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Obsessing Over Someone? Read These 16 Effective Ways To Stop It



Obsessing Over Someone

Talking through my own personal experience, I once dated someone and when we started vibing with each other. I literally started daydreaming about him. I started waiting for his message every minute. I started checking my phone every single time. And whenever the replies got late, I used to be sad about it. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about him. I thought the feelings might be mutual here. We just started getting to know each other and I expected more from him. And when these expectations didn’t meet, I placed my mental health at a stake. 

After few days, I found myself obsessing about him which was not good for our relationship (which just started to take its roots) and it was not good for my mental health either. It might be the euphoria or intense feeling that hit me hard. Therefore, I researched a lot more about how to stop obsessing over someone and gladly got to know that it can be fixed and it can be controlled as well. If you’re also going through the same phase as me, it may be the right time to get it all fixed and get back to living your living positively without keeping your mental health at stake. This blog covers 16 effective ways to stop obsessing over someone. So, let’s get started. 

16 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Someone 

Affirmation: You’re enough! 

Ever thought about why you are depending so much on one person that has just entered your life. Think about your single life…how you used to live it…independent, happy, positive? Understand that, you do not have to depend so much on one person and try to live your life as you used to live when you were single. Your relationship status has just changed, not the way you used to live your life. Therefore, remind yourself… You’re enough! 

Nobody is perfect, we’ll are imperfectly perfect. 

Feeling this way is common and feeling this way does not make you wrong or inhuman. When we begin to date someone, you don’t have to put yourself on a roller coaster ride. Therefore, by reminding yourself of all the feelings, you can make peace with yourself. You should never feel guilty for feeling this way and should always make the best outcome out of such situations. Additionally, always remember we’re all flawed and you don’t need to demonize yourself. 

Keep cultivating your best qualities

Next time, whenever you find yourself clinging or obsessing over someone to impress them, remember that you don’t have to impress them or create interest from their side. Love is always better when it is mutual. Understand this and keep polishing yourself for yourself not for them. Your best qualities are going to make him/her fall. Clinginess and possessiveness are going to make you guys fall apart. For example, suppose you’re good at understanding and taking decisions than polish your qualities. Don’t let your qualities suffer in the surge of impressing someone. 

Keep the track of your obsessions and work on them. 

How many times do you get over-obsessed when he/she does not reply on time? How many times do you get sad or angry when they talk about something else and focus on something else? If you will keep a record of everything you can overcome your obsession. After keeping the track of your obsessions, you should look for possible changes within you that cause the obsession. By doing this, you will be able to polish your imperfections as well. 

Gain control of your uncontrollable thoughts. 

Whenever negative thoughts conquer our minds, they leave us numb and silent. For the sake of a relationship and to impress someone, you don’t have to keep your mental health a stake. It might look difficult to gain control of uncontrollable thoughts. You might need to look at some factors like “which destination you want to go to”? 

The idea is to detach yourself from negative thoughts so that you can stop obsessing about him/her. In order to gain control of your uncontrollable thoughts, you can practice mindfulness meditation. 

Productively plan your day. 

Planning your day to avoid such negative thoughts and obsession can be a better idea rather than spending your day thinking about them. You can include exercises, yoga, or meditation in your day along with treating yourself with your favorite food or a favorite hobby. You can also practice self-love throughout the way. 

Avoid blame-game

When you try really harder to stop obsessing on them, you should avoid blame-game through the process of recovery. If they suddenly start questioning you, just try to be polite, calm, and peaceful. Do not try to play blame-game and try to avoid negative talk while communicating them. 

Weigh the qualities not time 

When we begin to overcome obsessing, we might take the help of blame-game or underestimate their qualities. Don’t play that card here, be honest with yourself and appreciate them for who they are. If they are unable to give you the time you wanted, try to find out the reason, before blaming them. Maybe, the reason is you or maybe they do not prefer to be clingy. 

Pass on your humor about it

Think about a silly mistake you did in past, isn’t it make you smile? Similarly, when we obsess on someone, we don’t realize but later or sooner, such moments make us smile. Therefore, just smile about the phase or moment and let it go. If they are meant to come, they will otherwise you don’t have to force someone to be there for you. Additionally, you really need to focus on the time you guys have spent together, if it’s really worth it, you must wait for a good time. 

Sad and scared is common 

When we realize that we are obsessing over someone, feelings of sadness and scared come together. And, does not matter if it’s common, you really do work on this feeling. The feeling of sadness, loneliness, and scared comes when we begin to depend too much on someone. Therefore, wave off this feeling and read the below paragraph to learn how to stop the obsession with a help of a useful technique. 

Begin with a new hobby 

You can wave off the feeling of loneliness, sadness, and scared with the help of a hobby. Try to learn something new. You can try these below things if you do not wish to put the time into a hobby: 

  • Learn a new form of dance 
  • Listen to motivational songs 
  • Watch famous Ted Talks. 
  • Try swimming 
  • Try nature cycling 
  • Trying water meditation 
  • Cuddle with your pet 
  • Attend yoga sessions 
  • Creating something artistic 
  • De-cluttering your space 
  • Adding something new to your living area. 

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. Do not spend your precious time daydreaming or day thinking; try to be present at the moment. Try to notice everything, live in each and every moment, and do not let negative thoughts conquer your physical and mental health. To practice mindfulness you can try: 

  • Mindful coffee break
  • Mindfulness Tool-RAIN to deal with your overwhelming thoughts 
  • Read books related to mindfulness
  • Trying 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness tool 

Keep the pedestal in your control 

Your obsession is still in your control and it’s all in your head. This means such thoughts are totally controllable and the most important person is you right now. Take care of your mental health and keep your hands on the pedestal and do what it takes to love yourself more. Try to track your past relationships, think wisely, and act wisely. 

Do not let someone else’s opinion bother you

Just because you are experiencing obsession, it does not mean your opinion does not matter. Observe your feelings, take your decisions wisely, and do not let other’s opinions peak in between. At times, your colleagues, friends, or mates may give you advice, listen to them but do not change your instincts due to such advice. 

Surround yourself with your support system 

Sometimes, all you need is a good listener. Therefore, call your best buddy, meet them, and try to vent it out. If you’re not in the mood of sharing your thoughts, just simply surround yourself with people who support you, and do not forget to hug them tight. Additionally, you can also join support groups in your locality. 

Avoid overthinking 

Overthinking plays an important role in our life, when we overthink excessively; it impacts our mental and physical health. Once you have gained control of your thinking part, you might make valid choices. All you have to sit is calm and do some self-talk about your life, purpose of life, and goals. It will help you in getting back on track and it will also help in moving on (if required). 

That’s all folks! I hope this blog helps you to stop obsessing over someone. 

Thanks for reading!

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How To Prepare Your Baby For Swimming



Swimming is a fantastic way to keep your baby progressing in all facets of life. Children and adults alike love to splash around in the pool, and babies often get a great kick out of the water as well. Yet preparing your baby for the rigors of the pool is an important aspect of the water lifestyle.

Preparing your baby for a lifetime of enjoyment in the water is something that you should do for your child if you have the ability. It’s great for their physical development and can be a Godsend for your personal sleep patterns as well.

Starting your child off early in the water is a great way to build water confidence that will last a lifetime, with these great benefits, it’s no wonder why so many moms get their children splashing around as early as possible. Truly Mama and many other parenting sites advocate for an early entry into the pool water for your baby. A new mom will benefit in a plethora of ways when she brings her young one to the pool for the first time. Read on in order to discover some of the powerful benefits that early swimming lessons can have in your baby’s life.

Water confidence is a critical skill.


Building your child’s confidence around water is something that will likely play an invaluable role in their life over the long term. In the immediate future, however, water confidence can save a life and avert disaster. sadly, far too many babies fall into the pool and end up drowning as a result—almost 800 children in the United States every year. This crisis doesn’t have to play out though. With the foundational water skills that even babies can learn through swim classes, bobbing on top of the water and even kicking and stoking toward a wall can be instinctually learned.

Babies are intuitive creatures and are always hungry to interact with the world around them. Teaching them to enjoy the water and float on their back in this potentially hazardous space can come to represent the difference between a catastrophe and a horrifying shock that ends in panic but not much else.

Over the long term, water confidence will translate into a love of the pool and ocean. These can provide your children with countless hours of relaxation, fun, and enjoyment over many years to come. It all begins with these foundational building blocks at an early age.

Bodily development is streamlined with swimming exercises.


Swimming is one of the best workouts that we can engage in. The art of swimming utilizes virtually every muscle in our bodies. Yet the strain of lifting weights, running on pavement, or tackling one another in a contact sport are missing from the pool lanes. This is magnified for young swimmers, and particularly for babies. Building strong bones, core muscles, and energy with the help of the pool is a great way to keep your baby happy and healthy.

As well, exercise is a great way to tire your baby out and make them hungry. This process can help regulate your child’s eating and sleep schedule at a time when their needs are anything but regular. Taking advantage of the health and stability benefits that swimming provides for your baby is something that all new moms should bring into their weekly routine with their baby.

Swimming is a great way to boost your baby’s confidence and happiness. Preparing your child for a lifetime of love for the water is a great way to keep them happy in their younger years and give them a relaxing hobby later down the line.

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The History of the Memory Foam Mattress and NASA



You’ve probably heard a lot about memory foam mattresses by now, and the benefits that they can have for your spine and having a good night’s sleep. Foam has now made its way into pillows and comfort layers for a better rest. You may be surprised to learn that memory foam’s origin actually stems from NASA. Yes, the same organization that sent men to the moon is helping to send sleepers off to dreamland with ease.

NASA’s Invention

Temper foam’s origins date back to 1966 when it was developed by NASA to absorb shock, offering improved protection and comfort for astronauts in their airplane seats. This material has lent itself not only to mattresses but has found itself being used by multiple manufacturers. With its ability to withstand significant shock, NFL teams used temper foam to pad their helmets to prevent head injuries and concussions. Automotives, amusement parks, and even modern art are finding the benefit in temper foam.

The foam bubbles within these protective layers are open, creating a matrix that air moves through. Higher-density temper foam softens in reaction to body heat, which allows it to mold to a warm body within just a few minutes. Advancements have been made to make temper foam more durable for use in aeronautics, providing greater protection at pressure points to brace in the event of an impact.

“Space Foam” Use

With more lines of industry finding the benefit of temper foam, you no longer need to be in zero gravity to experience what this product has to offer. One of the greatest examples is through products offered by Tempur-pedic. Swedish scientists developed their own material, building off the space-aged temper foam designs to create what was called TEMPUR material. Bobby Trussell, the company’s founder, first experienced this product while sleeping on a mattress during a visit to Sweden, knowing he needed to bring it back to the United States.

He brought home a neck pillow and mattress topper to delve into what more this durable product could offer. This TEMPUR material is designed with premium cooling technologies to allow for a sleeper to get rest on a surface that’s a few degrees cooler than they would on a normal mattress. With a growing number of endorsements and testimonials, this TEMPUR Probreeze development has allowed for more breathability and greater comfort at night. With a leading mattress and topper from the Luxebreeze line, Tempur-Pedic continues to break the mold, by allowing the body to use this temper foam for conforming and comfort in a good night’s sleep.

Breaking from Traditional Mattress Brands

The Tempur-Pedic mattress is breaking down walls by going beyond ordinary memory foam and spring mattresses. Real product owners are finding that the mattresses and accessories brought forth with TEMPUR material are allowing them to have the best night’s rest they’ve had in quite some time. The shopping experience for these TEMPUR products has grown beyond the famous red wine test that showed that hitting certain pressure points on the mattress won’t cause spillage or disruption on another side.

You can look into your purchase amount online when looking for quotes on the time of TEMPUR mattress that may be right for you. With consumer testimonials available to give you an idea of what these TEMPUR-pedic mattresses, toppers, and other accessories have to offer towards rest. This consistent and durable foam provides the greatest resistance for aeronautics, but a great night’s rest for consumers looking to break from beyond springs and ordinary memory foam. Be sure to check out their website for more on their mattress models, and what could better your sleep.

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Customized Personal Care Products from Function of Beauty



personal care products

We all have unique personal care needs. Why aren’t personal care products customizable? Function of Beauty is out to change that.

At Function of Beauty, we recognize that we all have different hair, skin, and personal care needs. To that end, we have built a line of customizable shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and serums, as well as body washes, lotions, and skincare products that are individually customizable to the unique needs of the user.

Our Products

Here is a quick overview of some of our most popular products. They are all formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or gluten. They are also certified vegan and cruelty-free. With over 60 different natural ingredients available to create your custom formulation, you can realistically achieve your personal care goals.

Customizable Shampoo and Conditioner

Our customizable shampoo and conditioner formulas will give your hair everything it needs to look and feel its best. A wide range of healthy, natural ingredients are available, and we also have silicone-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free options that are specifically customized for your hair type, structure, and moisture level to help you meet up to five of your self-selected hair needs.

Custom Purple Shampoo

Our purple-pigmented shampoo will help tone out harsh, brassy tones in blonde, bleached, or highlighted hair. It will also enhance your shine, extend the life of your color, and keep blonde hair cool, bright, and vibrant. It also provides nourishment and smoothness.

Custom Leave-In Treatment

An ultra-lightweight conditioning cream that can be used on wet or dry hair, our custom leave-in treatment will give you an extra dose of moisture. It will also enhance the smoothness and shine of your hair and protect it from dryness and tangling while hydrating it without weighing it down. It contains a hair-healthy blend of avocado oil, argan oil, coffee extract, and a custom combination of natural ingredients—chosen specifically to help you reach your hair goals.

In most cases, our leave-in treatment is used after showering on both wet and dry hair depending on your style preferences. It can also be used on wash days, in between washes, and for quick touch-ups when you’re on the go. No rinsing is necessary either. It works for all hair types and provides an extra dose of conditioning that won’t weigh your hair down.

Custom Hair Mask

Our custom hair mask is an intensive, deep-conditioning treatment that can be used weekly for an extra boost of nourishment. It has been proven to hydrate dry, damaged, or otherwise lackluster hair and can deliver a customizable blend of nutrients that will give your hair the moisture it needs. It is formulated with a blend of Japanese sake extract, argan oil, jojoba ester oil, and a custom blend of natural ingredients that are chosen based on how you want your hair to look and feel.

To use it, coat your hair strands with the mask after you’ve shampooed and conditioned. Make sure to apply it evenly from the middle of each shaft to the ends. Leave on for the recommended amount of time and rinse. Use it once or twice a week for optimal results. It is great for all hair types for hydration and deep conditioning. Users with dry, damaged, or over-processed hair can use it in place of their daily conditioner.

Hair Serum

Our award-winning, lightweight hair serum can help enhance your hair’s shine while smoothing frizz and flyaways. It is a silicone-based styling product different from hair oil. It is designed to coat the surface of your hair to help add shine, smoothness, and hydration, as well as humidity and pollution protection. It is made of a healthy blend of argan, jojoba, and sunflower oils, as well as a custom blend of other natural ingredients based on your hair goals.

Our unique serum formulations have been proven to reduce frizz by up to 70%, increase shine over 25 times when compared with untreated hair, and improve detangling by 75%.

To use it, warm a small amount of the product in your hands and apply it to either wet or damp hair. Use your fingers to distribute the product evenly from the middle of your hair shafts to the ends. Avoid the roots and do not rinse out. Once done, style your hair however you like!

Hair Mist

Your favorite scent doesn’t have to be restricted to the shower. Use our fine, lightweight fragrance on the go or in-between wash days to enjoy softer, fragrant hair. Made with argan oil, our hair mist is available in peach, rose, and pear scents.

Custom Body Wash and Lotion

Our custom body wash and lotion formulations can give you the moisture, fragrance, oil management, and balance you need. Each product is individually formulated to make your skin look and feel great, and as always, they are all vegan, cruelty- and gluten-free.

To take the hair, body care, or skincare quizzes and to get started with building a unique, customized, and effective personal care formulation customized to your exact needs, visit us at

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Where Does Antimatter Come From? Your Questions, Answered



Antimatter does matter to your life. A neutron is less than one-millionth the size of a molecule. Yet that particle can influence how the entire molecule behaves. 

The same goes for antimatter. It makes up only a small fraction of the universe, but it can affect massive planets and stars. 

But what exactly is antimatter? What is antimatter vs matter? Where does it come from, and how can people make use of it? 

Answer these questions and you can become familiar with this exciting scientific discovery. Here is your quick guide. 

What Is Antimatter? 

Matter is what makes up all things in the universe. Particles have mass, electric charges, and other qualities of physics. 

Antimatter has these qualities as well. But while matter has positive charges, antimatter has negative charges. This means that when the two particles collide, they annihilate and form energy. 

Where Does Antimatter Come From? 

Scientists do not know for sure what the causes of antimatter are. Amounts of antimatter are so small that they cannot be seen with the human eye. 

The most common sources of antimatter seem to be uncontrollable natural phenomena. When cosmic rays collide with the earth, they may produce antimatter. Certain particles decay and produce small amounts as well. 

Is Antimatter From Space? 

Cosmic rays travel through space, so antimatter can come from space. But human beings have been able to create very small amounts in laboratories and particle colliders. Potassium and other substances form antimatter in tiny amounts. 

How Is Antimatter Stored? 

Because antimatter reacts with any type of matter, it cannot be stored through conventional means. Particle coolers and decelerators can “freeze” antimatter using radiation and specialized particles.

This lets scientists examine it for a few minutes. But antimatter will break down in very little time. Antimatter also falls upward, making it hard to keep in a container. 

There is no known way of storing antimatter long-term. This makes it very hard to study it and understand what its effects may be. 

How Can Humans Use Antimatter?

There are some theories about how humans can use antimatter. The most prominent use is for energy. If it is produced in large enough amounts, scientists can use it to power spacecraft and rockets. 

Antimatter may have medical uses. Doctors can send particular beams through tissues into tumors, killing them inside the body. Antimatter provides additional energy that allows individual particles to activate.

The cost of antimatter is enormous. Manufacturing one gram will cost 62.5 trillion dollars. No one should expect antimatter to be available any time soon.  

All You Should Know About Antimatter

Scientists are just beginning to master antimatter. It combines with regular matter to form energy.

Cosmic rays and radioactive decay create it, but scientists have made small amounts in laboratory settings. Yet it is very hard to store because it reacts to the containers it is in. 

The potential of antimatter is substantial. If humans can make enough of it, it can provide a sustainable source of fuel. But it is expensive, so that will have to wait. 

Antimatter is one of many recent developments in science. Find out more by following our coverage. 

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How to Schedule a Jail Visit in Michigan



As of late 2020, there are over 633,000 people jailed in the United States. Unfortunately, a good fraction of these people may be jailed in Michigan. The Great Lakes State deals with its own crime pitfalls, such as violence.

Do you suspect you have a loved one in jail? If so, you’re likely interested in jail visitation. Here’s how to schedule a jail visit in Michigan.

Check and See If They’re in Jail and Where

So, you know your loved one is usually up to no good and they never returned home last night. The first thing to do is check to see if they have been booked before contacting the prison.

Most jails have an online database where you can easily search for an inmate. You’ll search your local jail by your county. For example, if you live in Muskegon County, you’ll check with their county jail. Click here for an inmate search.

Are You an Immediate Family Member?

If you discover your loved one is in jail, you can start scheduling your visit. The first thing the jail will look at is your relation to your loved one. If you’re an immediate family member, the jail will prioritize you.

The jail considers you an immediate family member if you have this relation to the inmate:

  • Parent
  • Child
  • Grandparent
  • Spouse
  • Step-parent
  • Father or mother-in-law
  • Grandchild
  • Step-child
  • Sibling
  • Step-brother or sister
  • Half-sister

What if you’re the aunt or uncle of the inmate? Unfortunately, the jail doesn’t consider you an immediate family member unless you can prove you’re the inmate’s surrogate parent.

The Process

Now that you know the basic requirements, you can begin to schedule your visitation. All visitors must complete a visitor list form called CAJ-334. This list identifies immediate family members.

You can also bring additional visitors, such as friends, but you can’t bring more than 10 people.

Additional visitors must complete an application called CAJ-103 to request their approval. You must submit this application in advance. To submit the application, mail it to the jail and never forget the sender’s address.

What If You’re Visiting For Religious Purposes?

If you’re a part of a clergy, you can visit the inmate during normal jail visiting hours. If you need to visit outside of visitation hours, you must call the warden for approval.

The jail defines the clergy as leaders of a religious organization such as a church, synagogue, mosque, etc. The individual must be recognized by the corresponding religious authority as a clergy leader. The prisoner can’t designate you as a religious leader nor can you recognize yourself.

When you visit, you must present proof of your clergy status and a photo ID.

Proof of clergy status varies with organizations, but often it’s either an ordination certificate, letter of appointment to the congregation, or a clergy license. If you own a religious organization, you can also show worship monthly newsletter or bulletin as proof.

Time to Schedule a Jail Visit in Michigan

It’s never good to discover a loved one is in jail, but it’s important you visit and support them during this time. We hope you enjoyed our article about visiting loved ones in Michigan jails.

Now that you know how to schedule a jail visit, continue reading our blog for more interesting content!

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