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OneDrive as a Backup: Upsides and Downsides



There would be no need to invest energy, time, and money into protecting your online data from various threats in the ideal world. And yet, the current reality is way different from what we want it to be and presses us into protecting our data by all possible means.

There should be no room for shortcuts when it comes to protecting your information from loss. And yet, let’s face it:  sometimes a “lazy” option is way, way better than nothing. The simpler the option, the less resistance you will feel towards the whole backup process.

This is when backing up your hard drive to OneDrive may come in handy. It is easy to free up to 5 GB, which is more than enough if we speak about backing up personal files. Using OneDrive Sync Client will make the process automatic and easy.

But, as always, everything is not that simple. In this article, we speak about the benefits and limitations of OneDrive as a backup solution that you must keep in mind.

But before we start. Note that the situation is different when you need to backup loads of operational business information. In this case, we highly recommend using a professional backup service. For Microsoft 365 data, consider using a professional cloud-to-cloud Onedrive backup tool.

With this in mind, let’s dive in!

Difference Between OneDrive and a Regular Backup Service

To understand the upsides and downsides of this solution for you, we need to clarify the fundamental difference between OneDrive and backup.

OneDrive is web-based cloud storage provided by Microsoft 365 for its users to store their files. This is a place on the cloud designed to host, manage, and share your files and documents.

Backup service is software that offers you the storage, data protection, and quick recovery in case of an emergency. It not only stores your data but also automatically backs up, secures, and recovers it on-demand.

The difference between these two can be boiled down to the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup in a nutshell. The first one is designed for data storage and management; another is designed to backup and restore data.

This difference means that OneDrive itself needs to be backed up to be protected from data loss. To find out how to backup OneDrive, read this guide .

How You Can Backup Files to OneDrive

There are two ways to save your files to OneDrive:

1. Manually. This way, you need to log in to your OneDrive and manually upload the required files and folders.

2.Automatically. You can automize the backup process by using OneDrive Sync Client. To back up files this way, you need to install the OneDrive Sync client. If you have Windows 10, you have it installed already.

Benefits of OneDrive as a Backup Solution

In many ways, having an online copy of all your documents on the cloud is very convenient.

Here are the main perks of having your files backed up on OneDrive:

  1. Accessibility. You can reach it from a mobile, tablet, or desktop, from any point in the world using internet.
  2. Mobility. You can use the Sync tool to synchronize all the changes you make on your hard drive with OneDrive. It makes it possible to work on documents both on your computer and from the cloud, and all the changes will be saved locally and on the cloud.
  3. Storage. 5 GB of space granted to you by Microsoft is more than enough for many people that want to back up their files. On your local drive setting aside this amount of storage would be a nearly impossible task.
  4. Shareability. You can use cloud storage to share files with friends and family, clients, coworkers, etc.
  5. Easy recoverability. In case of a hard drive failure or computer damage, you can easily reach and recover your files from the cloud.
  6. Security. OneDrive provides you with an extra secure folder named Personal Vault to store sensitive information.

Limitations OneDrive as a Backup Solution

Of course, every silver lining often involves the cloud. Having your files backed up to OneDrive has obvious downsides to it you should know about to secure your data.

The first downside has to do with using the Sync tool to backup your files to the cloud. Using it automizes the whole process to make your hard drive and your cloud storage look the same. For example, if you delete files on your computer, the changes will automatically reflect in the cloud as well, and vise versa. If you happen to delete a file or folder that is synchronized permanently, you won’t be able to restore it. 

The same reason causes the next problem, and it is a ransomware threat. Again, if your device will be infected with malware that encrypts files in the synchronized folder, this virus will spread on your OneDrive files as well. When the Sync tool detects changes in your files due to the encryption process, it will automatically copy these changes to the cloud, leaving you with no clear copy of your data. 

Third, you shouldn’t forget that OneDrive is a frequent target for cybercriminals. Someone can hack your OneDrive storage and delete or encrypt files their to extort a ransom or simply to blackmail you. 

Microsoft 365 does provide its users with baseline security, but this security isn’t enough in case of malicious “intrusion.” Also, your files won’t be encrypted when they travel to the cloud or when they stay there. 


So, should or should you not using OneDrive as a backup for your files? Here are our thoughts that sum up the matter:

  1. OneDrive is cloud storage that can partially be used as a backup, but it is not a backup service. It won’t provide you with all the benefits of a backup service respectively. 
  2. You can use OneDrive as a backup for your personal files as long as you have a strong password and two-factor authentication in place.
  3. If you synchronize your local drive and OneDrive, keep in mind that deleting a file in one location means it will automatically disappear in another. The same goes for ransomware infecting your files: the file encrypted on your desktop will be encrypted in the cloud as well.
  4. If you are thinking about OneDrive as a backup for your business-critical information, we strongly advise you to think twice before using it this way. It is much more reasonable in terms of security and recoverability to spend $4/month per user to have your files backed up properly with a professional service.

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How to Launch a Secure E-Commerce Store This Holiday Season



Wildcard SSL certificate

This holiday season, it is time for more celebration, sales, and security too. It is of high pertinence that all the transactions on your e-commerce store take place with umpteen security. This will not only augment your online business but also let your customers revert more often. Now, when the holiday season is kicking in, many brick and mortar stores are racing to venture into the online format.

But before you set your foot into the world of online e-commerce, you must do your homework and know some dos and don’ts. There are many cybersecurity considerations that you must get your hands washed off before they sell you out. Here is enlisted a checklist of 5 such great tips that will tell you more about launching a secured e-commerce store this holiday. Let us begin.

·Choose a Secured Platform, to begin with

·Invest in trustworthy Cybersecurity Solutions

·Install a Web Application Firewall

·Yes, to being PI compliant

·Get an SSL Certificate

Choose a Secured Platform, to begin with

No matter how your business’s structure is, be it with an only online presence or even if you are venturing into one, you must opt for a secured e-commerce platform. And how do you check the security of your site? Look for only those sites that are approved with a wildcard SSL certificate. When it can integrate with an SSL certificate, rest assured it will be compatible with a stellar security solution that fits you.

Aside from this, do ensure that the platform you choose is appropriately maintained. It should have the strength to track and patch security vulnerabilities as fast as possible without causing any hindrance. By selecting a platform that renders both of these, you will soon see how your website is configured to match the basic secured amenities.

Invest in trustworthy Cybersecurity Solutions

To protect your e-commerce site from all kinds of cyber threats, it is a must to invest in reliable and trustworthy cybersecurity solutions. Even if you have a small-scale business or are currently dealing with a large organization having thousands of clients, you do need cybersecurity, come what may. Sowhat do we do in such a case?

For starters, begin with using an automatic site scanner. It will help you run timely scans that can quickly detect security vulnerabilities and identify severe malware that can cause issues and question your security. Not only that, it will naturally delete all the malware even before you know it. Your site is visited by a substantial audience now and then. It would help if you gave them the trust to come back for some more. Further, this will simmer down on the unnecessary churn rates as well.

Install a Web Application Firewall

When you install a web application firewall or WAF, you add an extra layer of security there. They help your website to develop a good health status. Not just that, it will monitor all the traffic that you receive on your site and clear out all the web-based threats and attacks that are malicious for you.

This is where this tool comes into rescue and filters out all the inadvertent issues that might fall your way. By deploying a web application firewall, you create a shield between the web applications and the internet. You can see it like a kind of reverse-proxy that protects the server from exposure by letting the user go through the firewall even before they can reach the server. Over and above, it will prevent cyberattacks before they can arrive at your computer as well.

Yes, to being PI compliant

It is a given that a website needs to be PCI (or payment card industry) compliant. PCI compliance refers to the standard operating policy that you are following a set of security measures that allows all the sensitive information of any card transaction securely– be it a credit card or debit card. Most of the transactions on your site would take place over a card.

And when a user sees that you are PCI compliant, they will not have to worry about the security aspect, which works in your favor.

Even though you run a small business, it is better to safeguard yourself for the customer’s sake to get yourself one of these. It has become more accessible than ever for cybercriminals to hack into your private information via card transactions. Therefore better watch out and get yourself guarded right away.

Get an SSL Certificate

As it is time for the holiday season, you will be seeing customers more than the regular times. All you do in favor of security your website will rule out if you do not get an SSL or secure socket layer certificate. The importance of an SSL certificate is to take care of a user’s data and the site when information is transferred from a site to the server. You should know that your customer can quickly figure out if you have the Wildcard SSL certificate or not.

All they need to do is check for the S at the end of an HTTP link address. The ‘S’ at the end shows that the site is secured, and they can trust the website for the transaction, and they have nothing to worry about. Also, the extra ‘S’ shows that their private information has been encrypted and transferred to a trusted connection so that the cybercriminals will not be able to hack it.

That is a Wrap

Now that the holiday bells are here, you need to ensure you are ready to let your customer celebrate with happiness. And this starts with you. It all depends on you to give them a safety-packed customer experience that does all the talking and saves you the deal. Get yourself all the security, as mentioned earlier, and show them how you are making their holiday special.

It might ruin their holiday if they see some red flags in your site, which can lead to a higher churn or attrition volume. You get a chance to render happiness, so why the wait? Get your site and the customers the security they need and see the difference for yourself. Hence, take all preventive steps and see how your business booms with the utmost security.

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Is Intel Core i7 9700k good for streaming



Intel Core i7

A good CPU with multi-tasking features, and smooth performance is a must thing for every streamers out there. No one likes if it lags, or interrupts during live streaming. Though the CPU is not the only component on which perfect streaming depends, it also is not something to be neglected. However, if you have an awesome PSU as well as RAM, it will lessen the pressure on the CPU. For a perfect streaming, you at least need a good motherboard, PSU, RAM, CPU, and a better cooling system. In this article, we will come to a conclusion whether i7 9700k is good for streaming or not. Another important point: you will get a better result if you research and get the best motherboard, RAM, and also PSU for i7 9700K. Which means, you have to consider the components compatibility. 

Intel Core i7 9700K may not be the best choice but it is one of the most chosen processors for streaming and gaming. Since it has multi-tasking ability, it can run several applications at a time. So, users face no problem while streaming. The i7 9700K has a default clock speed at 3.6 GHz. However, it can let you get high boost clocks at 4.9 GHz and can go up to 5.2 GHz too. It offers pretty fast performance for which your game won’t suffer from anything worse like low frame rates or dropped frames. 

It needs no say that CPU is extremely important for streaming. Why is that? Because the processor or CPU encodes your stream into video which is directly sent to your viewers’ PC, TV, or phones. The process of encoding, sending it to destination, again decoding it, and presenting on the screen- all happens within some milliseconds. And, it could only happen thanks to your CPU. If your CPU is powerful enough, there will be no interruption, or screen tearing during the process as it is in real-time. 

The Core i7 9700K is of 8/8 cores and threads with no hyper-threading system. It is certainly powerful enough for streaming. If you choose this, you won’t regret it but you’re still considering, then there are some other options. Because a good thing and the best thing definitely has some differences. 

It is not like that this CPU is not good for streaming. Rather, it is a budget and also of suitable specs’ CPU at a time. In case, you have a little higher budget you can check i9 9900K. Core i9 9900K supports hyperthreading and it can provide an excellent performance with more cores. On the other hand, for the beginners, it is best to have an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 because of  its price and being a mid-tier CPU.   

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Using A Drill Press to Complete An 80% Lower Receiver



Using A Drill Press to Complete An 80% Lower Receiver

Making the decision to start creating your own guns is pretty big.  It is a very satisfying pursuit and you end up with a gun that you can truly say you made.  It is customisation taken to the limit.

In most cases, customisation means selecting the parts that you want fitted to your AR, ordering them from a reputable dealer, and fitting them when they arrive at your door.  In some cases, you might need a special tool to be able to fit them, but such is the power of the AR design, that many simply slot into place.  However, some parts a significantly more complex, and top of the list is the 80% lower receiver.   So, called because it is effectively a blank that has only been 80% completed, you, as the user, gets to finish off the remaining 20% in the way that suits your particular build.  The 80% Lower really is hands-on gun building.

The 80% lower is available from many sources so getting one isn’t difficult. But actually completing an 80% lower with any degree of accuracy is a bit trickier.  In fact, if you tried to mark out the locations of the holes and slots that you need to introduce by hand, you are highly unlikely to get them in the right place, and that could mean that your new lower is actually scrap.  If you want to introduce these essential features to your 80% lower, you are going to need the accuracy of a jig and drill press.

Luckily, there are plenty of jigs on the market, and they are usually of good enough quality to ensure that you get your holes and slots in the right place, and that your AR works as intended.  Make sure that you pay for a quality item as it will last, and you will want to use this again and again.

So, you have your 80% lower, and you have your jig.  The last essential part of the equation for getting everything right is a good drill press. While a jig will go a long way to getting your holes and slots in the right place, but there is still the potential for the features to go in slightly skewed, and that is going to ruin your lower before you get a chance to use it.

A drill press is essentially a powerful drill that is sufficiently rigid to ensure that when the drill or milling tip is used, it won’t deviate from the path and your resulting holes and slots will be perpendicular to the face that they are being placed in. Get these wrong, and at best, your AR will work badly, at worst it won’t work at all..!  Therefore, a good drill press is going to be your best friend when it comes to getting hole positions right.

Key to the drill press’ function is the fact that it is a pillar drill that is enormously rigid, so even small bits won’t be forced off their path.  And a drill press is designed for milling operations too. A drill press has its high-quality chuck mounted via a tapered arbor that connects the chuck to the quill and allows the system to take large side loads with ease, so a drill press is just as comfortable being used with milling tools – which exert a sideways force on the tool – so you can place slots as required just as easily as holes.

Building AR’s can become addictive, and you will find that you don’t want to stop at one.  In that case, you are going to want great tools that will stand the test of time, so invest in a good jig and drill press.

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How to Create Perfect On Hold Message that attracts your caller



We are living in the 21st century. Here almost everything is up to date and businesses use new tricks to promote their sale and services. We see advertisement everywhere. If we are on the road side, we can see multiple advertisement on holding boards and leds. All these methods are part of marketing. Another unique method is advertisement during on hold calls.

This method is very attractive. According to expert of maxi marketing, Tom Collins most of the callers prefer On hold messages instead of any other available option.

If we talk about stats of conversion out of these messages, almost 20% out of these people made purchase. It’s one of the best ways to educate the people about your product or service. Here is an example available from the recent pandemic attack Covid-19. During this attack in most of the countries government educate the people about SOPs through this method. This way of marketing your business is good. It takes less time to deliver the message to the audience.

Tips to Create a Perfect Message:

Know your audience:

You must know your audience that means you have to know with whom you are talking. Create a Welcome messages

. It should be in a very polite way. Another important point while makinf these messages, select the voice over as per your customer’s age, gender, and interest. If you filter the audience and apply different strategies on different age levels and genders, it will increase the chance of success.

Time Strategy:

Here in this point, you have to manage your message in time. Your message should be precise and attractive. It should be repeated. You have all the important information regarding your product or service, so create a message that fits in the hold time. Do not make a message that repeats in the hold time. This can frustrate responder. If your message is completed in the desire time it would be considered as most attractive.

Up to Date:

This is also an important part. You must consider the changes with the time. If your company is offering seasonal products and services so change your message as per the current season. You have to include the new offers in your message. If we talk about companies like Amazon and Alibaba, their marketing strategy changes with the time. When December comes everyone talks about biggest sale of the year and provide discount coupons on their products. This strategy is to follow the trend.

Test before Launch:

We are humans and we can understand the sentiments of others when we talk to them. In this topic we are talking about machines. On hold messages are carried with the robots. When you prepare a message for your audience, first listen it your-self and also with your employees. By doing this activity you will understand if the product is successful or failed.

Callback Option:

Include this option in your system. If a person is busy and do not have time to listen your message, give him a way to call you back for the message. We all know how busy our life is if we allow clients to listen the message when they are free it will also increase the sale. Also if someone listen the message for the second time that means he is interested.

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Interruption while sending an important mail? Do you like delay in sending your official mail? Yes, an error is always a surprise that eventually takes your smile. Isn’t this error frustrating?

Then let us elucidate reasons which might be possible and ways to resolution if the error popping on your screen is a [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] Error.-

So, when you notice or face the error code [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c], you can presume that this kind of error is connected to server itself or we must say it has a direct connection to the server.


Well, this error code sometimes highly problematic and can be solved by calling professionals only. But we assure you relaxing on your chair you would amend this fault without any hassle.

Let’s jump into the well of depth leading to such kind of error. With some unique approaches- How to solve [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] Error.

  • One reason which might lead to these problems is crashing down of the Microsoft Outlook due to cache generation.

This could even happen in your Microsoft Outlook if the installed outlook system has logged in with more than one account. Undoubtedly, this could be one such reason as because the caches getting accumulated and would slacken you PC as well software.

So, clearing you cache storage on a daily basis is a small but effective step to avoid such errors.

  • Reckoning another reason which might be possible is multiple accounts kept open in one system without proper management.

Yes, this could also cause such error to arise. Opening multiple accounts in different tabs could cease your system as well would lead to a crash in its memory.

How to overcome this? Open one account at a time and after the job is done log out from the device and clear cache. And if required use another account, but only after clear the past generated cache, this would lead you to a safe and errorless path.

pii email

what’s the solution to this? Each update of your system with new fixtures fastens your system, add up additional brand-new characteristics to access. Securing yourself from this error is simple, just keep updating your system with the latest available updates.

Just check the latest updates, the software’s synchronizing and complying ability with the system update compatibility.

  • Most typically, the last one is a very common conflict that arises when you have different email software present in the same system.

If you are using different email software at the same time, then it would crash the Outlook and, in some case, error code [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] occurs.

What we have to do now if that so happen? If the cause of the error is confirmed and is exactly the above mentioned one, then you have to uninstall other email software strung with the Microsoft Outlook as the priority one.


Undoubtedly, you must have got what’s the actual and exact solution to this. To make this clearer we have steps just to keep a track so that you would not face the error later.

Go through the steps for a halt free mailing and continue said professional.

  • Check out for new version of Microsoft Outlook could be a strategy after using the same version for so long, using web version would be better.
  •  Facing the same problem even after logging into web version then you need to relook whether your PC is windows 7, 8 or 10, as the version plays an important role in this. Change the version if an error occurs over and over again.
  • As mentioned earlier logging out is must from the existing one is mandatory. Clearing caches and restarting your system is one such strategy you must follow on a continuous basis.


Error Resolved? We hope it’s now resolved and you must be enjoying a hassle-free emailing once again. The objective of this article is to answer all your questions arises after [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error suddenly pops up. With short but effective word count we have answered all questions like- How this error occurs? Why this occurs? How to solve this error? Everything that would help you out not in present but if that so happen in future too.

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