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New‌ ‌Android‌ ‌Malware‌ ‌Might‌ ‌Steal‌ ‌Passwords‌ ‌and‌ ‌Credit‌ ‌Card‌ ‌Data‌ ‌



New‌ ‌Android‌ ‌Malware‌ ‌Might‌ ‌Steal‌ ‌Passwords‌ ‌and‌ ‌Credit‌ ‌Card‌ ‌Data‌ ‌

Another Android malware is tormenting applications. To be exact, the malware is equipped for focusing on 337 applications and deny users of basic data like passwords and even credit card data. 

As indicated by a report by ZDNet, the new malware is called Blackrock and it surfaced in the long stretch of May. The report asserts that a security firm called ThreatFabric was the first to spot it. 

As indicated by the analysts, the new malware utilizes the source code of another malware strain. Nonetheless, this new malware gets extra highlights which enable it to take passwords and Mastercard data. Probably the greatest distinction, in contrast with other Android malware, is that it can target a lot more applications. 

The analysts guarantee that this malware utilizes something many refer to as ‘overlays’ which covers the first application and requests payment information. This occurs before the user is permitted to enter the official application. 

While the malware can take passwords and login qualifications, it can likewise provoke the user to enter payment details inside applications that manage money related exchanges. 

The BlackRock covers itself by requesting Android authorizations utilizing the Accessibility highlight, at that point it utilizes an Android DPC (gadget strategy controller) so as to give access to different consents. As per the report, ThreatFabric claims the trojan can likewise perform other meddling activities, for example, Intercepting SMS messages, perform SMS floods, spam contacts with predefined SMS, Start explicit applications, Log key taps, Show custom pop-up messages, Sabotage mobile antivirus applications and more.

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Latest Technologies




Blockchain is the foundational technologies that powers digital currencies for example Cryptocurrencies. Basically, a Blockchain is a digital ledger which could be shared among various consumers. This assists in developing a listing of trades that can’t be altered. Each one of those records is time-stamped and connected into the preceding one. After fresh information is fed into a block, then it can’t be erased. This makes tech secure and verifiable. This validation of trades helps firms reduce their prices as no third party needs to be compensated. The system is quite secure and there’s absolutely no demand for paying for centralized entities, since the tech is decentralized.  Transactions are simpler to monitor using Blockchain. Please visit เทคโนโลยี2020 to learn.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic procedure here, the computer software is utilized for automating repetitive tasks like managing and responding to mails, processing transactions, and managing business data. This technology is utilized for automating jobs for low-income workers to higher-ranking officials. RPA can automate over 40 percent of daily tasks. According to McKinsey, over 60 percent of repetitive tasks could be partly automated with RPA. So, this tech will endanger a great deal of jobs. Additionally make many job opportunities in the automation industry. Anywhere, also WorkFusion.  Companies like Accenture, Deloitte, and Capgemini utilize RPA tools to automate their everyday operations. So, the need is huge for professionals proficient in RPA.

Virtual Reality

VR is the technologies by which you’ll be able to immerse yourself in an environment that appears surprisingly realistic. It’s the usage of computer technologies for making a simulated environment. Unlike conventional games in which you have the gaming environment by watching it on the display, you’re directly put in the surroundings! Senses such as hearing, touch, smell, and vision are mimicked in such surroundings. Using VR equipment such as cans, it is possible to walk about and play the sport in that 3D world. The Significant players in the VR technology isn’t only used for amusement, but it’s also used by the U.S. Navy and coast guard for coaching staff. They utilize a VR game named Virtual Ship. AR and VR are utilized by physicians while doing operation. Visitors in an amusement park or a museum may also use the technologies to better their experience.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the newest technology fad that’s becoming famous from the day. The technology relies on the doctrine of computing power as close to the information source. The technology aims to run fewer procedures in the cloud and altering those procedures to places like the consumer’s system or a border server.  Bridging this gap between the information and the computation reduces the long distance communicating between the host and the customer, which then enhances the rate of this procedure. That is the reason why border computing is utilized for managing time-sensitive data saved in remote areas that have limited connectivity to your central site. The technology will create cloud computing and IoT devices quicker.

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Is It Possible to Recover Lost Data After Formatting Your Drive?




Recover Lost Data

Have you accidentally formatted the hard drive and lost all your data? If you’re an unlucky user who has lost files by formatting, you must be freaked out right now. And your biggest concern at this moment must be to recover your lost data.

When you format a hard drive without having a backup it results in the loss of precious data. Formatting is of two kinds- one which sets the drive to factory condition and removes all files and the other one occurs when adding a new drive or installing a new operating system. Recovering files after formatting is a risky and hard job if you’re not a computer geek. Whether you’ve accidentally formatted your hard drive or lost data while putting an old hard drive into a new computer, possibly all your data is not lost. Are you now wondering how it is possible to bring back files from your formatted hard disk?

Sometimes, it’s possible to recover your files from a formatted hard drive. Depending on how you formatted your drive, possibly there’s still some hope. However, whether you’ve performed full or quick formatting, always make sure not to save any new data on the formatted hard drive.  A drive which has been quick formatted will save new data by replacing the old one. If you continue using a drive after formatting, it will overwrite the files and recovery will become impossible.

Data Recovery after Formatting

You may use reliable data recovery software or seek services of a data recovery engineer to get back your formatted files. To prevent further data loss, remove the drive from your system. If you chose to attempt data recovery on your own, there are some disk recovery software applications that may help in hard drive, USB flash drive, or SD card data recovery. It’s important that you always do some research before choosing recovery software because selecting the wrong one may lead to permanent data loss. Once you find a professional-grade data recovery application, check the tutorial and follow steps carefully.

If you can’t afford to lose your valuable data, it’s better not to take any risk. When you want to increase the chances of data recovery, it’s best to send your drive to Data Recovery Specialist who can perform a Forensic Recovery.  When you attempt the recovery yourself, you may only cause more mess with the drive and later even data recovery engineers can’t handle it. The certified data recovery experts specialize in retrieving lost or inaccessible data from formatted hard drives because they have access to leading-edge hard disk drive data recovery technology. They have the experience to deal with different types of data loss scenarios and make use of the latest equipment and methods to bring back your lost data. A professional will first determine if your data is still there and then follows the best methods to restore it. Contacting the recovery engineers is the safest way to make sure that you recover as much data as possible at an affordable expense.

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Buy Instagram Followers online!





Instagram is a free, online photo-sharing application and casual association stage that was secured by Facebook in 2012. Instagram awards clients to alter and move photographs and short annals through a helpful application. … Customers moreover have the decision of making their profile private with the objective that solitary their supporters can see their posts.


Adherents on Instagram:

Adherents on Instagram are the customers that tail you; these supporters can see your posts on both your profile and on their feed. If your Instagram is set to private, these are the primary people who can see your posts. They can moreover observe your Instagram stories and send you direct messages.


Reason for the Instagram devotee

Associations, brands, and Instagram influencers nevertheless, work to keep up a positive supporter/following extent (a bigger number of disciples than they are following) to lift their record and to let various aficionados see that they are an intriguing record to follow. The lover/following extent on Instagram is incredibly essentially your reputation on Instagram as a cool record or, if your extent is dreadful, a malignant record that follows people anyway doesn’t get followed back.


Get More Instagram Followers:

Whether or not you’re an influencer who needs more eyeballs on your substance or a top tier brand who needs more leads, vanity estimations like the number of fans are critical. If you comprehend that your adherents way lower than the customers you follow, you can fix your extent by getting more Instagram fans. For this, your reason can buy Instagram followers cheap.


Motivation to look after/follow proportion:

A record that follows numerous people yet has scarcely any enthusiasts is regularly seen as an awful quality record or may even be a fake record. A record with an even extent of lovers to the following numbers is ordinarily seen as ordinary. Customers with the way a bigger number of lovers than they are following are viewed as worthy or even unbelievable records and these customers may be VIPs or Instagram influencers.


Favorable position of Instagram supporters:

Whether or not you’re an influencer who needs more eyeballs on your substance or a top tier brand who needs more leads, vanity estimations like the number of enthusiasts are huge On this stage, likewise similarly as with the rest of casual associations, a brand, association or individual is seen as more standard the higher the number of adherents it has, something that various associations consider concerning bringing total a technique that grants them to get noteworthiness, notoriety, and deceivability among customers of the relational association.

Certainly in this way, buy Instagram followers is a relentlessly rehashing movement, generally since it licenses improving the level of arranging of an Instagram profile significantly speedier than it would need to accomplish those practically identical outcomes really. Or then again using other advancing and publicizing strategies.


How Might You Earn Real Followers on Instagram?

  • Use Hashtags Smartly
  • Post and Interact Consistently
  • Attract Traffic from Other Channels
  • Create a convincing bio and profile
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4 Tips On How To Find The Best International Calling Cards



Best International Calling Cards

Back in my globetrotting days keeping touch with people was one of the most challenging parts, finding reliable internet options in some places just wasn’t an option so I relied heavily on using international calling cards.

Some people prefer to use the latest tech an that’s fine but personally I don’t care if it’s two cups with a piece of string connecting them together, I care only for what works and calling cards have helped me connect to people when all other communication channels failed so I always keep them as a part of my travelling kit.

Who would benefit from international calling cards?


If your travelling then I would highly recommend having a calling card on hand as a backup just in case you’re calling from more remote areas.

Moved to another country

If you’ve just moved to another country then having and international phone card is a great option.

If you’re calling back to one of the top tier countries like New Zealand, Australia, United States, Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Canada, UK, South Africa, etc. then you may not need a phone card because a lot of mobile plan providers may give generous minutes to these countries.

For anywhere else, international phone cards are brilliant.

But beware of companies that offer less than favourable service when it comes to calling cards.

In this article, I’ll give you my best tips for purchasing the best international phone card without being scammed. 

4 Tips On How To Find The Best International Calling Cards

  1. Connection fees

A connection fee is a fee that is charged that is deducted from the phone card once there is a “successful” connection.

I’ve placed successful in quotes because a successful connection could be one of three things:

  1. The person you want to speak to answers your call
  2. You get a voice message
  3. The person you don’t want to speak to answers the phone i.e. you get a crossline where your call somehow is connected to another person in another country (technical fault)

In each of these cases your card will be charged that connection fee.

In the 3rd case it’s best to avoid making further calls and to call the customer service team to get the card issue resolved because it’s likely that the problem will continue.

Are connection fees bad? Not necessarily, what you’ll likely find is that calling cards with connection fees will tend to have a slightly lower per minute charge so if you’re making long duration calls 40 plus minutes then it may work out cheaper.

  1. Customer service

I recommend using an online provider and calling their customer service team to find out:

How responsive they are. If you’ve tried a few times to call them and they still haven’t got back to you then should you have technical difficulties then you’re unlikely to get the problem resolved.

Ask them how long it takes to resolve tech problems. Ideally technical issues should be resolved that same day, if it takes them a few days or weeks then avoid buying that card.

Refunds. Ask them what their refund policy is and what does it cover.

Delivery. How long will it takes to receive your card once purchased? Will they deliver it by mail or send it to you via email?

Local access numbers. Local access numbers is the number you call to access the phone card service. Where are their local access numbers located? They might have local access numbers that are not within your area making the card useless.

  1. Per Min Rates

There are two main things to look for:

  1. What is the per minute rate
  2. What is the billing block?

The billing block simply means in what increments will you be charged, for example, if the billing block is 4 minutes then you’ll be charged the per min rate every 4 minutes. If you per min rate is 10 cents then 40 cents will come off your card every 4 minutes.

May not seem like a big deal on the surface but this will eat away at a surprising amount of credit.

For example if you’re call is only 1 minute then you will be charged 40 cents so unless you’re ending your call on the 3:59 of every call then you’re going to be losing credit guaranteed.

Try to find a card that charges in 1 minute billing increments if possible.

  1. Other Hidden fees

Calling card companies will generally make a good amount of money from additional fees to offset their slim margins from calls.

Here are the most common calling fees you’ll run into:

Connection fees – this one is the most common and may not necessarily be a bad thing especially if the calling rates are lower and you typically make long duration phone calls.

Admin fees – avoid companies that charge admin fees because they are nothing more than free money for that company.

Expired credit – as with all of the cards (credit, passport, etc.) phone cards will have a hard expiration date which is not a problem, the problem is what happens to any remaining credit on the card when your calling card expires.

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How to manage mobile applications in a very cost-effective manner?



Protect Your Android Smartphone

Nowadays all the while applications are very effectively being utilized by people as well as enterprises because they operate in the very dynamic environment of businesses. The segmentation of application security along with architecture is the most common problem faced by all the companies. So, here comes the relevance and importance of the point of runtime application self-protection or most commonly known as RASP security. These kinds of self-protection systems have been largely developed by the developers and are considered to be the best possible approaches so that developers can be thread free all the time.

Approximately 30% of the android applications and 40% of the iOS applications are highly vulnerable to risks which very well mean that there is a diehard need of improving and strengthening the weak security architecture of the mobile applications. The runtime application of self-protection is considered to be a great innovation in the whole industry because it can provide more visibility than before. The best benefit provided by these kinds of systems is considered to be the best possible way of intercepting the calls so that security actions can be simultaneously checked and very easily undertaken. These kinds of software never wait for the threats to happen and the best what is that they are highly proactive. So, the hunting of malware the incoming traffic is very effectively done which further helps in utilizing them so that applications are very easily protected from all the attacks of hackers without any kind of human involvement throughout the process.

 The need for this particular system is mentioned as follows:

These kinds of systems are the perfect answer for all the requirements of the mobile application developers so that they can solve the threat-related perceptions very easily and can also block the attacks in real-time. The traditional approaches will also help to make sure that sitting in front of the applications for hours will not help in solving the purpose and the organizations have to become proactive in terms of rules and regulations so that production can be enhanced. With the implementation of these kinds of concepts, the integration within the applications can be done very easily because the threat will be detected and the best policy measures can be taken very easily to make sure the blocking process. These kinds of systems are highly seamless and also provide very least impact on the overall performance of the application.

 The working of this whole concept is mentioned as follows:

The implementation of this particular system will always help in monitoring the incoming traffic to the servers. The detection process of these kinds of threats can be easily done and the best part is that proper remedial measures can be very easily taken to ensure practices are safe and applications are highly protected all the time. The emergence of cloud-based computing systems has also provided several kinds of solutions to the organizations in comparison to the traditional ones. These kinds of modern solutions can be easily integrated with the framework as well as application programming code. Hence, these kinds of powerful capabilities will also help to initiate all the actions so that damages are dealt with easily. The user sessions can be terminated very easily and the implementation of this process is very easy. Hence, the monitoring of the abilities will also become very much successful without any kind of adverse impact on the application and related procedure.

 Following are some of the benefits of going with these kinds of systems:

Such solutions are very much cost-effective and help to provide the best value for the money invested in them. Such solutions are considered to be highly focused in comparison to the traditional ones because traditional systems were very much generalized and these kinds of systems are highly specific.

These kinds of systems always help in making sure that organizations have the best possible ways of handling the applications so that security is ensured all the time. There will be a limited number of false positives and comprehensive security will be very well issued all the time. The robust security framework will also have to make sure that everything is perfectly implemented.

The concept will be considered to be the best possible example of prevention is better than cure because everything will be perfectly implemented. The modern-day security systems will also help in monitoring of the application is very easily towards any kind of misbehaviour. The constant monitoring will also help to make sure that there is full-fledged security to the applications and incident management can be effectively undertaken.

These kinds of systems are also well known in providing proper support to the continuous and integration systems and such solutions are very much scalable so that long-lasting security is there in proper synchronization with the facilities and functionalities. Such a system also provides complete transparency throughout the Process make sure that there is a level of coordination between the development as well as security teams.

The best technique in this particular concept will be based upon penetration testing and it will also help in enhancing the efforts so that visibility of the information will be there. The whole concept is very much crucial so that efforts are tested and owners of the application can decide about the realignment of the resources.

Such systems are highly effective and the best part is that they can very easily deal with application-layer attacks. The system will not only help in addressing the vulnerabilities but will also provide complete strength in terms of capabilities to deal with unknown security threats.

Hence, the development of these kinds of solutions will also help to make sure that everything is never affected adversely and performance is always top-notch. The task of convincing the stakeholders associated with any of the organization will also become easy because they will see that organization is paying proper attention towards the efforts of improving the security and making sure that there is the high level of accuracy at every step throughout the process.

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