New Orleans Saints And Philadelphia Eagles Make Huge Draft Trade

The 2022 NFL off season is still bringing shocking moves with a trade between the Saints and the Eagles on Monday. In the trade, the Saints sent five draft picks to the Eagles in exchange for three picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. People are already making predictions today over who won the trade deal. However, it is too early to say who’s the winner of the deal.

At face value, it looks like the Eagles won the trade deal, as they picked up two additional picks. New Orleans got two first round picks and a sixth round pick in the 2022 draft with the deal they made. Philadelphia would pick up a first, third, and seventh round pick for 2022, first-round along with a 2023 first-round pick and 2024 second-round pick. But can the draft capital of the Eagles transition into successful picks for them?

What Do the Saints Gain with Two First-Round Picks in 2022?

Everyone is wondering why the Saints made this move. For starters, the team needs help at the wide receiver position and they need to replace Terron Armstead, who they lost in free agency. The Saints weren’t able to make many moves in the free agency market because of their salary cap issues.

The NFL draft gives the team a great place to add the pieces they need to fill without breaking the bank. Garrett Wilson can add depth at receiver behind Michael Thomas in New Orleans while Trevor Penning would make a great replacement for Armstead’s position. The picks would help the team where they need it most, giving Jameis Winston protection on the line and another weapon in the passing game.

Could the Saints Use the Trade to Make Another Draft Day Trade?

There are speculations of the Saints taking the two first round picks they have now and trading them to get higher in the draft for a quarterback. The speculation is because of the team did not re-sign Winston until after they lost their chance at getting Deshaun Watson. They were aggressively going after Watson, but would lose out to the Cleveland Browns.

While they did re-sign Winston in the end, they could still have a desire to replace him. Having two picks in the first round gives them the leverage they would need to trade up in the draft for a quarterback. However, doing so might be a dangerous move, as some see the field of quarterbacks in 2022 to be weak.

Will the Eagles Build Around Jalen Hurts, or Will They Replace Him?

The trade gave the Eagles a chance to build around their young quarterback Jalen Hurts. The trade leaves them with two picks in the first round. With the trade, they now have two first round picks for the 2023 draft. Some say the Eagles see Hurts as their guy for 2022, but they might plan to move on from him.

Having two picks in 2023 gives the Eagles leverage if they wish to draft a quarterback next year. The quarterback draft class for next year is also said to be a stronger group than the field for the 2022 NFL draft. Other speculation has the Eagles drafting Kenny Pickett in this year’s draft. The move would send a clear signal they aren’t willing to build around Hurts.

Could Both Teams Be Losers in the Trade Deal?

Drafting in the NFL can be hit or miss sometimes. There are plenty of NFL players that were first-round busts during their career. Others have shined in the NFL and become Hall of Fame players during their career. However, depending on who each team drafts, the draft picks could be total busts.

If both teams are going after a quarterback, they could end up on the bust side without the proper coaching and teammates. If they can’t give their quarterback someone to throw to or a line to protect him, he won’t go far. The Saints already have a problem with their line after losing Armstead, which weakens their offensive line. However, until the 2022 season is done and over, we can only speculate on who’s the winner and who’s the loser of the trade deal.

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