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“Now become a pro contractor with Fixreal”: Shakeb Rahman, Founder of, and the Professional Contractors Chain by Phixman Realty


Wow, Shakeb Rahman, Founder of and the professional contractor chain by Phixman has bestowed us with their blessed services. The wait is over. You don’t need to look for here and there to start renovating your house, washroom, kitchen, security system, and other services.

So, everything related to renovating are at on place and Shakeb Rahman, Founder of has made this possible for you. And if you want to get the professional touch with the certified people, let’s start working together to have the best and elegant renovation at your place.

An opportunity to become an entrepreneur with a simple to understand platform for both the consumer & contractor.

So, everyone has a desire to be an entrepreneur since childhood. Don’t you have the feelings to do that? Like me, everyone loves to run his own business. So do you. If you love to do that, contact with us with the simple statement and become an entrepreneur for both contractors and consumers.

We have developed the system to provide 100% transparency & top-notch designs for your home.

However, Shakeb Rahman is a great guy who has developed this program to provide the great and prominent services to you for great renovation along with top-notch designs at your places. No worries about the places. Fixreal offers the best value to its every customer from a bathroom to villa renovation.

We are specialized in Remodelling & Designing your Kitchen, Bathroom, Window & Wardrobe.

So, you’ve understood the process and services of Fixreal. You might have taken our services already or same to your neighbor. If not, contact us for the best, fast, and reliable services for your sweet home. Wait, you can contact with the professional team from Fixreal to discuss about your dream design to get the maximum and precise output. So before starting the renovation, you can make it precise.

Fixreal is a Part of Phixman Realty who holds experience in more than 1000 projects across India, Nepal & Turkey

So, aren’t you excited to leave your renovating job on the safe hands? Yes, Shakeb Rahman, is a great and holding a vast experiences in this field and has built well-trained and professionals in his team.

Fixreal is coming up with a franchise model and providing the opportunity to become a professional contractor and operate fixreal in your selected region.

So, don’t roam around the bush for the best investment in franchise investment. Let’s walk together to make your vision fixed with the Fixreal. This great partnership will carry the renovation to another level.

Proper training, education & support will be provided by the company

So, are you afraid of having this great opportunity? If so, let’s make it clear to you. The proper training and support will be provided to be a great entrepreneur and to make your dream true.

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