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Oat Bars for a Morning Energy Boost



So, let’s just be real here. A whole lot of us find ourselves lacking in energy most mornings. Sometimes you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, or maybe you’re just simply not a morning person, but your job needs you there by 7 every morning. Whatever the case may be, most of us could use a little help getting up the energy to carry us through those hours before lunch break. And sometimes, coffee or energy drinks just don’t cut it. That’s when oat bars can come into the mix and rescue you from those dreary early mornings.

Get Breakfast in Without Sacrificing Sleep

So, here’s the situation. A lot of us, know a healthy breakfast is a key to more energy in the morning. But, like… so is sleep, you feel? That’s where an oat bar can enter the equation and provide you with some morning fuel that you don’t have to get up even earlier to consume. 

With all the nutrition but literally zero prep, you can get your nutrients and your sleep, too. Snooze away, night owls. Oat bars have you covered.

Long-Lasting Energy without the Crash

Many of us out there are used to relying on caffeine to give us that boost we so desperately need in the early hours. But caffeine, while wonderful, is fleeting. Eventually, you’re going to come off that high and crash, leaving you more tired than before. Not to mention, the added sugars from energy drinks and sweetened lattes only exacerbate the issue, leaving you with not only a caffeine crash but a sugar crash, as well.

A good oat bar, packed with nutrients and vitamins, can give you longer-lasting energy that’s backed with all-natural energy-boosters like fruits, oats, and proteins. This means you won’t have any drug to crash down from, and you’ll be able to avoid that post-caffeine headache while also avoiding that fight to keep your eyes open at your desk before 11 AM (specific? Maybe. Relatable? Most likely).

A More Healthful Option

With natural, wholesome ingredients, a good quality oat bar will nourish your bod with things like fruits for natural sweetness, oats for brain-feeding carbs, and a natural protein like egg whites, a solid oat bar provides you with all of the nutrients you need and none of the junk you don’t.

Remember that quick convo we had about refined sugars harshing your mellow earlier? Unfortunately, a lot of fast breakfast options come loaded with these artificial sweeteners and flavors. This means that donuts (while delicious) will give you an initial sugar rush, but the effects will be short-lived. Plus, those empty carbs won’t leave you feeling actually satisfied and full, but more bloated and craving more.

A Good Option for Those with Food Sensitivities

In recent years, a lot of us have paid more attention to our gut feelings (literally) and seeing a specialist if we think our diet may be a part of our discomfort. There’s no doubt that what you put in your body has a huge effect on your overall health, and many of us have sensitivities to or trouble digesting things like dairy, gluten, and corn. If you’re one of those people who experience bloating or nausea, or even a food allergy to, one of those commonly-present, sneaky little ingredients, oat bars can be a great option for you. The best of the best oat bars are gluten and lactose-free, making them a perfect fit for most people, no matter what your digestive system can or cannot handle. With nutrition that’s good for you and your body, and oat bar provides you with guilt-free, allergy-free energy that doesn’t leave you bloated or crashing.

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Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto



Culinary geniuses are armed to the teeth to establish their signature concepts and defeat the challenges that come their way. They win over millions of hearts obliging them to become fond of a particular cuisine or an innovative cooking style.

Chef Masaharu Morimoto – A Genius

Born in Hiroshima on May 26, 1955, Chef Masaharu Morimoto mastered the art of Kaiseki and Sushi making at 24. His craving for the once-a-month and only dine-out at a sushi restaurant that his family could only afford, and fresh seafood being the means of his sustenance during his growing years, are the governing forces of his success.

Reason behind the Chef’s Worldwide Popularity

He can be tagged as a pioneer in introducing Japanese sushi to the Western world without shifting from the traditional concepts or ingredients but synchronizing them with American food standards. His culinary surprises, like the sushi burrito and California roll, not only surprised but got its takers from the continents of America while the Europeans got delighted by jalapeno-laden tuna pizza. Even the Indian cuisine isn’t lagging behind where he tweaked the Japanese culinary traditions to a purely vegetarian format demanded by customers. Whatever the cuisine or food culture is, he has elbowed his way through it only to make Japanese cuisine appealing to food lovers.

His Entry into the Culinary Realm

Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s dream of becoming a sous-chef materialized due to his failure as an aspiring baseball player on the occasion of a shoulder injury. A 7-year work experience at a sushi restaurant in his country was the stepping stone that flew him several miles away into the United States within a short span of 5 years. Since then, his ulterior motive has been to present Japanese cuisine in a manner that caters to cross-cultural tastes outside Japan’s geographical boundaries.

Chronology of Iron Chef Morimoto’s Restaurants

The response at the maiden restaurant of Philadelphia opened in 2001, boosted Iron Chef Morimoto’s confidence to create his own empire starting with the Indian and American cities. Inaugurated in 2006, “Morimoto New York” is the chef’s flagship restaurant followed by a second outlet of “Wasabi” at Taj Mahal hotel, New Delhi, in the year 2008. A twist in the signature concept of his restaurantsis well represented by Tokyo’s Morimoto XEX that fetched him the first Michelin Star in 2008. This restaurant has distinct floors serving sushi and teppanyaki delights.

Other than the Indian metro cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, several destinations in

America such as Las Vegas, Maui, Orlando, Mexico City, New York became home to the brands “Momosan” and “Morimoto Asia.”

His Appearance on the Food Network Show “Iron Chef”

The regional Japanese “Iron Chef” show featuring in 1998 got Chef Masaharu Morimoto as a contestant, followed by his active participation in “Iron Chef America” in the consecutive year. He made the most of this platform to exhibit his unbiased selection of locally available ingredients to whip up culture-specific Japanese dishes for the pleasure of taste buds. 2017 spring saw him return to battle it out at “Iron Chef Gauntlet.” He has more places to go with Dubai and Honolulu joining the bandwagon of Iron Chef Morimoto‘s trademark recently. Television appearances, cookbook launches, and enthusiastic experimentations get Masaharu Morimoto going even at the age of 64.

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Facts About Chinese Cuisine We Didn’t Know About



China is one of the popular Asian countries to visit for Western people and not least because of its unique cuisine. We have restaurants that serve Chinese food almost all over the world, but if you decide to go to this magnificent country one day, we advise you to check out the list of the most incredible and curious facts about its traditional food so that you could be familiar with it.

Food In China: Specifics And Distinctions

Like any Asian cuisine, Chinese culinary tradition is varied and not like the one a Western person is used to. Lots of dishes often made with exotic ingredients, unusual tastes, spices, and additives like soy sauce, and of course, other eating habits can easily make anyone out of this nation feel matted.

However, if you learn the basic nuances of Chinese cuisine, it will be way simpler to navigate in the variety of foods and eating traditions of this country.

  1. Various flavors

Hanging upon the particular region, dishes will vary significantly in terms of flavor in China. For instance, Sichuan cuisine is well-known for its extreme spiciness that makes any dish literally numbing whereas in Hong Kong you will find more savory or sweet foods. The culinary tradition of Northern China has mostly salty foods, and Southern dishes may seem quite sour to the unaccustomed person.

  1. Wheat in the North, rice in the South

Because of the climate nuances, the Northern areas mostly make use of wheat for making noodles, dumplings, and steamed buns. Southern regions, on the contrary, grow rice so southerners serve boiled rice for every meal, as well as rice noodles.

  1. Anything can be eaten!

Chinese people are famous around the world for their ability to eat almost anything that flies, runs, swims, or crawls. Insects, snakes, bugs, different animal insides like liver, heart, and even boiled blood… Most tourists find such delicacies too exotic and, well, too disgusting to try.

  1. Veggies rule!

We may feel squeamish about eating insects, but the fact that Chinese consume way more green vegetables that Western people do is an undeniable fact. So if you are vegetarian headed to China, be sure that you won’t be starving there at all!

  1. Always eat fresh

This is one of the best things about Chinese cuisine: all that you eat must be fresh. Canned foods are not welcome here, and even today it is a common practice to go to the market and buy freshly butchered hen or fish caught in the morning.

  1. Chinese consume bones

Of course, they don’t eat them whole, but bones are often chopped to splinters so that they could release the marrow which, as Chinese people believe, is very useful and healthy. In terms of this nuance, it makes sense to eat carefully in order not to choke accidentally. And if you are too considered, you can always ask for some bone broth that is a staple in China.

Also, because of such love for bones, foods are often served whole in China meaning that fish or poultry will not be filleted, with bones and even head intact.

  1.  Go for chopsticks

All food in China is cooked soft and served in small pieces that can be held with chopsticks since locals don’t use forks and knives. So before visiting China we would recommend you practice in holding and handling this eating tool!

  1. Chinese cook the same thing in many ways

For instance, fish can be not only fried or grilled. It can be boiled, steamed, quick-fried, roasted, marinated, sauteed, pickled, soy-sauced, and cured in many other ways we can not even think about.

  1. Beware of misleading dish names

A person who visits China for the first time can be shocked by the names of certain dishes, for instance, “Husband-Wife Lung Slices” which has nothing to do with cannibalism (luckily). In fact, this dish is made of the thinly sliced bovine lung.

Chinese also love giving their food catchy names that often don’t indicate the real ingredients at all, e.g. “Field Chicken” which is actually a cooked frog!

  1.  Dishes are shared

According to tradition, in China meals are shared so dishes are served in the middle of the table, and everyone is sitting around it and eat.

In the restaurants, however, they use turntables so that each guest can try the food.

With these minimal facts about Chinese cuisine, we hope you’ll be more familiar with this unique country and its culinary traditions.

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Where to Buy High-Grade Pressure Cookers Online




Pressure Cookers

High-grade Pressure Cookers, also known as Modern-day cookers have efficiently and effectively replaced ordinary cookers. They come with excess pressure build-up and locking lid handles, which will not open till the time pressure is released. The most exciting thing about pressure cookers is that they can also be used as canners for preserving food. 

They are also light in weight because of which it becomes more convenient in preparing an everyday meal. Many companies offer high-grade pressure cookers, but the best one you can choose is the Prestige pressure cooker. You can buy prestige cookers online because buying cookware online is more convenient than going to a shop and buying it. Pressure cooker price ranges from company to company. You can compare the price of various companies and then if satisfied, and you can go for buying prestige cooker online. 

Why should you choose High-Grade Pressure Cookers?

High-Grade Pressure Cookers are more in demand because they do not emit high-pitched screeching sounds, which are generally emitted by ordinary cookers. There are many benefits of choosing a high-grade pressure cooker over a regular cooker. They are – 

  • Saves Energy – instead of using various pots on separate burners, it’s better to go for pressure cooking because it is more efficient in energy saving. Less energy is used for cooking food in pressure cookers because they can be used as one-pot cooking recipes. 
  • Saves Time – In a pressure cooker, foods cook up to 70% faster than any regular cooker. Many working women get irritated when they have to cook food after tiring and a busy day. In a standard cooker, they have to wait for a long time, but in a pressure cooker, they need to pour all the ingredients into it, and the food is ready within minutes. 
  • They can also use them for preserving foods – they are designed in such a way so that foods can be kept for future use. This is the reason they are also referred to as canners. 
  • Less cleaning is required – cooking with ordinary cookers often leaves cooking residues on the stove and control panel. Sometimes, also on the adjacent surfaces such are walls and counters. But pressure comes with a well-secured lid that prevents all these activities. And when the meal is prepared, you have to wash only one pot. 
  • It offers more nutritional food – in high-grade pressure cooker food restraints, most of their nutrients and is tastier. When the food is cooked for a longer time, all the nutrients in it are destroyed, but under pressure, cooker food is prepared in less time, so the food prepared is nutritious. 

Pressure cooker price is not so high, and you can afford it easily. To get nutritious and tasty food makes a high-grade pressure cooker your priority for preparing meals. Once you inculcate the habit of making your meal in pressure cookers, you will never go for ordinary cookers because you will get addicted to the usage of High-Grade pressure cookers. You can buy a pressure cooker from the official site of Vinod Cookware.

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Ice Cream Cake Strain Effects




Ice Cream

With so many strains available, it may be hard for shoppers to find quality cannabis. While numerous strains are eye-catching to draw clients, not many instances of cannabis do equity to their namesake like the Ice Cream Cake strain. Our article focuses on this remarkable strain with a unique ancestry that ventures into the absolute best of cannabis history. You can also learn more about the many marijuana strains at StrainSanity.

Frozen Yogurt Cake is a prestigious Indica-prevailing crossover, slid from the similarly praised Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 strains. Upon one’s first experience with Ice Cream Cake, the translucent sheen of its buds becomes evident, covered completely by cannabinoid-rich trichrome.

Indica strains have gained notoriety for actuating profound situated serenity and relaxation in those who devour them, and Ice Cream Cake is the same. Notwithstanding, the strain additionally uses parts of its Sativa hereditary qualities to deliver a cannabis high that is regularly portrayed as totally novel.

Moreover, the strain’s smell and flavor are viewed as incredibly tasty comparedto otherstrains. When introduced at cannabis related social gatherings, the ice cream cake strain is sure to impress.

Frozen Yogurt Cake: Scent and Flavor

With a taste that is accounted for by numerous individuals to be suggestive of vanilla and cream, it is genuinely straightforward how the Ice Cream Cake strain procured its name. Notwithstanding, those canny smokers with experienced cannabis palates may likewise have the option to recognize traces of products of the soil.

After opening a compartment of Ice Cream Cake, the faculties are quickly stirred to an incredibly unpredictable fragrance that not just attracts to mind the syrupiness of its name however calls forward notes of different aromas like spices and new lavender.

The Ice Cream Cake strain stands apart as a smooth smoke, also. Past its velvety flavor, purchasers will see that the sensitive blossom falls to pieces nearly at the touch, making for a bowl that is easy to pack and simple to consume.

Frozen Yogurt Cake: Cannabis Effects

Frozen Yogurt Cake additionally dominates at advancing unwinding. Not long subsequent to smoking a generous bowl of Ice Cream Cake, the body starts to feel shipped into a completely new condition, liberated from the burdens that can gather in regular day-to-day existence.

Bunches of Ice Cream Cake are known to test at around 23% THC by and large, separating the strain as exceptionally powerful. Fresher cannabis clients should notice unnecessary alerts when taking care of Ice Cream Cake, as such a large number of puffs may bring about an awkward cannabis experience. Nonetheless, customers with a high resilience may value its substantial, glad body buzz that wraps the body like an agreeable cover.

We have a couple of various assortments of Ice Cream Cake in the shop at this moment. Regardless of whether you need to give it a test with a helpful pre-move, crush some bud to appreciate through your favored vessel, or go all out with some live sap, Ice Cream Cake is a strain you’ll need to get back to over and over. Check what’s available by means of our online menu.

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Why You Should Use Functional Foods and How to Use It?



Good health is not something we can buy, so it is important to protect your health through eating, exercising and a healthy lifestyle. However, in order to fully supplement the body, many people now choose to use functional foods. So what are the benefits of functional foods? How to use? The following article will help you get more experience.

1. What is Functional Foods?

Functional foods are used to support the function of parts of the human body, have nutritional effects, create a comfortable state as well as increase resistance to reduce the risk of disease.

Currently, there are many different types of functional foods, from mineral and vitamin supplements such as vitamins A, C, E, B3, B6, … Omega 3,6,9, … to treatment supporting, health improvement functional foods.

2. Types of Functional Foods

Functional foods are divided into two types: conventional foods and modified foods.

Conventional foods provide all-natural ingredients, important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and heart-healthy fats.

Meanwhile, modified foods are fortified with some ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics, or fiber, to further enhance the health benefits of that dish.

Here are some examples of conventional foods:

  • Fruits: Berries, kiwis, pears, peaches, apples, oranges, bananas
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, zucchini
  • Nuts: Almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts
  • Seeds: Chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Herbs and spices: Turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger
  • Drinks: Coffee, green tea, black tea

Some examples of fortified supplements include: fortified juices, fortified dairy products, fortified nut milk like almonds, cashews, fortified grains.

3. Potential benefits of supplements

Prevent nutritional deficiencies

Supplements often contain many important nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber. A food-rich diet combined with dietary supplements will ensure you receive all the nutrients you need and prevent nutrient deficiencies. In fact, with the introduction and widespread use of supplements, the global rate of nutrient deficiencies has decreased significantly. For example, after iron-fortified wheat flour was introduced in Jordan, the incidence of iron deficiency in children fell by almost half.

Functional foods prevent disease

Functional foods can be used as a preventive medicine – medication used for prophylaxis. It provides important nutrients that can help protect against disease. Some examples of disease preventive effects are as follows:

Antioxidant-rich supplements: These substances help neutralize harmful compounds called free radicals, helping to prevent cell damage and several chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer and diabetes.

Omega-3 fatty acids supplements: This is a healthy fat that helps reduce inflammation, boost brain function and promote heart health.

Fiber-rich supplements: C may promote better blood sugar control and protect against conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke. Fiber can also help prevent digestive disorders, including colitis, stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, and acid reflux.

Functional foods promote growth and development in children

Some functional foods provide nutrients that are essential for growth and development in infants and young children. For example, cereals, cereals and powders are often fortified with B vitamins like folic acid, which are essential for the health of the fetus.

In pregnant mothers, low levels of folic acid can increase the risk of neural tube defects, affecting the brain, spinal cord or spine. Scientists have estimated that increasing the intake of folic acid helps reduce the rate of neural tube defects by 50% – 70%.

Other nutrients commonly found in supplements also play a role in children’s growth and development, including omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12.

4. How to use functional foods?

Use more convetional foods: These include nutritious whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. These foods not only provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals, but also support overall health.

Add modified foods: A fortified supplement helps fill gaps in your diet to prevent nutrient deficiencies, as well as enhance health by boosting your diet, absorb important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, heart-healthy fats or probiotics.

5. Notes when using functional foods

Pay attention to origin, trademark

Currently, the market for functional foods is quite rampant, including knockoffs of poor quality, so it requires you to choose carefully to avoid falling into the situation of money loss. When buying, you need to find out some famous brands, carefully check the origin, origin and quality standards attached. At the same time, must ensure the product has passed strict quality censorship by the competent authority.

Only choose the nutrients the body needs

As we said, supplements come in a multitude of different types, but it’s important to choose the right nutrients your body needs in order to be effective. Therefore, you need to carefully read the ingredients and nutritional parameters on the outside of the box to make sure you buy the right kind and do not cause allergies or excess for the body.

Pay attention to the dosage used

This is also a very important factor that you need to pay attention to to avoid harm to health. You need to take supplements at the dosage prescribed by your doctor, you should not take them indefinitely, but need time to stop taking and then use again to avoid causing unhealthy side effects.

Hopefully, with a few notes above help you gain more knowledge of using functional foods properly to ensure safety for your health.

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