New Orleans Travel Guide: Escape to the Largest City

Are you planning your trip to New Orleans? Or are you looking for a destination for a short stay? New Orleans, nicknamed Nola, is a unique city in the United States known for its history, its music, its architecture, its gastronomy. 

No matter what kind of trip is? Whether it is a solo trip, family trip, or a honeymoon trip. This place will definitely blow your mind with the flora and fauna that the city offers. So, what are you looking at? Grab your phone, make an air canada booking by visiting the official site and save up to 35% off on every booking with an assured discount. Plan your getaway, read below the 10 must-see places you shouldn’t miss during your stay.

Here are some un-missable places in the Vieux Carré:

Jackson Square

A pretty little square that is appreciated for its green gardens, its superb St Louis Cathedral, its presbytery – now converted into a museum on the history of Mardi Gras – as well as its artists of all kinds (painters, musicians, singers).

Royal street

It is while strolling in this street that one can admire the most beautiful colored residences with the wrought-iron balconies typical of New Orleans. There are also many art galleries, antique shops, Cajun restaurants.

Bourbon St, the sulphurous!

An ideal place for those who like to party. Concerts, shows, daiquiris, bars are waiting for you 365 days a year. And even if you are not a party animal, I invite you to take a walk there after dark, the atmosphere in the street is incredible!

Frenchman Street, the perfect place to listen to Jazz

Far from the sulphurous atmosphere of Bourbon St., Frenchmen Street is a street just as festive but much more welcoming. Most people go there to listen to a Jazz concert whether in bars or outside. What could be nicer than seeing the crowd dancing and having fun in the middle of the street to the sound of trumpets? A unique experience.

Lafayette Cemetery

In New Orleans, cemeteries are very popular with tourists. Many of the guides on site will offer their service (the US $ 20) and tell you about ghost stories, American soldiers, immigrants who died of yellow fever.

Street Magazine

A charming little street where you will find small cafes and very good restaurants.

Audubon Park

A stone’s throw from Loyola University, it is a pleasant place where you can enjoy walking in the shade of large oaks, observing birds.

Some must-do things to do in New Orleans

A cruise on the Mississippi

How about taking a little walk on the Mississippi? With 3 boats that share the area, namely the Creole Queen, the Cajun Queen, and the Natchez, you will be able to navigate aboard a ship that still has a paddle wheel at its stern while enjoying a delicious meal. local. You will thus discover New Orleans from an original point of view: between the French Quarter, a visit to the port, the various historic battlefields from the beginning of the 19th century, this walk will leave an indelible imprint on your French heart.

Party in the streets of Frenchmen Street and Bourbon Street

No other American city is as famous for its nightlife as New Orleans! Every evening, the streets of Bourbon Street (the most touristy) and Frenchmen Street (most popular with locals) are packed with people. The bars follow one another and each of them offers a different music group, entertainment, or atmosphere. The atmosphere is good-natured, with people partying from the balconies and inviting you to join them!

Take part in the Mardi Gras Carnival (all year round!)

The New Orleans Carnival, also known as Mardi Gras, is the city’s most famous event. It takes place every year from January 6 until Lent (between February 3 and March 9 depending on the year). At this time, huge floats parade through the streets while the inhabitants are costumed and partying. If you don’t have the chance to visit New Orleans during this time, you can make up for it by visiting Mardi Gras World, the place where floats and costumes are on display throughout the rest of the year.

See a Jazz concert at the Preservation Hall or in the bars

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz! You don’t have to be a big fan to appreciate the atmosphere of concerts given in different establishments in the city. The most famous place is the Preservation Hall, founded in 1961. It is not a bar but a club entirely dedicated to jazz, with an old-fashioned, simple, and authentic appearance. Many other bars offer concerts all over the city. All you have to do is walk around and push open the doors of the establishments of your choice to enjoy it.

In the Nutshell

Planning for a getaway to New Orleans? Discover all the best places in New Orleans that the city offers. Still, confused about how to plan your trip to New Orleans? No worry, plan your trip with Airlines Vacations and customize your itineraries without any hassle. Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy a vacation in New Orleans!

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