Oral care products by Dr. Martin Schwarz don’t cost the fortune, but their effectiveness is legendary. Check, if products from this German brand are available in your country!

Dr. Martin Schwarz is a German brand of dental aesthetic gels distinguished by their unique, gentle composition and high efficiency in dealing with dental imperfections. Some of them like teeth Desensitiser TD, Bioscaling and Expert38% are real bestsellers!

Dental plaque removal is a prerequisite of a beautiful smile

Everybody knows that regular teeth brushing are an obligatory routine for healthy teeth, many however forgot that the teeth’ color depends also on organic pigments, dental plaque & stains accumulation. Relevant cleaning habits with wisely selected dental products, can effectively remove stains and visibly brighten the teeth simply by just proper cleaning! This is why in-office dental scaling and its tartar removal, significantly improve the condition of teeth & gums, as well as their aesthetics & color tone! Dr. Martin Schwarz has developed Bioscaling for effective removal of dental plaque and organic particles with a flare of innovative approach. Maintaining the state of dental clean teeth after in office dental scaling can now be achieved at home – just by following a simple steps of teeth brushing session with Bioscaling. Such a procedure helps to eliminate freshly generated bio-film accumulated after scaling treatment and prevent tartar accumulation. To do so, apply a bit of Bioscaling gel on a toothbrush with an additional dose of toothpaste in 1 to 1 proportion. Because of this simple action, the result of super clean teeth is noticed after the very first application. Having visibly brighter & gleaming teeth can be achieved easier than you think, consult your cosmetic dentist, and see it yourself!

Get rid of chronic tooth sensitivity and enjoy a healthy smile

Tooth sensitivity is believed to be one of the most frequently experienced dental issues that patients report. According to research published in JADA (The Journal of the American Dental Association), one in eight individuals experienced hypersensitivity of a chronic nature causing intermittent, low-level pain. “Unfortunately, dentin hypersensitivity is a common problem, but it can be effectively resolved by application of specialized teeth desensitizers like Teeth Desensitiser TD” – explained Dr. Stefania Mezdrea – cosmetic dentist from Bucharest. She referred to another product from a portfolio of Dr. Martin Schwarz, that is dedicated to patients coping with hypersensitive teeth. According to the producer, the formula of Teeth Desensitiser TD allows an effective sealing of exposed dental tubules linked with tooth hypersensitivity. It also complements the micro-cavities in the enamel structure that creates an additional layer on the teeth surface and therefore protect from further tooth wear. Such a complex mechanism of tackling unwanted sensitivity provides an effective tool to counteract the consumption of acidic foods, tooth wear, and change in the thermal environment – the list of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity.

Learn more about Bioscaling, Teeth Desensitiser TD, Expert 38% teeth whitener, and other dental products by visiting Dr. Martin Schwarz official store in Czech Republic.

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