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Nana Patekar who is extremely rich but never show off – pictures



Nana Patekar (born 1 January 1951) is an Indian film actor and writer, philanthropist and filmmaker, in particularrunning in Hindi and Marathi cinema. He is first-rateknown for his role inside the film Agni Sakshi written by using Ranbir Pushp for which he won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. It is Nana Patekar, one of the legendary actors of Bollywood. He is known for his humble lifestyle and simplicity and has been concerned towards social issues. Nana Patekar is well capable of leading a luxurious life however he mostly prefers leading a simple and modest life, he believe in simplicity and never show off. Patekar chose to live in a 1 BHK apartment with his mother despite having a luxury flat in Andheri, Maharashtra and a farm house in Pune, Maharashtra. Has announced that his 90% of earnings will be donated to poor and needy peoples .

He generously Nana Patekar Donates Rs 15000 Each To Families Of 62 Farmers Who Committed Suicide

Nana Patekar Donates Rs 15000 Each To Families Of 62 Farmers Who Committed Suicide

Nana Patekar was spotted many times riding his modest Mahindra jeep CJ4 (1955 model ) not like other celebrities who are riding Mercedes, BMW ect super cars

He was spotted many times riding his modest Mahindra jeep CJ4.

Some Heart touching photo of Nana Patekar

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Best tips for how to get Instagram followers



Instagram is now like a cornerstone for every companies and industry. It can make more profit of any brands and build an engagement with the consumers. If you also want to use Instagram for any business or startup, then you must need a considerable number of followers. Your followers can be your customers if you can hit the right technique. But an Instagram account without massive followers can’t do anything. So, grow your Instagram account engagement and connectivity. Otherwise, your work can bring no result. Do you want to buy Instagram followers? Check the link. Now, let’s know the comfortable and best seven ways to get more followers.

  1. Beautify your Instagram account

Before figuring out how to increase Instagram followers, optimize your Instagram accounts. Keep your username eye-catchy and straightforward that people can remember it. Tag a bio to your account with a perfect profile photo. Make sure that this profile picture can assure your identity. Decorate your account according to your personality.

  1. Keep consistency

If you post irregularly and at the haphazard time, no one will see your content whatever you post. Create a schedule for posting and always keep consistent. Try to find out when most of the audience is online. Upload your post on that time. Do you want to get Instagram cheap followers? Go to the link for more help.

  1. Avoid fake followers

If your most followers are fakes, then it can affect your Instagram account and post’s engagement. So, be sure about your Instagram followers. Always try to check your followers and keep only real followers accounts. You also can get reach to the audience by growing TikTok followers.

  1. Promote your Instagram account

There is no other significant way to get more followers by promoting on other social media. If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, let your friends and followers know about your Instagram account. If you have any website, don’t forget to attach your Instagram link.

  1. Think about the audiences’ choice

 It’s smart to learn how to satisfy followers and audiences. When you are new, do a post about everything and every type of contents. Like funny videos, romantic and informative image or sarcasm post. Find out which content gets the most reach and engagement. What kind of contents public like most? Then choose a specific niche and work with it.

  1. Be a conversation starter.

When you start replying to messages and comments, your post will get more engagement. Again, your followers will feel happy by getting a response. Always try to post any image or videos with an attractive title. Proper identification can force people to comment and get interested in the topic. So, start a conversation with your followers in a friendly way.

  1. Use hashtags that converts.

One of the most truth and effective method of increasing followers is using hashtags. You can earn a lot of audiences through hashtags. If you’re a starter, find every popular hashtag. Make posts that are related to these hashtags and tag with the content. It can give more engagement to the content and grow Instagram followers.


An Instagram account is nothing without its followers. So whatever you do, always make your followers happy. If your audiences are satisfied, then you can also do something happily. If you’re a photographer or can do any art, it can give you a unique identity among people. There is also an excellent opportunity to attract followers with your skill. Don’t forget to provide all those contents that your audiences like. Sometimes, you should post some inspirational and motivative posts to influence your followers. Follow all the technique to get Instagram followers.

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Most Demanding Jobs in Dubai amidst of Covid-19



Most Demanding Jobs in Dubai amidst of Covid-19

What are the job field’s in-demand during COVID-19? How does it affect the offers for the jobseekers?

This pandemic, the recruitment agencies, and companies not only here in United Arab Emirates but as well the other countries evaluated the status of applications and available jobs. They have shown results for the top fields in where the jobseekers can focus to apply.

Currently, there are more than three industries and positions which are in-demand jobs in dubai during this COVID-19. Though the global effect of this sudden spread of virus has a great impact in the economy where even big companies have been closed and many people have lost their jobs. Other businesses were able to manage and still trying their best to maintain.

Based on most jobs posted by the employers and their needs for the candidates and what kind of job can jobseekers anticipate to; (see below).

In-Demand Industries | Fields

Engineering Jobs

Especially in Manufacturing industry, one of the reasons is that the number of people who are into healthy lifestyle increases and now looking for goods that is organic. Another reason is the fabrication of mask, safety gears or protection are also in-demand because of the pandemic.

Under Engineering field, the request for mechanical and electrical engineering grow this year as well. As this maybe unusual but entertainment and healthcare industries will be looking forward for new technologies that will help them with their businesses.

Accounting and Finance Jobs

From Senior Accountant to Manager in Finance, you can expect better offers in the next few months. Other employers may use the current situation we are in because of the pandemic, it will be a good idea to look for companies that still value your skills and capabilities. These are the companies that will be able to manage even in the long run.

Human Resources and Recruitment Jobs

Generalist and Business Partners in Human Resources field may have lower offer at this time but will surely increase after some time. As the number of applications in this position are continuously growing, the competition is harder unless; if you are flexible enough, highly experienced or accept offers lower than your expected salary or previous salary.

This is acceptable now but rather than grabbing “just” any job, still look for the ones you can look forward to before this year ends or at least early next year.

Because Human Resources have a compound workforce environment in which we can anticipate increasing in-demand even in the following years.

Information Technology Jobs

From Project Management jobs to Network and Security Engineering field, we can foresee in this pandemic, some business may have been affected but others were able to continue since they are into innovation of technology. As the saying goes “change is constant” and we must learn how to go along with the flow of the world.

This helps the company to move forward amidst of this COVID-19. They will surely look for skilled and experienced candidates who can assist them all throughout IT sector jobs in dubai

Manufacturing and Logistics Jobs

Machine Operators, Manufacturing or Warehouse Laborers are still required and continually increasing in number, candidates usually try their luck to apply in other foreign countries as the pay is higher, but it does not mean that this job is well paid. It still depends with the company and management.

Progression of the economy will continue, and you can foresee the appreciation of the consumers when the manufacturers produce a new product, the reason why this kind of business will decide to expand and require more skilled workers.

As the requirement grows, there will be a competition among the companies and it will help them if they can provide better opportunity thru offers, benefits and career development that the candidates will take interest to.

Office and Administrative Jobs

From Entry Level like Customer Service Representative to Intermediate Level like Office or Administrative Assistants, the usual pay is per hour. These positions are in-demand in the market even in online like Freelancing, where they can work virtually and with their own timings. The salary range will be a bit low at start because of the competition, the number of candidates is rapidly growing from time to time.

This field will continue to expand because of the new technologies that will launch for the offices and call center companies. They will require candidates that is knowledgeable with the workflow process, but this is not necessarily that the fresher’s are no longer accepted. Many companies are into beginners because they are open with the learning and are fun of the new trends.

Wide Range of Trends

The need for workers will somehow vary with the ultramodern technologies. Every update in the market is also an additional knowledge where people have to come up with.

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What Should Be Included in a Hurricane Prep Kit




Hurricane season, a term no one enjoys hearing. Nonetheless, Mother Nature strikes during the months of June through November with the possibility of the impending hurricane threats that can hit your region. Surprisingly, most households don’t have an emergency plan in place, let alone stocked with supplies. If you endure the hurricane season new casts, it is in your best interest to invest in a hurricane preparedness kit.  

Hurricane Preparation

Hurricanes form with enough time for meteorologists to prepare spaghetti plots of all the possible routes it may take. You can never really predict where it can turn and hit the hardest. In expecting the unexpected, why take the risk of being left at home without the proper supplies? Taking a proactive approach to natural disasters may just prove worthwhile.

What Should I Pack?

For some families, supplies you need to pack may vary a bit depending on if you have young children, pets, or someone who requires medical assistance. In this case, your kit should include items such as diapers, formula, pet food, medications, medical documents, and county licenses. If you plan to evacuate, a three-day supply of food and water should be adequate, but if you’re hunkering down at home, be sure to have a two-week supply handy.

  • Water – as a guideline, ensure you have at least one gallon of water per person per day.
  • Food – preparing with non-perishable food items such as canned food, boxed food, and evaporated milk.
  • A radio – whether hand-crank or battery, a radio will be useful to keep up with weather updates in the power lines are down.
  • Flashlights and batteries – the power may go out, but you will still need to see and make your way around without getting hurt. Keep extra batteries in your emergency hurricane kit; you may find yourself using these to power portable phone chargers, flashlights, or radio.
  • Candles and matches or lighters – extra light is always handy.
  • Important documents – a binder or folder with your vital documents such as birth certificates, insurance forms, the deed or lease to your home, medical records, social security cards, driver’s license or passports, and a list of emergency contacts. Look up your home’s evacuation sone and flood zone, include a printout in your kit. These zones usually provide you with the closest shelter to your home.
  • Gasoline – either for car use intended for evacuation or at home generator use. Gas stations may run low or even shut down with the impending weather.
  • Personal hygiene items – toilet paper, wipes, soap, menstruation items, extra towels, hand sanitizer, paper towel.
  • First aid kit and medicine – a first aid kit has many supplies for you to treat any potential wounds. If you have any medical issues, a seven-day supply of your daily medications should also be prepared.
  • Cell phones and chargers – while you may not be able to charge your phone in the outlet, invest in a portable charger so you can reach help, loved ones, and keep current on hurricane updates.
  • Tools – having some tools in your kit may prove valuable. A multi-purpose knife duct tape, scissors, gloves, face masks.

Additional Items to Consider

Maybe you want to toss in some additional items? Ponchos, rain boots, blankets, extra clothes, trash bags, and cash are some other items to consider. Many of us rely on our debit and credit cards, but these may not be useful if power lines are down, and this would mean ATMs are inoperable. If you can, either withdraw some money ahead of time or keep an emergency stash at home. Preparing now can save you later! If anything, give yourself the relief of knowing you are well equipped for what’s to come.

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Number Of Different Kinds Of Rods




Fishing is fun, easy, unwinding, and an enjoyably agreeable activity. Notwithstanding, before you head out to project the line and revel at the greatest catch of your life, you ought to know about the various kinds of fishing bars. Each type is intended for various types of fish, various areas and various undertakings. If you need to appreciate a consistent fishing experience, it is fundamental you get familiar with the kinds of fishing bars and when each type is utilised. It will permit you to settle on a more educated choice when you need to develop your assortment of fishing poles.

There is an enormous scope of various kinds of fishing poles available, which are all intended to perform various assignments. They are utilised to target various types of fish or for various fishing areas and strategies. A few bars are long and adaptable for projects, while others are short and inflexible to withstand the weights of uncompromising game fishing.

1: Fly Fishing Rods

The particular highlights of a fly-fishing rod are the absence of an area underneath the reel, which implies the fisher can project is portable, free and with high quality speed. They likewise have particular eyes, which have been known as eyes of the snake, that are intended to control the hefty line and forestall tangles when you are fishing. Most present-day fly rods are made of the fibres of the cotton, as they permit ideal adaptability and quality. More excellent fishing rods for fly casting have either a plug or a mount.

2: Sea Fishing Rods

These fishing rods are intended for catching fishes in the sea and reach from very short (when utilised on vessels) to amazingly long when utilised from the stones or the seashore. They are typically very thick and substantial, have hefty tips and huge eyes. The game fishing rods are specially designed heavy to fight the shark and are typically combined with immense reels and exceptionally weighty line and are best known and used with chatter baits as it is one of the best methods of lures used in fisherman community.

3: Spinning Fishing Rods

When compared to casting rods, spinning rods are quite similar but are usually more portable, and slightly smaller and feels much lighter than other fishing rods. They usually range from 4 to 7.5 feet which are the preferred sizes in fishing rods and have between 6 and 9 eyes. spinning rods have one significantly larger eye closest to the reel to reduce the friction on the line when casting especially when compared to casting rods. Bait Casting Rod

4: Bait Casting Rods

These reels vary enormously from both spinning and turn cast reels because the spool sits opposite to the rod instead of corresponding to it. Bait-projecting tackle requires more practice, tolerance and ability than both spinning and turn projecting tackle, however once aced, takes into account pin-point projecting precision and astounding line control when fishing and playing fish.

As should be obvious, there are excellent purposes behind the measure of specialisation that is happened in fishing bar manufacturing. There’s an assortment of bar styles accessible, each intended to meet the necessities of a particular sort of fishing. We trust this article has revealed some insight into the principle fishing bar types and employments. In case you’re doing some examination before purchasing another rode, go through our article once again. These are four of the best rods you will find.

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Tips when selecting a Hard Hat



Hard Hat

Hard hat design and engineering has improved considerably through recent years. Employees now have a huge array of head security to select from. While hard hats aren’t a fashion statement, they’re a necessity for all employees where there’s a possibility of electric shock, burns or impact from flying or falling objects. Common workplace environments which typically need hard hats include: mining, construction, forestry, manufacturing and many different sorts of work.

What makes a hard hat protect the worker?
Hard Hats comprise of two key pieces. The casing is the outer element made from plastic or fiberglass. It supplies the effect security required by ANSI. Additionally, it functions as the visible indication that the employee is protected. Colors identify the sort of employee on the work too.  Another part which makes a hard hat would be your headgear. Also referred to as the suspension, this can be the bridge between the employee and the shell.  This can reduce the possible injury.  Additionally, it provides comfort, adjustability.

Head Injuries are on the increase
Though the layout and relaxation of challenging 5 percent from only a few years back. These injuries may be severe and affect additionally, it raises costs to companies. Everybody need a wholesome employee and OSHA requires the company to oversee and supply mind protection for all employees exposed to these kinds of possible injuries. We have included 5 tips You Should Think about when buying and buying a hard Hat to your worker.

Here are some tips
Pick a hard hat that provides a comfy fit – It is reasonable that the more comfortable the hat is, the more probable it will remain on the employees head. With today’s inventions in mind equipment and mix materials, hard hats have not been much more comfortable. Make sure you think about hard hats which have considerable webbing built into the suspension and also some type of cushioning to provide maximum comfort.

Choose a tough hat made of newer, lighter fabrics – As stated earlier, mix materials and perhaps even ABS alloys are durable enough to exceed ANSI requirements for effect yet they provide the extra plus of being lightweight. Start looking for hats which are made from lightweight materials when buying your hard hat. Pick a hard hat that’s accessory prepared – Many users have to contain face security or hearing protection whenever they wear a hard hat.  Many hard hats consist of accessory slots which may be used for all those accessories. Make sure you think about those prerequisites when you buy your next tough hat.

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