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Must-Haves If Having Twins

So you’re having twins. First off, congratulations! Secondly, good luck!


It doesn’t take a math whiz to determine the significance of having twins. It means twice the amount of…well…everything! From nap time rockabyes to bath time washing, take everything you planned on doing for one baby and multiply it by two.


The upside is appropriately two-fold; for one thing, couples expecting twins get twice the joy of those welcoming one baby into the world. Secondly, the world has your back; having twins is rare but common enough that parents have everything they need.


With this in mind, let’s take a look at six must-haves if having twins:


Matching outfits


Let’s address the elephant in the room right away; putting your twins in matching outfits. From matching sister dresses to identical suit and tie combos, parents of twins with any desire to coordinate their outfits should do so while they’re still too young to resist. Sooner or later, one or both will be horrified by the thought of dressing exactly like the other. With this in mind, make sure to take plenty of adorable baby photos to embarrass them with when they get older.


Double the supplies


As mentioned in the introduction, having twins means buying double the amount of baby essentials, starting with diapers and other supplies. The shock of discovering there are two babies on the way instead of one can distract parents to the point where the scope of their current supply shortage is not adequately addressed. Rather than realize you need twice as many diapers and other supplies after their arrival, make a point to stock up beforehand.


Double the gear


From cradles and cribs to car seats and strollers, every piece of equipment needed for a baby will need to be duplicated. In some instances, two individual items will need to be purchased, while in other cases, there exist options specifically designed for twins. For example, parents of twins can buy a double-wide stroller that allows them to safely take their two bundles of joy out and about at the same time without both parents being present.


Double the toys


Sibling rivalry manifests itself in many ways, many of which are perfectly normal and harmless. For infant twins, it often takes shape in the form of observing the other one playing or interacting with something and immediately wanting to do the same thing. With this in mind, parents are encouraged to buy as many toys in duplicate as possible. It’s not always feasible, let alone possible, but providing twins with their own toys is an easy way for parents to avoid countless tantrums. At the same time, having several singular toys will help them learn the concept of sharing, especially as they get older.


Ways to tell them apart


It sounds like a silly plot development in a poorly-written story, but forgetting which identical twin is which is more common than most people think. While there will be subtle but noticeable differences over time that parents can rely on as a way to prevent a mix-up, these variables are hard to observe in the beginning. As a result, those with identical twins should devise a foolproof means of telling them apart from the beginning. Something as simple as always writing their initials on their diapers can be the difference between momentary confusion and conducting fingerprint analysis.


Warehouse club membership


It’s no secret babies are expensive, and having two means twice the price. Do your bank account a favor and join a warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s. Virtually everything you need to raise a family and run a household can be purchased in bulk at prices that are significantly lower than typical retail value. Once you experience the savings of buying in bulk, you’ll wonder how you ever justified paying individual sale prices!


Having twins is an incredible blessing few families have the benefit of experiencing. But hearing the news that you’ll be welcoming twins into the world can be a bit of a shock to the system. Fortunately, the path to raising twins is fairly straightforward. The only difference is it’s a two-lane road instead of one.


Vivien Bell is a freelance writer from Maryland. She enjoys writing about education, family, home living, and pet care.

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