NTFS Drive Is Read-Only on Mac, How to Solve?

Summary: By default, the Microsoft NTFS file is not supported in macOS. When you access a file on Mac that is NTFS formatted, you will be allowed to perform Read-Only action. How to fix NTFS external drive read-only issue on Mac? This article will give you feasible solutions.

A report states that most mac users use external hard drives to store all their data. Hence, it would be great stress if that data is blocked into the Read-Only mode.

The Read-Only mode is a setting that is done to a particular drive, futile, or folder to limit the access authorization of the data. However, there is one other scenario where you will be shown “Read-Only” access, that is, when your mac system tries to access NTFS formatted files.

When a drive shows a read-only message, you can neither make any changes nor move the file to free up some space. If you are a Mac user, you might have come across this problem at one point in time, and if not, reading this article will help prepare for a future problem.

How to Solve Read-Only of NTFS Drive?

When you plug in an NTFS formatted file in your Mac, you will find that you are authorized to Read-only. What should you do? Let’s find out.

1. Formatting Your External Hard Drive to A Compatible File System

Out of all the following methods listed in this article, this method offers the best solution. When you are dealing with a new fresh drive, then the whole process becomes easier. However, even if there are files in the drive, you can easily reformat the drive.

Before you can start with the formatting process, we would like you to create a backup of the data that is on the hard drive. This ensures that even if something worse happens, you will get your data back.

  • Click on the launchpad.
  • Select Disk Utility.
  • Now select the external hard drive that you want to reformat.
  • Click Erase on top of the menu.
  • A pop message will appear with all the details that can be changed and reformatted.

While selecting the file system format, we recommend you select any file format of the FAT family. The FAT file system is the most common file system used all around the world. Hence, by selecting a FAT file system, you can access almost every data type.

2. Commercial NTFS For Mac Software

This method uses NTFS for Mac commercial software. However, you might find it hard to invest in software just to access a file. However, using one will offer you fast writing speed, reliability, excellent compatibility, and technical support.

Out of all the NTFS software, including commercial and free NTFS for Mac, we are very fond of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. It enables you to fully read and write access to any NTFS formatted data. In addition to that, you can copy, create, paste, delta and modify the data.

Step 1: iBoysoft NTFS for Mac can be easily downloaded from its official website. Download and install the tool on your computer.

Step 2: Restart your Mac computer and connect the NTFS drive to your system.

Step 3: Once your drive is mounted successfully, you can easily read & Write in the drive.

Final Thoughts

These are the proven solutions to fix the Read-Only error when accessing data or drive formatted in different file management systems. We hope that you find this article helpful. To know more about NTFS for mac, you can contact us.

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