Orthopedic Mattresses: The Solution To Better Sleep

Sleep is an imperative, reversible and naturally recurring activity whereby the human body and mind slip into a temporary loss of consciousness of surroundings.  During this dedicated time, our body and mind revive themselves from a long day of being physically and mentally active by renewing and regenerating cells within. There are several other biological activities that take place within us as we lay down for a nightcap that helps the human body function to its best. That’s why sleep experts globally press on the fact that it’s not only important to get sleep but also to get consistent, undisturbed sleep so these activities are carried out seamlessly.

The Science of Sleep Facts

The processes that occur in our body while asleep are critical to overall health. Unlike before where sleep was considered a luxury activity (think of the term ‘beauty sleep’), its importance has been researched and established in the last few decades by experts. While asleep, our body undertakes the following main activities, among many others:

  1. Renews restores and regenerates cells that have been damaged during the day. This includes, but is not restricted to, muscle repair, tissue growth and hormone release.
  2. Reorganises nerve cells to allow the brain to function well the next day 
  3. Removes toxic waste and helps the brain process and store new information

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

Your sleep patterns have the maximum impact on your waking life. The lesser you sleep, the more likely you increase the risks of various illnesses. In fact, it’s even safe to say that sleep is as important as food and water intake. Research has suggested without it can lead to the following:

  • Coronary heart diseases
  • Increase in cancer risks
  • Cognition issues 
  • Negative impact on memory
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Accident-prone behaviour
  • Poor skin and more.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that a healthy adult requires 7-9 hours per night and there are many ways to clock these in. More so, if you are someone suffering from lower back pains, spine ache’s or are recovering from ortho-related injuries, it’s absolutely important to support the healing process through healthy and consistent sleep.

The best way to enhance your Sleep Experience: An Orthopedic Mattress

The most important factor to focus on to enhance your sleep experience is to invest in a trusted sleep companion- a quality mattress. A National Survey (2011) shared that 92% of individuals agree that a comfortable mattress helps them sleep well. 

Apart from a healthy sleep, a firm mattress can help alleviate pains from backaches, arthritis, frozen shoulders, neck pains and such by offering maximum support to the whole body. Our spine is naturally in the shape of an S-curve. When kept in its natural position, our body experiences minimal aches and pains with pressure points relief too. Sleeping on a good mattress like an orthopaedic one can ensure your body gets the perfect support to rest all night long. Unlike popular belief, orthopedic mattresses are not just for people with chronic pains and injuries but instead, is a brilliant option for anyone who wishes to enhance their sleep experience. 

The word ‘Ortho’ in Greek means ‘straight or correct’ and an orthopedic mattress does just that. It helps in providing targeted support to your back and joints, helping to maintain the correct posture. Here are some other orthopedic mattress benefits below:

  • No bumpy impressions: Let’s admit. We all have that one favourite side on the bed that we roll into instantly. Over time and with prolonged use of a mattress, there is a chance for lumps and uneven surfaces to appear that can directly impact body pains. Sleeping on an orthopedic mattress means, you get the chance to sleep on a mattress that is designed to have differential zones that cater to supporting each part of your body intently.
  • Better posture: Lying on an orthopedic mattress reduces the overall stress and strain on the body. The dense foam in the mattress offers optimal support to maintain spine alignment. Starting from the neck, all the way till the lower hip, your body is held in support without letting you sink in or curl into the mattress. Adapting the correct posture in bed promotes healthy blood circulation all night long too. 
  • Weight distribution: The heavier you are, the more likely it is that the mattress you sleep on will sink in. An orthopedic mattress distributes weight evenly offering differential support in different areas of your body. It also prevents pressure point build-ups. 
  • Temperature control: No matter what the weather, sleeping on an orthopedic mattress makes it absolutely tolerable. They do not trap body heat and ensure free airflow within the mattress and your body. This encourages sound and comfortable sleep without you having to flip blankets or toss and turn!
  • No rollovers: Sharing a bed with family? You are probably familiar with the tumultuous entry and exit of co-sleepers in bed. The firmness of an orthopedic mattress does not allow sleepers to roll over while asleep or whilst elbowing into bed making it an absolute disturbance-free experience to sleep on. 
  • Durability: Buying a mattress is an investment and it’s important to get one that not only gives you sound sleep but lasts long too. Opting for memory foam orthopedic mattresses has proven to be durable at an economical rate.

Sleep aide experts and mattress manufacturers like Wakefit have the perfect design in orthopaedic mattresses that includes memory foam as the main material. The firm high resilience foam at the bottom acts as the perfect base for the 7 pressure zone layer in the middle. This layer enables air circulation while giving the sleeper targeted support for better sleep. The heaviest parts of the sleeper’s body such as hips and shoulders are offered more support. Whereas, the lighter parts like the neck and legs are supported by gentler zones on the mattress. The topmost layer consists of Next-Gen Memory foam that contours the sleeper’s body shape making it the most comfortable experience to sleep on. Getting sound sleep doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, invest in an orthopedic mattress to experience comfortable sleep every day, every time. 

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