Online Verification provider iDenfy

Online Verification provider iDenfy Announces new Partnership With Emirex

Emirex uses iDenfy’s digital identity verification and regulatory compliance for the company’s services are enabling its expansion into new markets.

Kaunas, Lithuania (April 12, 2021) – Hardly a day goes by without the news reporting on a case of online identity fraud to one degree or another. The truth is with the right team and technology being employed most of these could likely have been avoided. In that spirit, online identity verification company iDenfy recently celebrated its new partnership with Dubai-based blockchain platform Emirex. In this partnership, iDenfy’s identity verification service will make Emirex customer onboarding process faster and simpler, while also making it more secure.

IDenfy uses artificial intelligence and backed up by human supervision to minimize fraud and keep clients safe 24/7. Remarkably, iDenfy supports over 1300 different types of identity documents in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

iDenfys’ CEO Domantas Ciulde states “We are proud to partner with Emirex and provide consumers with more peace of mind as they engage in daily transactions online. Our mission since the inception of iDenfy has always been making the digital world a safer place. With fraudulent activity running rampant, it is now more important than ever to make security a priority.

Emirex CSO Kirill Mishanin, equally confident in the new partnership, remarked, “We focus on providing our clients in the MENA region and around the globe with an excellent, fast and convenient onboarding service and an easy way to invest in digital assets. iDenfy is our great partner in this, and we believe this cooperation will be long-running and fruitful.

Both iDenfy and Emirex expect sustainable growth for this new partnership.


About iDenfy

iDenfy’s goal is to turn a customer’s device into an ID scanning and face recognition system that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC and AML requirements. Real-time ID scanning and face verification are applied on websites and mobile applications, reducing risks and minimizing fraud for online transactions.

This structure enables customers to perform daily operations from their home instead of going to service centers, where a company needs many employees which is not cost effective. Also, it avoids the costly and time-consuming process of manual documentation required for submission and verification.

Founded in 2017 at Kaunas University Technology Park by two childhood friends, iDenfy was awarded Startup of the Year in Lithuania in 2018 and in 2020 won the Fintech Startup Of The Year Award. iDenfy provides real-time identity verification services for financial, sharing-economy, gaming industries.

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