

Though having low Prayer Points is generally not recommended, the Abyssal Bludgeon can turn it into a boon. With its Special Attack, every lost point means a 0.5% increase in attack. Costs 50% of the bar to activate.

Seercull – Soulshot

For all PvP fanatics, the Seercull could be the biggest boon (if the user) or bane (if the target) on the battlefield. At the cost of 100% of the gauge, Soulshot will guarantee a hit that also lowers the target’s Magic level by the damage dealt. Enemy casting Ice Barrage? Soulshot shoots the attempt down. It only works once per target, so it loses effectiveness when fighting bosses. The damage can’t be increased by Ranged Prayers nor the Slayer Helmet.

Barrelchest Anchor – Sunder

This weapon is already amply accurate and strong, but its Special Attack makes it even more so. In exchange for 50% of the Special Attack gauge, Sunder increases accuracy and max damage by 10%. Then it also lowers the target’s Attack, Defense, Ranged, or Magic by 10% of the damage dealt. Only one will be lowered, decided randomly as long as the levels are higher than 1. Unlike Soulshot, the effects can stack.

Arclight/Darklight – Weaken

Continuing the trend of Special Attacks that weaken enemies, using these swords’ attack uses up 50% of the bar. It then lowers the Strength, Attack, and Defense of the target by 5% of their max level. The attack lowers it by 10% when facing demons. The effects proc when the weapon hits accurately, and it stacks as well.

Zamorak Godsword – Ice Cleave

Having the Zamorak Godsword is like knowing a single-target version of the Ice Barrage spell. While not as useful as other Godsword Special Attacks, being able to freeze enemies for 20 seconds can be useful in certain situations. That includes PvP and PvM situations. It costs half of the bar, and the attack must hit for the freezing effect to take hold. Good thing the attack also increases accuracy and max hit.

That’s Only a Taste

There are even more useful but ignored Special Attacks in OSRS. There’s the purely defensive Power of Death from the (Toxic) Staff of the Dead or Staff of Light. Then there’s the Crystal Halberd’s Sweep. Weapons with these kinds of attacks aren’t rare at all, so if you take the time to research, there’s bound to be one that’s quite useful but only for niche situations.

So go out and discover more Special Attacks! Weapons are everywhere, from quest rewards and monster drops to endless listings in the GE. For sure, you’ll need OSRS GP to hunt or buy it, so be sure to always stock up on it. Gielinor is filled with interesting stories and mysteries. All you have to do is to find them. Have fun exploring and adventuring in OSRS!

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Valorant



Valorant is a popular free-to-play tactical-based, first-person shooter. Two teams of five square off against each other in various game modes. The main draw of Valorant, Competitive mode, pits the two teams against each other in a series of short rounds—up to 35—and the winning team is whoever nabs the most victories.

Valorant is often a slower-paced, methodical game that rewards cooperation, communication, and strategizing. Players choose from a pool of unique characters each equipped with their own special abilities. Each character has one ‘Ultimate-like’ ability that can often be the key to victory or a successful defensive stand.

As with all shooter games, Valorant does have a bit of a learning curve to it. Below are 10 things that you shouldn’t do while playing Valorant.

  1. Don’t Be Silent

Valorant, above all else, is a team-based game. Neglecting to communicate with your team could—and likely will—be detrimental to securing a victory. Clear communication and a mindful awareness of your surroundings are crucial elements. Calling out the location of a player on the opposing team not only alerts your teammates to the location but tells whoever is closest to be on their guard. Not plugging in your microphone, or keeping silent for the game, is a counter-productive action that essentially gives the other team a decisive advantage.

  • Don’t Panic Ult

Panic Ulting is when a player uses their Ultimate ability in the heat of battle during a non-advantageous time. Using Raze’s Showstopper on a single enemy early in the round seems like a sure-fire way to cripple the other team and give your team a one-up, but it could also severely hinder your team and lead to you being eliminated. Had you entered a shootout and won, you could’ve used Showstopper on a duo you later encountered or had you forfeited the first battle and regrouped, you might’ve been able to launch Showstopper on the enemy team as they made a break for the victory.

  • Don’t Shoot Before You Aim

Shooting before aiming is almost a guarantee that you’ll lose the skirmish. Getting down the sights quickly is key but taking a moment to aim at your opponent could be the key to victory. If both players just spray and pray, it’s a coin toss on who wins. But if you size your opponent up, and they negate doing the same to you, your chances of surviving that encounter are far greater.

  • Don’t Run into Open Space

Valorant is a game that relies on cover and strategy. Players often post up in advantageous spots and wait for players to make a mistake. Running out into the open all willy-nilly is that mistake. In Valorant, it’s best to assume that you’re never safe to be without cover. Always act as though an open space is a certified death sentence. If you run into the middle of the map without a teammate watching your back, just go ahead and consider yourself eliminated.

  • Don’t Always Go to the Same Spot Each Round

Becoming predictable is the easiest way for the enemy team to take you out at the start of the round. If you always go to the same spot, they’ll catch on and know to look for you. When you make that critical corner peek, they’ll be aiming down the sights waiting for you. Mix it up and take different control points to avoid becoming predictable and giving the opposing team an advantage.

  • Don’t Spend Your Credits Wildly

Managing your credits between rounds is crucial to winning. Don’t always load up on the best gun you can get. You need to save credits for armor and abilities. If your team gets snowballed in round one, considering holding off on buying anything in the round too. This is referred to as “Saving” and can help give your team an advantage in later rounds.

  • Don’t Carelessly Create Noise

Sound is a key element in Valorant. Players can hear you running, falling from a higher spot, reloading, shooting, and using abilities. Walking is silent, so it’s best to walk as much as possible. There are certainly times when running is necessary, like when rushing a point or escaping a spike, but knowing when to make noise and when not to is an important aspect of Valorant.

  • Don’t Reload too Often

In shooter games, most players are accustomed to reloading after every kill. This has become standard in games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield where it takes more shots to take down an enemy. But in Valorant, teams move together in pairs—and even 3-5 person units—so when you take down an enemy, it’s likely that another is waiting in the wings to counterattack you. If you get caught while reloading, it’s game over for you. Be mindful of your ammunition, and if you still have enough ammo left for another firefight, refrain from reloading until you’re sure that you won’t be ambushed.

  • Don’t Run and Gun

Unlike Apex, Overwatch, Warzone, and the like, running and gunning in Valorant is not a sound strategy. It can work, but it’s not reliable. Enemy players are often behind cover or set up in an advantageous spot waiting to get the drop on someone. Valorant isn’t Halo, you’re likely not running around a corner and taking out three people while jumping and dodging. The hitbox in Valorant is far too unforgiving for that.

  1. Don’t Just Run to the Spike

You have 45 seconds to defuse the Spike once it’s planted. There’s no need to run in without checking your surroundings and strategizing with your team about how to defuse it. If you’re not the only one left alive on your team, communicate and figure out the best approach.

There’s Help

Valorant is a game with a lot of depth and a lot to do. From ranked wins to Agent Contracts, the number of things to get done can seem overbearing. Don’t fret, services like Boosting Ground’s Valorant Boosting have top-notch professional gamers that can help players. Looking for that next tier on your Agent Contract? They can help you get it. The service is legal, safe, and secure. Their professional gamers are there to help you with whatever you need.

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Cyber Boy Corp.’s 3D Chess Game Releases in May



Cyber Boy Corp.


Cyber Boy Corp. is a technology company that is led by CTO Sr. Roy Andrade. He understands the products and services that technologies have on consumers. This company is opening departments to meet those demands, such as, video games and 3D motion pictures. The title to their video game is unknown and has put Sr. Roy Andrade in a heated discussion as his team exchanges ideas in the boardroom. This is a big step at a moment in history, where the world has spun out of control due to the global pandemic, and Andrade has plowed hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment capital to expand his global presence in technology. Consumers love video games. This is a great time to explore the gaming sector. Andrade is on a clear path to victory. During the COVID-19 pandemic, families have to remain indoors, and some are choosing to play video games. Cyber Boy Corp.’s 3D Cheese game will be released in May. Releasing this game during the pandemic would provide an excellent source of entertainment for everyone.

3D Chess Game:

Today, very few companies are creating innovative and interesting games for players. Cyber Boy Corp. is working endlessly to develop a video game that will keep its competition on the edge. Cyber Boy Corp. 3D chess game will be released in May. There are many special features that people could expect. Cyber Boy Corp. has the financial backing of Sr. Roy Andrade, who exposed numerous bank statements from financial institutions in various countries to demonstrate that he is willing to put it all on the line to ensure that Cyber Boy Corp. remains solvent and releases the most popular video games in the world. He believes his software company can develop any game genre, such as, adventure to action, simulation to strategy, MMO to the retro, first-person shooter to horror, fighting to race, etc.. The CTO has taken a courageous step to release this game. He is working around the clock, going 3 to 4 days without sleep, to ensure a favorable outcome, and he is confident that CyberBoy, his protagonist, will become just as recognizable as Mickey Mouse.

“I earned an associate of arts degree in business from the University of Phoenix back in 2009. That is the post-secondary education, third-level or tertiary education I gave to myself. Now, people do not need a doctorate, master, bachelor, or even an associate of arts degree to become rich or even better off in life than other people. They need the right attitude and the right people around them to excel in anything they put their mind to,” stated Sr. Roy Andrade of the United Kingdom.

Cyber Boy Corp. will put a happy face on consumers during the pandemic. You can pass your enjoyable time with the 3D chess game. Your free time will be more enjoyable than others if you join Cyber Boy Corp.’s mailing list and purchase their products/services. This 3D game plays a vital part in our development. If you participate in this game, you can respond fast than those who don’t play video games. You can use this game for many reasons, such as, entertainment, making a career, getting experience, passing time, etc. Cyber Boy Corp. invites you for numerous reasons. Most people kill their time doing nothing. Cyber Boy Corp. has decided to change these rules. If you want to make your time a bit less difficult and enjoyable, you should try this 3D chess game. For this reason, we decide to get into the gaming industry.

The CTO hired top talent from around the world to develop this game. Children are staying home and spending their time watching television. When they are out of their school, they can become bored. To make your kid’s time more pleasing, you should purchase this game for your kids. Cyber Boy Corp.  video games are developed by experienced software developers. You are invited to play their new 3D chess game in May. We know that you are waiting for this excellent game. This time is coming soon for you.

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Best android slot games to play



android slot games

Slots are one of the biggest staples in casino history. When it comes to casinos, what usually comes to mind is a big luxurious hall filled with slot machines shining in bright lights – visit Mr Luck now. People from all over the world have loved slots for decades and now you have the opportunity to play comfortably on your mobile! You can find information on some of the best Android slot games available in this article. Note: none of the apps presented pay out money.

Slots Pharaoh’s Way Online Casino & Slot Machine

This game is amongst the top rated on Google Play Store. The Egyptian theme plays very smoothly together with immaculate graphics and sound design. According to the creators, these Android slots play “just like a dream”. We highly recommend you have a look and Pharaoh’s Way, if you do you might expect: gorgeous game design, smooth mechanics, multiple game features and 20 different slot games. You will find games with 5 reels, 3 reels, 25 win lines, 50 win lines and many more.

Citizen Jackpot Casino

This is another one of the gems not so hidden – Citizen Jackpot Casino is well known, tried and tested. It has over 30 casino slots, all premium Vegas style games that are offering heaps of fun. You might expect to see lots of beloved characters as well as new ones. Plenty of jackpots to be won and a lot of features readily available such as Respins, Free Spins, Dragon Link and more.

You can forget about coin shortage as Citizen Jackpot Casino gives you 5’000’000 free coins every hour! Each game has it’s own theme, design and characters which guarantees for a fun ride. This is another title that we would recommend as well as nearly 3000 people, who have highly reviewed the game on Google Play store.

Casino Joy Slots Myth

This is another one of well reviewed and above average slots games for Android. The game has everything you might expect in a decent slots game for Android – big jackpots, massive wins, large amounts of coins awarded to you to play with right from the beginning. The game includes many of the popular features like free spins, offline play, multipliers and so on. You are in for a treat because according to the game developers the graphics were hand painted and also the sound engineering is second to none. It boasts well over 17K players and great reviews.

Cash Hoard Slots!

This slots game for Android has just been updated to it’s latest version in January 2021. After fixing a lot of technical issues, the developers Fantacy XClub deliver this title which shapes up to be a decent contender. You can expect all the usual like huge wins, big jackpots and lots of features. The game has nice mechanics and lots of different versions of slots. Cash Hoard Slots! should soon fortify it’s position at the top, for it is one of the best things this January!

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Two best ways for slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan



Knowing about slots is not uncommon these days. But you might not know what is slot machine and how to play a slot? It is a machine loaded with games and offers wholesome entertainment to those who dare to indulge. I am sure if you play it once then you would become its fan. The variety of games and the visual appeal is sometimes beyond imagination. However, there is one related aspect that nobody cares about. Do you know what is it? It is paying for the deposit.

If you are unaware of this prerequisite then let me tell you. You need to pay for your deposit at an online casino to enjoy your favorite slots. Though, you can find some slot machines that come as free. This means you need not pay even a single penny to play those slots. But the need of the hour remains, finding these machines is tough and rare. Thus, it becomes essential for you to know how you can make payment online.


Paying for online purchases through cash cards has become a routine affair. You must be used to it. Moreover, you carry your cards while commuting or traveling. This means you can pay for your deposit from anywhere. But even the cards have gelled well with human lives, people still doubt reliability. This notion is more common in those who do understand the technology and process well.

Understandably, your money and information are at bay which makes you conscious. But have you ever thought about why most people rely on these? These are some of the safest ways to pay for online purchases. The card details are with you. You have the pin and registered mobile number. So you need not bother. Just blindly trust this medium and pay for slot deposit pulsa Tanpa potongan.

Internet Banking

Now comes internet banking. If you are more tech-savvy then this should be a perfect choice for you. Or if you are not satisfied with the security levels that a debit or credit card provides then also you can opt for it. This is one of the most secure ways of online payment. You have total control over the process and there are multiple levels of validations. This makes it highly reliable. But you might be wondering what happen?

To make a successful transaction you need to have an account on the internet banking portal of your bank. Post validation of your account, you are all set for transactions. Now you need to add the account as a beneficiary. Once it is added you can transfer money to the account. However, for security reasons you need to fill profile password and OTP. These are testimony to the security that internet banking provides. Now you must be clear if you won’t pay for slot deposit pulsa Tanpa potongan then this is a potent way.   By the end of this article, you have come to know widely used and trusted ways to make payment for a deposit. So if you are thinking to enjoy slots then do not forget to pay for slot deposit pulsa Tanpa potongan.

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What is Diablo Immortal? Can I download Diablo Immortal On PC?




Diablo Immortal is an upcoming, online, action, role-playing multiplayer video game developed by Blizzard  Entertainment. The story of this game is between Diablo II and Diablo III. This game has a unique storyline. The game is not yet released, but it is available for pre-registration. The players can play this game on any android and iOS device. They can also play Diablo Immortal on PC with the help of any android emulator.

What is Diablo Immortal?

 Diablo Immortal is a storyline role-playing game, and it will take place between the two popular stories, the Diablo lll and Diablo ll. Between these two stories, the Diablo Immortal will act as a bridge. In this game, the players have to travel around the Sanctuary; their purpose will be to locate the WorldStone Shards. So that they can help restore the world order because five years ago, the WorldStone was destructed. In this article, we will discuss everything about Diablo Immortal. We discuss its places, classes, release date and other important things in this game.

Classes of Diablo Immortal

According to Blizzard, the Diablo Immortal will have six classes of characters.  The players can choose a character from any class. Here we discuss all six classes in detail.


The wizard is a magical class of Diablo Immortal. This class has the best arcane abilities. They have abilities like a teleport to the battle filed, lightning blast and meteor attack.


The Barbarian is the favourite class of Diablo players. It is a very strong and powerful class with multiple abilities. This class beat enemies by using a powerful weapon. They can attack enemies efficiently. So we can say that it is the first class for every new player. 

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is the best class of Diablo Immortal. This class has long-range attack abilities. To fall down the enemies, they use the crossbow.  To play with class, the players must know about the cross brow-based attack.


It is also a popular class of this game. This class mainly focuses on swiftness and mobility. This class also has lightning and fast attack abilities.


There is not too much information available for this class. But according to Blizzard, this class will have powerful abilities. They can use the power over life and death ability to fight against the enemies.


There is also not much information about this class. This class is very close to the paladin. The ability of this class is not yet known, but it is an attacking class. Famous places in Diablo Immortal

As we know that Diablo Immortal is a storyline game, and the players make adventure in the Sanctuary. There are many regions in Sanctuary. Here we discuss some famous places.

Dark Wood

This place is first introduced in the Diablo Immortal ll. This place will be available in the Diablo Immortal. The entry in this region is very dangerous because there is a power of forgotten evil. 


The westmarch is more famous in the Diablo lll.  But this region will be different in Diablo Immortal. This region will be a great social hub for Diablo Immortal players.

In this region, the players can access the stash. The player can also purchase the supplies from different vendors. This region also allows the players to meet with each other and make a party together. It is a positively bustling city at the start, and there is no Mathael’s corruption in this region.

Ashword cemetery

It is the starting area of Diablo Immortal. The story of this game begins with the region. It has multiple features such as an old manner, crypts, and haunted carriage. All these features travel around the cemetery.

Diablo Immortal Release date

Diablo Immortal is an upcoming game. Blizzard, the developer of Diablo Immortal, not yet announced its release date. But the game will release soon in the year 2021 because this game is progressing well.  Blizzard releases the trailer of this game. The pre-registration for this game is available. The players can pre-register for the game by visiting the official website of Blizzard. The game is also available on Google Play Store for pre-registration. The players can also pre-register from the Google Play Store. We will also inform you when Blizzard announced the release date of Diablo Immortal.

Can I download Diablo Immortal On PC?

As discussed in the above article, the Diablo Immortal is not released yet, and it is available for pre-registration. The players are waiting for its release. This game can be played on iOS and Android Smartphones. But many people want to enjoy Diablo Immortal’s story on their PC because these people like the big screen for playing games. The players are wondering that can they play Diablo Immortal on PC. Yes, they can play Diablo Immortal easily on their PC. For this purpose, the players have to install an android emulator on their PC or laptop. In the market, many android emulators are available. The best android emulator among all emulators is LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

We discussed that the best android emulator is LDPlayer, now we explain the features of this emulator. This emulator has a simple interface with the best settings. The graphics of the LDPlayer are clear and increase the entertainment of the game. LDPlayer has a unique feature that allows its users to use external gamepads for better game control. This android emulator also has a screenshot button so the players can take a photo of their best moments in the game.

How to download LDPlayer?

LDPlayer does not need special skills for downloading. The users just follow few steps to download LDPlayer. Here we discuss the steps for downloading LDPlayer.

1. Go to the official website of LDPlayer. And avoid the other website to download LDPlayer.

2. Click on the LDPlayer android emulator and tap the download button.

3. Your system automatically downloads it in just a few seconds.

4. Install LDPlayer after downloading it on your PC.

5. To download games in LDPlayer, you need to visit the LD store.

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