Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics

Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics

Statistics about car accidents offer valuable information on the safety of roads. The media and other stakeholders in the transport sector, including the government, use the data to know the trend. Since it is common to have questions about the Department of Public Safety’s data, we will decipher the statistics to understand what the numbers mean.

The Need for Statistical Data

In this case, in Oklahoma, there are thousands of accidents every year on the roads.  The Oklahoma crash statistics help in strategic planning for road safety for residents. On the other hand, it helps determine prevention and response efforts funding depending on the State’s needs.   

The Summary

Statistics from the past three years show that road safety is improving across the City. However, just like previous times, most of the incidents happen in the urban areas than in the more remote areas of Oklahoma. The total number of car accidents in the three years average more than70,000 incidents each year. Out of the total incidents, over 20,000 of those result in injuries and fatalities. 

Each year there is a reduction in the incidents and casualties. The authorities attribute the decrease in the drivers being more aware of the causes and hotspots. Although motorists are adopting better road practices, there is still room to improve since it is possible to prevent road accidents. This is according to the director of the Department of Public Safety.

An Overview of the Numbers

Oklahoma releases statistics each year, and the intermediate report is the data from 2019 reporting. However, there are current projections for the year while waiting for last year’s official data. Let us look at the 2019 data to understand the scope of car accidents;

  • The Fatalities; in 2019, there were 649 casualties from car accidents, while there was a decrease in2020 with 637 recorded fatalities. On the other hand, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office project possible 628 deaths in 2021. 
  • Injuries; the trend to accidents in Oklahoma is showing a downward trajectory. It is evident in the data on fatal injuries. In 2019, there were 2,617 serious injuries from the accidents. The number dropped the following year to2,470 in2020 and the projection in the current year is 2,322.
  • Deaths from unbelting; the authorities insist on wearing safety belts while driving or as a passenger. The recorded fatalities from such incidents are 210 in2019, 198 in 2020, and a projection of 185 in 2021.
  • Fatalities from impaired driving; substance abuse contributes to deaths on the road. Statistics record 139 death in 2019, 127 in 2020, and a projected 115 deaths in 2021.  

The Time Accidents Happen

 In Oklahoma, accidents are happening every day. However, there are certain times that the incidents are more than others. The collision every month between January and April averages between 5000 to 6000 while the statistics surpass the 6000 mark inMay. It then falls to the 5000 thresholds between June and July but rises past the 6000 marks in August. In the subsequent months, the numbers are still ranging between 6000 and7000. However, it goes down in December.


The data herein is according to the Department of Public Safety.

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