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Online casinos vs. Land Based casinos in 2021



One thing is for certain about 2021: we are living in outrageously unprecedented times, and it is certainly looking like this will be a period of history that will go down in memory for a very long time. Of course, a big part of this is for negative reasons, however you also cannot forget about the insane amount of fantastic things that have been achieved recently – click to play. You know what one of our favourite ones is? Online casinos! 

The emergence of the online casino world is such a great example of what humans can achieve if we put our minds to it, utilizing the Internet platform to blow the doors wide open when it comes to what you can do with new gambling technology. As good as online casino is though, you should never forget about the wonderful world of land based casino either! Who wins between online casinos and land based casinos in 2021? Let’s find out… 

Online casinos vs. Land Based casinos: When did the battle commence? 

Despite the fact they have been going head to head for quite a while now, the battle between online casinos and land based casinos hasn’t been going on forever. In fact, online casino only became a thing in the mid 19990s! 

Technology at the time also wasn’t quite good enough to attract as many gamblers as early online casino operators hoped, although this had been rectified by the early 2000s, where the online casinos vs. land based casinos question can be said to have begun. 

2021 casino industry: A round-up 

What’s going on in the 2021 casino industry at the moment? Well, there is a lot of exciting news coming from the online slots world, where Big Time Gaming have managed to usher in a new era of reel spinning excitement with their Megaways game mechanic.

The statistics also show that online casino is consistently growing its fan base, now having a fair greater deal of the gamblers. Indeed, gambling analysts are suggesting that it will soon be responsible for over 75% of all casino gambling revenue. 

Why would gamblers prefer online casinos in 2021? 

Online casino definitely takes the larger gambler share in 2021, but why would gamblers prefer it to land based casinos? Here are a few reasons: 

·         Easier to play: There’s no travelling involved with online casino, and this is a huge reason why people prefer it.

·         More options: There are far more gambling games available in the online casino world, just look at the thousands of online slots for an idea of what we mean!

·         Casino bonuses: You also are far more likely to receive a casino bonus from online casino sites than land based casinos in 2021. 

Why would gamblers prefer land based casinos in 2021? 

It’s not all in favour of online casinos though, as land based casinos still have a few benefits: 

·         Experience: The land based casino experience is absolutely classic, and can never be faithfully replicated online.

·         Budgeting: It is easier to budget at land based casinos, simply because you have to physically leave at some point! 

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Samsung New Windows Phone Now In FCC Phase for Gaming



HTC’s first ever octa-core smartphone is named HTC Desire 616

HTC is a big name in smartphone manufacturers as they produce some amazing devices in past years. Although working to innovate new technology and reveal some premium devices they always have interest in offering mid-range smartphones in market. HTC has got great success through their premium flagship HTC One and there were also some rumors about an octa-core smartphone to be revealed by HTC since last year. Finally we got some snapshots of that device through the Chinese certification agency TENAA which is always known as a source of leaking information about the upcoming smartphones for คลิปไฮไลท์Esport.

HTC One (M8) has been launched yesterday globally and HTC is expected to reveal their next device soon. This new device is said to be HTC Desire 616 or HTC D616w and will soon be revealed. Nowadays customers have keen eye on the specification they emphasize more on the processor used as having large units of smartphones with quad-core processor very few are found with octa-core. This device will get special attention in Chinese market as large number of admirers is available in this region. HTC Desire 616 seems to be made especially for Chinese market but as happened before global version will be available after launch.

Whenever it comes to the rumors TENAA is most reliable for providing valid information as they have actual data for certification. They provided before launch snaps and specification of smartphones as they have yet provided us with another great device from HTC. HTC Desire 616 will be equipped with octa-core1.7GHz MediaTek processor and 1GB RAM which makes this device a mid-range smartphone. HTC has launched Desire 310 early equipped with the same MediaTek processor but that was quad-core 1.3GHz. As for the display HTC Desire 616 will have 5-inch 720p screen which is quite emphasized by today customer. One drawback of this new smartphone is that it will have Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean version which is quite surprising as all new devices are coming with Android KitKat these days. 

As far as dimensions are concerned HTC Desire 616 has 142 x 71.9 x 9.1 mm which makes this device quite easy to handle with one hand and operate easily. Although having 5-inch screen HTC Desire 616 is not bulky at all as it is only 150g in weight. This is mainly due to the plastic body instead of metallic body which is often used for premium devices. It is equipped with 8MP of camera with LED flash which is enough to make videos and some quality snapshots.

As a matter of fact the first thing that any customer want from the phone is its design and accordingly fine color scheme. By taking into consideration manufacturers have to build their smartphones with beautiful design and in various colors. HTC Desire 616 will have a sleek uniform body and will be available in black, blue, white, red and yellow colors.

TENAA didn’t confirm anything about the price and launch date of this amazing mid-range device form HTC. But as soon as we know anything about it we’ll let you people know until then please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about this new smartphone in comments.

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White Lotto Review: All You Need to Know



Have you ever tried starting your own lottery business? I bet it wasn’t easy right? From the legal issues, to coding the software and also handling the marketing of your site. Yes, I know, that’s a lot for one person to handle.

Thankfully, you can now get an online lotto software that should take care of the tech side of the business. With that in mind, that’s what White Lotto promises to give its customers. So, what is White Lotto and how exactly will this software company help my business? Keep on reading to find out more or click here to check the best lottery white label at

White Lotto Review: What is White Lotto Software?

In simple terms, White Lotto is an online lotto software company that offers its services to businessmen who would like to start a lotto business. As I said earlier, there’s a lot that you have to handle to successfully launch an online lotto company. In most cases, these tasks will technically slow down the launch of your company and that’s where White Lotto company comes in.

White Lotto is a team of skilled individuals with a professional background in the lottery business. That’s gives them an upper hand when it comes to creating the perfect lottery services. And that’s not all!

White Lotto’s Unique Services

Mobile Ready Solutions

These days the online community prefers using their smartphones to surf the web. That’s because both android and iOS devices are now capable of handling most, if not all, of the tasks a normal computer would. That said, for your online lottery business to become successful, you will also need a mobile-friendly site.

White Lotto is a platform where you get designs that will suit both desktops and mobile phones alike without any glitches. The site will seamlessly load within micro-seconds to ensure you maintain the curiosity of your users.

Tap into the Global Market

Without a doubt, the online lottery business is a lucrative industry with a revenue stream of over $302 billion. And I’m sure you are not the only one who noticed this great opportunity to invest. That said, you will need to launch a quality platform that will attract your potential customers and keep them coming back for more.

And you will only achieve that by working with experienced professionals in the field. Thankfully. White Lotto will walk with you through your journey and ensure the successful launch of your platform. More importantly, you can now offer all the best lottery games to your users.

In-house Affiliate system

Not all software come with an in-built affiliate program. Typically, online platforms have to outsource this software from another company and it’s costly. However, by working with White Lotto, you will get an in-house affiliate program in your software that should help with your marketing strategy.

Unique Designs

The White Lotto Team will design an online lottery software that’s unique to your business. That will ensure you stand out from the rest of the crowd. And in no time, your site will rank as one of the best online lottery businesses out there. What more would you ask for?

Take away Message

By now, it’s crystal clear that you can’t start an online lottery system without outsourcing a few resources. Therefore, you should only work with the best in the field. White Lotto is in fact the software company behind one of the best online lottery sites in the globe – LottoPark.

If you’d like to see their handy work, check out the and see what all the fuss is about! I guarantee you that you’ll be working with White Lotto soon after taking a quick look at the LottoPark.

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Fantasy Cricket League App



Fantasy cricket league app can be considered as one of the best online gaming platforms where people who love sports can put level players in a virtual team and they can get rewards if the individual player on the whole team performs well. If you are a person who is selecting players for a fantasy team then you must select all those who you can rely upon and on whom you think will perform the best according to his speciality and we’ll help you in earning real time money. Fantasy cricket league app is especially famous in the shorter formats of the game. 

The best thing to do while playing on fantasy cricket league app is not to stick with the same level players every time as you can very easily change the players who have not performed well in the previous games and you can replace them by different players whom you think will perform well in the given situations. The major advantages of playing on Ballebaazi is that you will always win. Even if all the selected players of your team perform well then you will absolutely be earning or winning real cash money but if you use then also you will be your name BB coins. BB coins can be redeemed at the store and with them you can buy exclusive BB gadgets, merchandise, bikes and other awesome prizes. Fantasy Cricket News also has its own pros. The fantasy cricket news is very important as when you are updated with news and the fantasy cricket tips and you have the insight articles then you can win Big. We also provide you with fantasy cricket tips and news that help you in getting the Best fantasy sport experience on our website. You have to be very careful selecting the players as it becomes very important for making good and a match winning team. 

Fantasy cricket league app is only for the people who have excellent knowledge of the game. To win money on these online platforms nicely depends on the skills and understanding you have of the game. The end goal is to create a team of 11 players that will help you in getting the maximum number of points that will help you in winning the real time money. For selecting the players need to focus on these factors that will help you when selecting the best suitable level players for your team:

  • Playing condition
  • Pitch condition
  • Opposition
  • Toss
  • Captain and vice captain
  • Uncapped players

These can be considered some of the most important factors that a person needs to consider before making the team of 11 players for earning real time money by playing online fantasy cricket. We also recommend you to follow the Ballebaazi app to get updated with the real-time information that will help you in creating the best possible team. Fantasy cricket industry has made excellent profits at times and it has also faced some very bad losses. Ballebaazi is a fantasy sports platform that lets you play online fantasy cricket and it also helps you in earning real cash money online by playing on Fantasy cricket league app. BalleBaazi is the first fantasy cricket platform that has launched batting and bowling and to see where the people allowed to select the top 5 batsman and bowler and you can also join up  for fantasy cricket tips on the website.

How to play fantasy cricket games online?

It is indeed a very good question. At BalleBaazi of you are straight access between the passion of cricket and creating a match winning fantasy team. For creating an online fantasy all you need to do is follow some steps:

  • First of all you need to sign up or login to your giving account on bb
  • Then you need to download the all movie app on your mobile phone whether it is iOS or Android
  • to select current cricket series that applies to crayon
  • then you need to choose the classic batting or bowling fantasy variance where you want to play
  • then you need to select whether you want to play directly in the cash leagues or first you want to play in the practice contest. 
  • Then submit your team and relax

Once the matches have started then you will automatically start gaining points according to the performance of the players that you have selected in your team. We also allow you to check or read your progress. Ballebaazi also offers the most apparent form of distribution of the money and the withdrawal system is also very safe when it comes to playing online fantasy cricket in India. Online fantasy gaming consists of a certain amount of financial risk but our app is considered to be one of the safest and the smooth test Fantasy cricket league apps.

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World of Warcraft: Classic Burning Crusade Of cloned characters and pre-nerfed bosses



The biggest draw of World of Warcraft Classic is that it’s stuck in the past – in a good way. There is, however, a recent development that has been getting mixed reception: the Burning Crusade arriving in a game version that a lot of players thought was supposed to be forever vanilla. Maybe you’re excited to experience the launch of WoW’s first expansion for the first time or the first time again. Or maybe you’re afraid of the potential implications of an expansion in Classic, be it in character building, WoW Classic gold gathering, or raiding. Either way, the devil is in the details, so here are a few things to consider before having or even expressing your opinion about it.

A Groundbreaking First Time 

Aside from Burning Crusade being the iconic, historical, and influential MMO’s first expansions, it’s also one of the most important and beloved expansions as well. It’s what brought Horde-aligned Blood Elf and Alliance-allied Draenei into the game, and it is only through these classes that it is possible to play a faction-specific class with the Blood Elf Paladin and the Draenei Shaman. While these classes were limited to these races, it gave an entire faction access to abilities and talents that would’ve otherwise been impossible to have before. At the same time, Blood Elf Paladins have an ability Alliance Paladins don’t, and the same goes for Draenei Shaman and those from the Horde. 

The Many Other Changes 

It also increased the level cap from 60 to 70, and added five to six new spells as well. Also, because Shaman and Paladin both stopped being faction-exclusive, they received new abilities. There are also new zones and new dungeons: four in Azeroth, and a whopping seven in Outworld – the planet where Orcs used to live before the events that led them into Azeroth and into a bitter, seemingly never-ending war with the Alliance, especially the humans. Burning Crusade is also the first time adventurers had the chance to go to places outside Azeroth, which in turn further expanded players’ perceived scope of the game’s world. 

Oh, and most importantly, this also introduced flying mounts into WoW, changing the game forever. There are many other changes brought about by Burning Crusade, and to list them here would take both the writer and the readers a day, so it should be enough to say that Burning Crusade changed the game forever and for the better. Unlike other expansions that simply gave players more things to do, this one changed certain dynamics for both factions and combat mechanics. 

Split Into Two 

But are those enough reasons to bring what would be the end of the original WoW Vanilla experience?  Well, there are sound arguments for not wanting to have Burning Crusade in Classic, as well as equally sound arguments that support its arrival without compromising what WoW Classic is all about.  

We’ll begin with the former. The biggest argument in support of WoW Classic would be the fact that WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic would be two separate versions. This is to ensure that those enjoying their WoW Classic experience and WoW Classic items will be able to keep playing vanilla and not be subject to the changes Burning Crusade will bring about. By launch, players will be asked if they want to move onto the Burning Crusade, or stay in Classic. For those that either can’t make up their minds or want to experience the best of both worlds, they can have their characters duplicated – for a fee, of course. 

Plus, Burning Crusade Classic is something those looking for a challenge areis definitely going to love, as the dungeons are going to be their more difficult pre-nerf versions, as Blizzard noted that WoW Classic players are actually pretty good at raiding. Probably because they’re veterans, or something. 

The counterargument to this is the question in everyone’s minds: at what expansion will this end? What would be the perfect place for Blizzard to draw the line? After all, it would be pretty weird and funny to see the many “Classic” versions of the game in the long run. And what if it comes full circle? Will it? Are we going to have a WoW Classic: Shadowlands two to three years from now? Plus, this could split the player base and thereby having fewer and fewer players in each version. 

Like that in the retail version, the Burning Crusade is going to change WoW Classic, even if it’s going to be an entirely different server from the Classic one. It wouldn’t even be surprising if it changed World of Warcraft as a whole. Will it be for the better or for the worse? Only the future knows. 

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Enjoy The Game With A GTA 5 Download



With the new games being launched by the developer every now and then, it is getting difficult to download the latest versions of them on the internet. Many a times it happens that you have purchased the latest version of Grand Theft Auto Online but you find that there are no guides available for GTA V Télécharger the game on your mobile or tablet. This is quite frustrating and you feel like you are playing the beta version of the game. However, all of you need not worry anymore because with the use of an iPhone or iPad app, you can easily download the latest version of the Grand Theft Auto games on your smartphone or tablet device and enjoy the benefits of using these devices.

The Grand Theft Auto games has been designed in such a way so as to work smoothly on various gadgets. Now, you do not have to sit and worry about the compatibility of the app on your mobile device. You just need to use the right device to be able to enjoy the game on it. If you have bought a Google Android handset or an Apple iPhone, you do not have to worry at all. You can easily download the latest version of this game and use it on your phone or tablet to get the fun and excitement.

There are many people who play the Grand Theft Auto games over the internet. However, not everyone has the ability to get the required updates from the official site of the game. It is because if you are using an old version of one of the app to access the new version of the same, you may not be able to get the required updates. In this case, you can always use the iPhone or iPad app to get access to the newest content of the game. This will help you feel like you are still playing the original version of the game.

The iPhone or iPad app is very easy to operate and it does not require any kind of complicated downloads. This means that even people who are not very tech savvy can easily get the right use out of this application. You do not need to use any kind of complicated tools or programs in order to be able to use this app.

After you have downloaded the app on your device, you need to connect it to the Internet. You can do this by making use of your Wi-Fi in order to access the web via your mobile device. Once you have successfully connected to the Internet, you can start to load the application on your phone. The loading process will vary according to the speed of your connection.

Apart from the fact that the iPhone or iPad app is easy to operate, it also provides a number of useful features. For example, you can use the GPS facility in order to locate all the locations of the street races. You can also plan a trip with friends using the maps feature in the application. If you want to shoot the most interesting scenes, you need to make use of the camera facility which is available with this application.

Apart from this, you need to know that the iPhone users are not the only ones who can get the facility of downloading the GTA 5 for free. You can also access the same through a number of web sites that offer such facility. However, you should be careful about getting these sites or applications because there are many sites which are just out to entice you in getting their codes. As a result, you could end up infecting your device if you download the wrong code.

You should remember one thing that you do not need to pay any money in order to access this particular game. This is because this site has made it clear that there is no cost associated with their service. You can simply download the game and use the same at no cost at all. If you have not played the original version, you will definitely find this one interesting. It is one of the most downloaded games on iTunes and it continues to be so even today. In fact, you can get the iPhone for free by downloading the GTA 5 application.

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