History will remember 2020 for so many reasons, but the one that will be unavoidable for generations to come is Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus. This disease has claimed more than a million lives around the globe, making the progress of humanity come to a standstill, with people maintaining home isolation and quarantine. The workplace has changed drastically in the last few months, and so did the value of labor in the workforce. Continue reading this article to find out more about the safety rules of the workplace.

Essentials Work: During this pandemic, it is quite natural that the number of absentees will be high. If the work must go on, the remaining workers are expected to handle a chunk of work themselves.

  • The workers should be trained to operate different works at the same time so that one can perform the task if others are missing.
  • Instead of producing varied products, decide on a few essential items to produce during the trying times. This process will help the company stay afloat while not risking the lives of the staff.
  • Minimize physical contacts between workers to reduce the chance of spreading the virus. Install a better communication device in the office to avoid unnecessary physical gathering.

Safety-Measurements: Owning a business makes it your responsibility to care for the workers’ health safety and security. Maintain these following rules to create a safer environment for the staff in the office.

  • Opt for taking online, phone orders from the customers to eliminate physical contact with them. It is precisely the time to take the business online by creating a thoughtful website and employ various social media marketing strategies.
  • Encourage employees to work from home if it is possible to yield the same results. There are various software and application to monitor the work of an employee so that they do not become unproductive.
  • Purchase bulk return to work PPE kits for the employees to create a safe environment for the workers. Distribute hand sanitizers among workers and place them strategically around the office. It is simply foolish not to wear masks and PPE kits when the scientist and doctors are advising on exerting every possible precaution.
  • Notify the workers about workplace safety measurements as it is crucial to be updated with the company policies. If there is a community spreading in the neighborhood of the workers, or if they show any symptoms of fever, ask them to stay at home.

Business Trip: There are now various restrictions on business trips, so it is best to check out national travel policies before packing for a business trip.

Mental Health: It is evident that people are going through a stress period dealing with the stigma of the disease and downfall of the economy. The mental health of the staff is something to be taken care of to have a productive workforce. Employee professional psychological consultants to help the employee have better access to mental health care.

Employ positive changes and a new approach to control the outbreak of Covid-19 and have a productive work environment.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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