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Online & Offline hacking courses for beginners



career in ethical hacking

For those who are ambitious and want to build an upright career, Ethical hacking is just the right option for you. It provides you with a job which never gets monotonous. In the present times, the value of the courses on Ethical hacking is an all-time high, both online and offline. As a beginner, you can learn to protect your computer from malicious hackers who might try to gain access to your system.

The online process is slowly and gradually processing itself in our day to day life. Most of our systems are completely based on the internet and other wireless connections. You pay online at shops, you post pictures and videos online and whatnot.

But, these actions might not always be properly secured as  malicious hackers can gain illegal access to your personal information. Identity threat has also become an issue of great importance worldwide. As an ethical hacker, you can protect your information as well as others. There is immense scope for a career in ethical hacking. Here is a list of some of the hacking courses you can learn from both online and offline.

  1. Cybersecurity for managers: A Playbook: This course is provided by MIT Management Executive Education.  Cybersecurity plays an important role not only for the IT departments and firms but also the departments and organizations working across the board. This course helps you in keeping the data safe for you and your teammates. This programme offers you insights from real-life fields to help you improve your risk management abilities. It also provides you with a verified digital certificate from MIT Sloan School of management and establishes a framework for easy adoption by executive companies and decision-makers.
  2. Ethical hacking for beginners course: This course is provided by Udemy. It trains the beginners throughout the minefields of ethical hacking, one step at a time. This  programme of Udemy has three steps – foundation, lab set-up and hacking. It also covers vulnerability scanning and port scanning making the course more effective. It provides you access to television and mobile. This course has gained much popularity among many ethical hackers. All you need is a willingness to complete the course.
  3. Learn Ethical Hacking: Linkedin provides you with this course to help you satisfy your individual needs in this field. It comprises 20 courses for aspirants so that they can go through them. Many experts in the field of hacking are personally involved in designing the course to make it better & much more effective. You also get a free first month to try the trial version of this course of Linkedin. All you need for this course is a good internet connection.
  4. The Complete Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced: Udemy, in this course, teaches you the tips and tricks of both penetration testing and ethical hacking. You can either be substantially experienced or an absolute armature while learning through this course.  Udemy also helps you clear all your queries regarding the course, be it big or small. It teaches you how to break passwords, attack networks and build a hacking environment. It also comes with 5 supplemental resources. Thus, those who seek a career as an ethical hacker can opt for this course without a doubt.
  5. Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners and experts: This course is offered by Pluralsight. This course was invented to help the students understand the basics and the fundamentals of the topic, the tools and technology penetrating to security. Once the course is over, you will know the 5 aspects of hacking and detailed insights into identifying risks. Pluralsight also offers free trial for the first ten days. It teaches you how to install software and navigate the interface.

The courses mentioned above are all available online. There are also many coaching centres which teach you ethical hacking offline. Some of the Indian centres are:

  1. Certified Security & Ethical Hacking Specialist: Aptech Certified Security & Ethical Hacking Specialist is an offline, classroom study course which is a 13-month term. This course is provided by India’s largest IT training institute, Aptech Ltd. This course also has global acceptance. The staff of this course also provides online counselling for students unable to attend offline classes.
  2. Bachelor of Computer Science: Bachelor of Computer Science provides you with two features – computer forensics and ethical hacking. It is also an offline course provided by the University of Mumbai. It is a three-year course and its certificate is in high demand worldwide. It also provides you with a master course in ethical hacking as specialization, after completing the course.
  3. Integrated Master of Computer Science in Information Security: It is also a coveted offline course by BITS- Pilani that usually fetches the topmost jobs in India.  Also, the criteria for completing such courses is that you have to hold a Bachelor’s or Engineering degree in Computer Sciences.

We can conclude by saying that Ethical Hacking is a fast-growing skill and is presently highly paid. Individuals who are certified as top ethical hackers are usually paid such high salaries. Not all coaching centres can expect these kinds of salaries, therefore, one should be very careful while selecting the course. These courses are highly affordable. Thus, for those of you who intend to attend these courses,  the programmes will help you grow knowledge about the fundamentals of hacking before you move to more advanced stuff. Once you are trained in this field, you can fight against terrorism and national security breaches.

 If you are new on this topic, you may follow the online course of  Ethical hacking for beginners offered by Udemy, to gain information. The course on Ethical Hacking for Beginners and experts provided by Pluralsight will help you gather experience in the operating system and TCP. We have provided you with both online and offline courses for you to decide which course is more favourable for you.                                                       

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Efficient way to boost popularity on Instagram



Hashtags a characteristic culture that is often used on Instagram. As a result of the popularity of Instagram, hashtags are becoming more familiar to young people, especially in the creative use of hashtags on websites and advertisements. It is an efficient way to help you get free Instagram followers.

Originally, hashtags were also used on Twitter, Facebook, etc., but let’s deepen our understanding in the context of “Instagram and hashtags”.

What is a hashtag? 

A “hashtag” is a search keyword with the hashtag “# (half-width sharp)” used as a tag in a post. If you post an article with “#” in the comment keyword, it will be automatically recognized as a hashtag. You can also tap the hashtag to access the post list screen that uses the same hashtag.

Why you should use hashtags 

Instagram is an SNS that makes it difficult to search for posts because it mainly consists of photos and videos. “Hashtag” solves this problem, and using a hashtag that explains the content of the photo has the effect of making it easier for the post to be found.

In addition, Instagram is sometimes used to “get information”, such as getting local information or shop information by using hashtag search mainly for young people. In many cases, such searches lead to purchasing behavior, and it is known that hashtags are an important point that influences purchasing behavior and decision making.

You can also use your company’s name and product as a hashtag to make it look like your own fan community. A flow will be created in which core fans post using hashtags and the light fans who see them will be able to convey the appeal of their company and their products.

Instagram’s unique hashtag culture

  1. Add a lot of hashtags anyway

You can add as many hashtags as you like in a single post (there is a certain limit).

Instagram, which specializes in posting photos, lacks spreadability because there is no such thing as “share” or “retweet” provided by other SNS. By increasing the number of hashtags, you will have more opportunities to get people to see your articles and connect with people who have similar hobbies and tastes.

2. Write sentences with hashtags

This is a method to add a hashtag to the post itself. Hashtags are attached to the explanations of photos and the texts of Tsukkomi. Of course, photos are rarely posted with the same hashtag, and the effects of being found and connected, as introduced in ①, cannot be expected. However, that seems to lead to fun.

As an example, I have posted a post by Naomi Watanabe, an entertainer who is extremely popular on Instagram. You can see that the photos are squeezed like “# I’m scared” and “# I’m crying for children”.

There are corporate accounts that are talked about by making such interesting tweets on Twitter, but if you try to incorporate them on Instagram as well, you may be able to feel the brand closer.

3. Connect with hashtag

Among the hashtags often used by domestic Instagram users, “I want to connect with # ○○ people” (Example: # I want to connect with fashionable people # I want to connect with people who like nails) “# ○○ department” There are hashtags that find people with matching attributes and hobbies, such as (example: # ramen department # diet department).

Originally, in order to make it possible to search for images that are difficult to search, hashtags used the names of what is reflected and places as they are in posts as hashtags.

Now, the meaning has expanded, and hashtags are used to express the feelings of users regarding communication, such as what kind of people they want to see and what kind of people they want to communicate with by posting this post, not just what is shown in the photo. It is designed to be expressed.

Popular hashtags on Instagram

By utilizing the popular hashtags that many people are searching for, it will be easier for more people to find the posted article. I can’t say “OK if you put this on”, but you can’t guess from this ranking to some extent what kind of hashtags are attached to many images, and by extension, whether they are easy to search. Is it?

▼ Top HashTags On Instagram than

In addition to positive words such as “#Love” and “#Happy”, those that express the beauty and cuteness of the photo itself such as “#beautiful” and “#cute” seem to be popular. After all straight words can be said to be popular. If there is something that seems to be related to your post, please use it effectively.

To get more Instagram followers and likes, you can make full use of hashtags and also you buy Instagram followers if you prefer to a much faster way.

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Enhancing Performance of React Native Apps: Most Effective Tips to Consider




Native Apps


In this digitalized era, individuals prefer mobile or web applications to run faster to balance their work speed. According to a Google report, the majority of users leave any site if it takes more than 3 seconds to get uploaded. It is essential for the website and mobile application developers to increase the speed if you want to engage your audience. The level of loading speed also stimulates the business conversion system.

When the time comes to select the proper development framework to get the best performance in the mobile and web development services, the significance and role of React Native Framework are incredible. React Native Framework primarily focuses on performances; still, not all the React Native apps offer a similar performance level. Several tests and tips are considered to enhance the performance level of React Native Application. India, even as a third-world country, is progressing rapidly in the ground of mobile application development. As per the recent research, mobile development companies must Hire React Native Developers India to upgrade the performance and efficiency.

The blog will discuss some of the most vital tips and techniques that will help boost the service level of React Native applications. First, you should understand the fundamental functions of React Native Applications.

What Way Does React Native Application Work?

React Native Application is mainly a JavaScript-based framework that allows a strong bond among the native components through three significant threads, such as

  • Native Thread
  • Shadow Tree Thread
  • UI Thread

The basic structure of React Native Framework comprises the native applications that efficiently work on Java or Swift, or Objective-C. React Native Framework always uses JavaScript as the script language.

Here, we will focus on the key factors that help to enhance the speed and performance of the React Native Applications. The descriptions of the critical factors are discussed below,

  • Reduce the Application size

When you create native mobile application developers, it will help if you use the JavaScript Framework like React Native Application to make use of the native application components and the vast library collection. The third-party libraries and the additional features often increase the size of the overall framework but reduce the performance level and speed. The more you use third-party libraries to create an application, the more the size of the application will be.

This is why you must focus on decreasing the application size to ensure that you must focus on only the most valuable elements and libraries. Besides the components, you should also use a few numbers of designs and graphics. The design and graphics must be lighter to reduce the application size.

Another significant and effective way is to use a code optimization feature to decrease the size of the code. All devices, including the smaller and the medium-range devices to the most upgraded ones, boost the performance of the smaller applications the most. For this, you must emphasize the reduction of the code size. You can use various available tools to optimize the code size of your application.

  • Find and Focus on the Memory related Issues

Memory Leak is widespread for Android Applications. The leakage occurs due to the array of undesirable background processes. A memory leak may lead to an application crash. Several tested methods are available to the developers to avoid memory leakage.

One of the most highly effective methods among all is to stop the use of ListView. You should use other listing tools like VirtulList, SectionList, and FlatList to boost the React Native Apps. These tools prove to be safe and successful in providing easy performance and smooth scrolling. The usage of these tools prevents the application from memory leaks.

  • Removal of the Unnecessary Features

Removal of unnecessary features is one of the most calculative methods to boost the performance level of native apps. Several mobile applications face performance issues only out of the heavy load of unwanted features. Often, the applications accommodate features more than they can capacity. Here, you need to understand the root of the problem and focus on performance enhancement. You must omit all the unnecessary features, functions, tabs, and irrelevant applications and animations. The inclusion of all these features together adds more load to the page and decreases the loading speed. You must ensure the fact that the newly created React Native application can be functional for different devices.

  • Focus on the Main Problem

Often, the developers are busy focusing on unnecessary problems. This irrelevant rendering causes more significant performance issues and slows down the speed. The problem occurs mainly when you try to implement the process in different states, properties, and lifecycles. You are advised to use the ‘shouldComponentUpdate’ method to avoid any kind of disruption. This particular Boolean method indicates whether the component needs an update or not. The process results in the irrelevant rendering of the devices in the React Native Framework.

  • Optimization of the JSON Data

The mobile applications often focus on bringing information from the remote servers and then present the available resources before the users. The process of fetching data from remote servers plays a vital role in application performance.

When you fetch the data from any private or public API, the JSON format accepts the information. JSON format comprises the objects of the compound nest. The usage of JSON data often slows down the entire process if done without data optimization. You must simplify the data before fetching the information from remote servers.

  • Upgrade the App Launch Time

You need to optimize the applications to upgrade the application launching time. You must focus on this point to engage the users in your application for a more extended period. The users leave the site if the loading time is more than usual. This longer application launch time is a common issue that the React Native Applications go through. You can optimize the application launch time with simple and easy methods. You can upgrade the use of random memory. Despite there being a high percentage of RAM available, the memory usage can choke down, leading to the launch process slow down. You must resist using the Object Finalizers and decrease the components that run on the main application thread.

To Conclude,

The essential tips and techniques associated with time and speed have been discussed in the blog to enhance the power of React Native Development. The companies must hire React Native Developers India to boost the technological development of the country. If you are interested in upgrading your React Native App performance, you must have a consultation with Mobile App Development Company Los Angeles.

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How AI is Transforming social media apps in 2021




AI is Transforming social media apps

Social Media is no more just a platform to connect with people you know, but are unable to meet on a regular basis. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are parts of our daily lives which we tend to open multiple times a day. It could be to post our own thoughts or to read as to what others are upto or just for fun and idyllic away some time. 

Whatever be the reason for opening them; these apps mostly show us what we wish to hear and see. But, what makes them so ‘smart’? Several Artificial Intelligence algorithms empower the various searchability, functionalities and personalizations imbibed within these apps.

Linkedin’s job suggestions, recommendations on Youtube, Facial recognition on Snapchat, weather predictions on best wearable apps like Dark Sky and Facebook Messenger are only few of the developments of this technology variant. Artificial Intelligence empowers the various opportunities and options that these apps provide to businesses and individuals for growth. These personalizations also reduce the overall app maintenance costs as updations are required after quite some time.

Let us have a closer look at how they work to make such a huge difference for businesses worldwide!

Artificial Intelligence is the back and forefront of the Social Media Apps these days

Social Media apps are some of the earliest platforms out there to include ‘personalization’ within the scope of their work processes and user engagement. This personalization and customization is powered by AI and other technologies like Machine Learning and Big Data (that are again subsets to AI). They have been helping businesses to transform:

  1. Sales and Marketing

The best part about Social Media Apps are the suggestions and recommendations they provide in terms of people you could connect with, groups you could join, etc. Herein, they track user data and then utilize Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide them with options as per your data history. And since, every user has its own unique history, so is their content feed and suggestions. In addition, there are several artificial intelligence apps such as Replika and Cortana that leverage AI in a way that helps to ease many manual tasks to reduce inefficiency and increase sales. 

As per global reports, Real-time user recommendations collected in terms of big data, if analyzed well can help in promoting 80% of the user conversions on today’s digital media. Higher conversions lead directly to higher sales. 

Social Media Apps helps provide the 1st step of market development of a business brand. It helps track users, their requirements and expectations to help entrepreneurs receive clear-cut market research as to what customers have been talking about and what has been a general sentiment towards a particular product, brand and its development. 

Social Media Apps have been playing a crucial role as the most effective marketing tool for businesses all over. Their effective features for mapping customer demographics, user behavior, social trends, etc. not only shortens manual efforts for understanding and developing brand markets; they also help in creating targeted content to improve your social media campaign. This is one of the primary reasons why Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feature centrally within all marketing campaign fabrics.

  1. Customer Experience Management

There are more than 1.3 billion active users currently which are touted to cross the 2.4 billion benchmark  by the end of this year. This Facebook messenger chatbot enables businesses to connect with its user base directly  on a one-to-one basis. They can then offer customized discounts and offers to loyal customers and a special price to new customers to easily acquire new customers at a lower user acquisition cost. 

Customers nowadays expect high-end user experience and instant answers to their queries. Hiring special staff for customer support or a call-center to this end is an expensive, yet not a very viable solution to this end. Many companies have thus started using these AI-powered chatbots to conduct instantaneous conversations over social accounts. These programmed Auto-conversational-bots respond immediately to queries, saving time and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.   

Another important social media feature that has been helping businesses are its prowess for facial recognition. Apart from keeping the users engaged, facial recognition is being utilized as a security protocol by business apps. It helps reduce the login time intervals and effectively enhances their overall customer experience. AI-powered facial recognition applications in social media apps help the users to apply filters, crop images, posts, and recent shares, to entertain and withhold users for a long time. For instance: Snapchat overlay filters and Instagram reels provide various theme options. 

  1. Predictive Risk Assessment

Another important feature of social media apps that has been gaining predominance is their ability to track bots and hackers as well, apry from their usual subscribers. These malicious bots tend to follow a particular pattern that can be analyzed with the help of AI-powered algorithms to effectively predict risk assessments including competitive intelligence, fraud detection and prevention, compliance, and public safety and law enforcement.

Empowering Connections with AI

Social Media Handles, with their AI based algorithms, help businesses connect with their clients in an intuitive manner, i.e., they enable communication as and when they could bring in the maximum effectivity and highest returns on investments (ROI). The above stated utility and functionalities are case in point.


Author bio – Andrea Laura is a very creative writer and active contributor who loves to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers. Being writing as her hobby, Andrea has come out with many interesting topics and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up. Her content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs.


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Splendid Flyer Template Designs For Marketing In 2021



There are a huge number of marketing tools available these days. Flyers are also amazing marketing tools useful in building your business and earning huge profits. Their main purpose is to reach as much an audience as possible and build a strong impression. 

Though they are a hack from traditional marketing, these are still being used because of their effectiveness. You can easily reach people who are not active online through use of flyers. 

Designhill is an amazing platform offering the best flyer templates online to ease out your work. Just customize these templates and use them without sending a single penny. 

So, let’s check out splendid flyer template designs for marketing in 2021. 

  1. Music Night Flyer Template

Gatherings like concerts and music events are a great way to escape from our tiring daily lives. Enjoyment and fun of these events is unmatched. If you are hosting one, you might need something to let people know about it. Flyers are a great option to spread words out about your event. 

This music flyer template is full of colour and life. It says in bold and big letters about your live music night. Plus, necessary details can be easily customized and your flyer is ready to be distributed. 

  1. Shopping Sale Flyer Template

Sales are loved by almost everyone. Special occasions like christmas, halloween, valentine’s day, etc are the days where more and more sales are witnessed. 

Wish to let people know that you are also hosting one? A creative and attractive sales flyer is the solution. 

Use this template to tell people about the special event, sale date, venue and obviously attract more and more people by showing discounts. This colorful template can be readily used after just filling mandatory details. See, how much time and money can be saved with this idea. 

You can easily customize flyer templates with varying occasions. 

  1. Church Flyer Template

Churches aren’t marketing institutions looking for earning profits by holding events. Events held at church are to bring peace and spirituality among people. 

When holding events at church, it can be successful only if more and more people come and join. People will be able join only when they know about the events being held. 

Church flyers can be used for events like gospel concerts, baptism events, church anniversaries, christmas and much more. 

This flyer template is specifically for gospel concerts. It can be used without spending any money. You can use the same template for other events as well. Just customize the ‘event name’ and it can be used for whatever event you want to. 

  1. Holiday Flyer Template 

Holidays are the most awaited days of our lives. Who doesn’t love to spend their vacation in beautiful locations. 

Let people know about the popular offers to their dream destinations. Build your business by bringing in more and more potential audience through flyers. 

These flyers contain details regarding various trips with special offers. 

Spread word about these attractive deals through holiday flyers and let people now. Your target audience will definitely respond bringing profits. 

  1. World Health Day Flyer Template 

Numerous events are held to support a particular cause. Whether it is a social gathering or an event for a specific cause, you need people to come in. 

This template is specifically created for ‘World Health Day’. It beautifully displays the purpose of the event. The message of the event can be properly conveyed by using this template. Also, awareness can be spread among people through such flyers. 

This template will beautifully reflect the feel of the event through it. Also, it will connect and portray its message to the readers. 

  1. Annual Charity Bake Sale Template

Charity is a kind act that probably everyone desires to perform. Even giving a bit of what you have is a charity. There are various events held by organisations only for charity purposes. This helps in serving people in need. 

Charity events can only become a success if more and more people come in and support the cause. These flyer templates can help you reach more and more such people. This attractive design catches the eyes of your readers and motivates them to participate. 

The flyer template can be used for a variety of charity events by customizing a little. 

  1. Yoga Classes Flyer Template

Whether it is a yoga class or a literature one, you only make the most out of it, if the audience is present. With no person to teach to, you cannot earn or make in profits. 

Even if you are holding some free classes, you need people to teach your skill. Flyer templates help in spreading information about your classes in an attractive manner. 

This flyer template uses simple yet attractive graphics with easy to read text. It beautifully displays its message to the readers. And honestly, who would not like to try out such beautiful classes for free. This is a great way to attract more and more audiences. 


Use flyers properly and build your marketing strategy for the better. Online flyer templates can be used for free, so why not utilize them to bring more and more profits. 

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Benefits Of Web Design Thinking In Creating A Successful Brand



Web Design Thinking In Creating A Successful Brand

Design thinking has been around for a while and for many people, it’s been the primary way to design their websites and digital products. It focuses on the user and understanding their needs while shaping your website experience. However, design thinking can also be used when thinking about your overall brand and strategy – and here’s why you should consider that approach.

It relies on emotions more than data

Quantifying everything about your brand is a nice, scientific way of running a business. You know how many visitors you get, what your conversion rate is, and how much revenue is there at the end of the day. But as you probably know, raw data on its own doesn’t tell a very good story.

Instead, design thinking focuses on emotions. It focuses on the way the customers perceive your brand and empathizes with them. Design thinking makes you look at your product and offering from your customers’ perspective, forcing you to think beyond numbers when making strategic decisions. Once you’re in the same mindset as your customers are, you can have a clearer vision of how to finalize and market your product.

It minimizes risks

Perhaps the biggest benefit to envisioning how a user interacts with your product and brand is thinking about all the possible scenarios that may happen. Once you start prototyping your product, brainstorming the different ways to present yourself as a brand, and thinking about the different reactions that you may get from your target audience, you’ll also come up with the different ways in which your customers could react to your brand. In the long run, you’ll effectively minimize risk because you’ll know all the possible (negative) outcomes that can happen once you launch or update your brand design.

Especially if you’re just launching, there is a huge risk involved at the very beginning. Before plunging into the market, design thinking allows you to capture different scenarios and reactions and launch risk-free.

It focuses on the solution rather than the hard sale

At the very core of each brand is the desire to make a profit, and that’s perfectly fine. However, it shouldn’t be your primary goal because it will force you to take shortcuts and make decisions that benefit you instead of the end-user.

Design thinking puts the user/customer in the very center and finds different ways to solve their problem. The solution is at the core of your brand and instead of finding ways to maximize profit, design thinking pushes you to create a better solution. Through continuous testing, you are guided to the best solution possible. In the end, this leads to a better brand and more profit.

Wrapping up

Design thinking is much more than a fancy buzzword used by today’s startups. It’s a radical way of thinking that puts the focus of your brand on your customers. This not only ensures a better, more likable brand, but also ensures that you’re creating a high-quality product that will endure the test of time.

Author bio:


Petra Odak is a Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals.

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