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In a world that is so often bursting with selfishness and greediness, it is through acts of charity that we can hope to restore the balance. There are many ways in which a Muslim can get involved with the charity, however one of the most common ways is to give Sadaqah.

What Is Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is a voluntary act of charity that is provided for the sake of Allah (SWT). Offering Sadaqah doesn’t need to remain in the kind of financial donations, simple kind deeds such as a smile, or an assisting hand, are likewise viewed as acts of Sadaqah.

Who Pays Sadaqah?

Unlike Zakat, which is a responsibility for Muslims to pay, Sadaqah is provided totally on a voluntary basis. It can be contributed at any time of year and any amount can be given– there are no specific quantities or percentages to determine and donate. Further to this, the money can be provided towards any variety of different causes and tasks, as long as there are individuals that will benefit from the donation.

Why Do We Pay Sadaqah?

We pay Sadaqah for the sake of Allah (SWT), as a kind of charity that is genuine and not done for recognition or benefit. Giving Sadaqah must be a selfless act for it to have the greatest effect on all involved.

How Much Do We Pay?

There is no set minimum or a limitation when it comes to contributing Sadaqah. Anything offered will constantly be gratefully gotten.

Sadaqah Jariyah

An essential idea within Islam is the concept of Sadaqah Jariyah— a ‘continuous charity’.

Therefore, numerous Muslims give charity which will continue to have benefit to individuals after their death and continue to earn them benefits.

Differences Between Sadaqah and Zakat
The main difference between Sadaqah and Zakat is that Zakat is a responsibility upon all Muslims whereas Sadaqah is provided easily. Zakat is paid each year based on the lunar calendar and is determined based on savings and possessions above a specific limit (Nisab). Above the Nisab, a Muslim should contribute 2.5% of their wealth. By contrast, Sadaqah is offered of great will, and any amount can be given as an act of charity to anybody. Sadaqah is provided discretely and with no expectation of reward– a selfless act for any Muslim. Anyone can contribute Sadaqah, on their own and on behalf of another individual.

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