Offshore Company in Nevis: Your Way to Success

Offshore Company in Nevis: Your Way to Success

Are you looking for an excellent jurisdiction to incorporate your offshore company? Consider Nevis. In addition to all the traditional benefits of offshore jurisdictions, such as low taxes, enhanced confidentiality, and quick company registration at an affordable price, Nevis has one more peculiar feature to offer: it is a stronghold for your assets! If a creditor wins a lawsuit against your company somewhere abroad, your money will remain intact as Nevis does not recognize the decisions of foreign courts.

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Legislative Framework in Nevis: Main Peculiarities

Let’s look at the main advantages you will get if you decide to set up a company in Nevis:

  • You will not have to pay corporate income tax on the condition that you generate 100% of your income abroad. The only payment you will have to make is an annual license fee of 1,699 US dollars.
  • If you hate paperwork, you will be relieved to find out that you will not need to submit any financial reports. Still, you have to maintain the records and keep them for five years.
  • The share capital is not limited in any way: you can start with 1 dollar if you want to.
  • You can move assets into the country and withdraw them from the country on an absolutely free basis.
  • There is no currency control.
  • A Nevis offshore company can be established quickly without your personal presence on the island: we will help you get a company remotely!
  • The information about owners is not available to the public, so you will have the highest confidentiality possible.
  • A Nevis LLC can be formed with one director, one employee, and one board member – of course, you can have more if you need to.
  • If you want to raise your confidentiality to a new level, you can use the nominee service which is legally allowed.
  • Shareholders/directors are not required to be Nevis residents.
  • You are not required to organize audits or shareholder meetings. If you do, however, the latter can be held anywhere in the world.

The legislation of Nevis is based on Anglo-Saxon corporate law, and it is one of the most reliable legal systems in the world that provides strong protection for your assets and guarantees the owner’s confidentiality.

If creditors wish to file a claim against a Nevisian company, they will have to personally address a Nevis court. Before they are allowed to do so, they will have to pay a bond of 100,000 US dollars, which deters the majority of them. And even if the claim is filed, the probability of a positive decision is very low as the courts in Nevis are on the company owner’s side.

Company Types You Can Set Up in Nevis

Business needs differ from entrepreneur, and Nevis provides an opportunity to set up the following entities:

The legal system in Nevis makes these company types increasingly popular, especially with American investors seeking to protect their assets in the background of increased attention on the part of US tax authorities. The Nevis trust is a stronghold, and this is a kind of brand known to all asset protection lawyers: this is the first recommendation they make.

Documents You Will Need to Provide

When you set up an offshore company, one of the most important aspects is the collection of documents you will need to submit. The success of the whole project depends to a great degree on compliance with current requirements, and this is the reason why we strongly recommend that you get in touch with our agent to find out the latest updates. Don’t rely on the information found on the Internet (you can use it for reference only) – use the experience of practical specialists who work with Nevis on a regular basis and know the ins and outs!

If you decide to delegate the administrative matters to us, collecting documents is the only thing you will actually have to do: and we will take care of the rest!

Let’s see at the documents to be submitted:

  • Company name. You are required to use the Latin alphabet (though you can use any language to name your company) and the applicable guidelines
  • An application to establish a Nevis offshore company
  • A certified passport copy and an additional ID document (such as a driver’s license)
  • A certified proof of residence (a bank statement or a utility bill that should not be older than 3 months)
  • A professional letter of recommendation from a specialist who has been working with you for at least a year (for example, a lawyer)
  • A letter of recommendation from a bank (we can provide a sample if you need to)
  • A proof of origin of funds (a statement issued by the bank)
  • A registration form

Mind that all matters related to the Nevisian offshore company setup will be dealt with by a registration agent as this is an official requirement! We will provide a reliable one to you upon your request.

Interested in starting a company in Nevis? Click on the link to discover more and get in touch with our experts. You can have a fully operational offshore company in a matter of 7 to 10 business days!

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