NANO Hearing Aids: Tipped by Hundreds of American Reviews

NANO Hearing Aids: Tipped by Hundreds of American Reviews

Since its inception in 2017, NANO Hearing Aids has become one of the most popular and sought-after hearing aids establishments in America. The company has seen increased support in recent years, as a large number of positive consumer reviews and forums have revealed the true popularity of NANO. The company has managed to gain more frequent support than other leading market competitors, as it is looking to rather sell better and higher-quality aids at more affordable prices. Some reviewers and previous customers of NANO hearing aids have claimed that they were somewhat skeptical before purchase, but we’re extremely satisfied with its offering, the price, quality, and additionally the Nano customer service experience.

These are all elements one needs to take into consideration before conducting your purchase, and although Nano has cut out the middleman completely, solely offering its products online via their webshop – customer support in this market is more important than one might consider. Additionally, companies such as NANO would rather spend more time to perfect its customer retainer and build a brand that can offer millions of Americans an affordable solution to a long-lasting problem.

Looking at customer reviews for NANO Hearing Aids

Consumer reviews on each NANO hearing aid have delivered an outstanding amount of trend and consumer data, which can assist you to decide which hearing aid piece is most suitable for you and your budget.

The Nano CIC or ‘Completely-in-Canal’

Nano hearing aid reviews have shown that the CIC model is its most effective model, as it works for at least 98.7% of people struggling with hearing loss. Nano has two different CIC models on offer, the Nano CIC Recharge and Nano CIC Digital – both are small pieces, that boast a set of great features, and are priced between $597.00 and $797.00 respectively. The CIC Digital also comes with a 6 monthly’ supply of batteries and additional ear domes. The Nano CIC Recharge has an easy to use charging case and has a 1-year “Elite Protection Plan” covering 100% of the device in the event of a loss.

The Nano CIC models are extremely sought-after, and host great features in a small and discreet design, which has meant that customer reviews showcase it as one of the most popular Nano offerings.


A more recent review of the SX2000 managed to draw closer attention to the customer support Nano offers after purchase. This hearing aid piece does pack quite the number of features, including easy to use volume controls, more frequency controls for various environments, feedback control, and noise reduction. The SX2000 is relatively more affordable, considering it only costs $997.00 per pair, and is fully rechargeable, comes with a low-battery warning, and is perfect for people suffering from different levels of hearing loss.


Plenty of Nano hearing aid reviews have shown that X2R is the perfect alternative to over-priced and expensive hearing aids. The sound quality, practicality, and ease of use have made it one of the most popular models currently offered by Nano. More so, it has the most technologically advanced features available in any hearing aid, and prices start at $797.00 per pair. With 12 hours of battery life after 4 hours of charging, the X2R has more features than other expensive aids according to recent consumer reviews.

Nano Sigma

NANO launched the New Sigma model earlier in 2020, and it has quickly caught on the be one of the most high-tech hearing aids. A fully rechargeable hearing and mobile app controllable hearing aid set that comes with the various environment and sound frequency changes. Additionally, consumers have raved about how easily they can now take a hearing test directly on the Nano mobile app. The Sigma is priced at $797.00 and has built-in quality technology that was made to last. Customers will notice that other brands such as Oticon offers a similar hearing aid device, but these aids are only available through selected retailers and are priced almost 3 times more than the Nano Sigma


Various consumer reviews have exclaimed that the RX2000, the cheaper model offered by the all-American company, still carries a wide variety of great hearing aid tech and software. Priced at $497.00 per pair, this model is nearly invisible, easy to use and is fully rechargeable that offers at least 16 hours of battery life in just 2 hours of charging. More so, the RX2000 has become a cheaper alternative for consumers of Nano hearing aids, as it offers a better short- and long-term solution without breaking the bank.

Deciding on the right Nano hearing piece will differ from the person, as each individual will have different hearing aid needs. Additionally, the Nano X2R has seen an increase of online reviews, with many customers stating it’s one of the best hearing aids purchases and devices which they have ever used. Nano has set out to give those with impaired hearing problems an affordable solution while remaining the first choice in quality and customer service.

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