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Never Miss The Three Tips For Effective App Store Optimization

Have you created an application and wondering what next? Research has proven that creating an application is not a head-ache comparing to marketing involved in it… You definitely need users to use the app, if not your effort is worthless. That’s the more reason why APP store optimization and SEO services are critical in this regard.

While most developers rely on paying advertising or other marketing practices to drive user acquisition, when a new app is launched, there is one room that is often ignored. Optimization of the App Store (ASO) is the practice of influencing an app’s ranking within an app store.

This is most commonly a targeting exercise aimed at increasing a smartphone application’s downloads, and it can be effective for increasing brand awareness and promoting more favorable feedback as well.

The Apple app store alone has over 2.2 million games and other applications, so the question is: how can you make your app stand out from the competition? This article will address three important strategic areas needed for successful optimization of the app store and include a few helpful tips for each.


The first and perhaps most crucial move is to ensure that you correctly customize the content inside the app store that represents your app. If Google Play or Apple doesn’t know what the app is doing, then future customers or users won’t be able to recommend it.

In short, the function and purpose of the application should be precise and straight forward. What purpose does your app serve?

You will need to take the time to learn about the terms that define the features of your app to consider what challenges your prospective customers are searching for answers to.

Remember every app aim at providing solution to specific challenges. You will start optimizing by designing a compelling title and overview for your application that uses the required keywords and a complete understanding of what your customers want and how your app fits that interest.


Rankings in app stores, identical to our regular SEO services, are managed by an algorithm that gives advice based on a number of criteria. A good understanding of these ASO rating variables would help your team to make insightful decisions about their impact.

When it comes to app store optimization, the most relevant considerations include:

  1. Keywords in the app’s title
  2. Keywords in the app overview
  3. Number of cumulative downloads
  4. The average consistency of reviews for apps
  5. Amount of positive comments
  6. The publisher’s reputation

In essence, when you identify areas that require some more work and upgrades or improvements, you can develop specific strategies to increase the appeal of your app to the app store.


When matching ASO to SEO, as it comes to ASO, there are definitely more limits to the ability to manipulate rankings. That said, both of these platforms are not competitive, but complementary. Using your website to push professional and trained traffic straight to your app in the app store is a great way to promote your ASO Services or ASO efforts.

Reasons why this is very important:

  • It solves the ASO dilemma in many professional ways.    For instance, if the total number of downloads is a significant ranking criterion for ASO, but your app has not yet been downloaded by anyone, then how can it be discovered by new people? If you can use your website to push downloads to some length, after some downloads the App store will pick it up from there and continue to show your app to potential users.
  • For SEO, there are more choices. Although the possibilities inside the app store for making new material may be minimal, that’s not true of the website. Basically, there is no limit on how much content you can make, encouraging you to be creative with how you push traffic to your app.


While optimizing the App Store is just one component of your marketing puzzle, if you don’t take it seriously, your possible future organic growth will be limited. If you really want to acquire users without the constant need for paid advertising, you need to make your app easy to discover.

That being said, your only marketing strategy cannot be ASO. Until your inbound attention eclipses that need, you must balance it against a set of repeatable outbound techniques. ASO is all about establishing the correct basis for your marketing efforts.

App store optimization services are just good if they are done the good way. If you feel your capabilities in this set of SEO services are limited, you may consider employer someone with the technical knowledge. Just do it right now, and later, you will be happy about it!

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