Must-Have Equipment for Every Farmer

Farming is a noble undertaking whether you’re doing it as business or just for your consumption. But every farmer is a worker, and every worker has to have the right tools, as the saying goes. But, of course, there are plenty of farming tools that you can have.

But there are some that every farmer must have, whether they have a small garden in their back yard or are farming for commercial use. These tools are more or less the basics of farming, and can be found in most farm shed NZ.

Such tools that every farmer must have are:


Every farm needs to have blades that can be used for various reasons. One use of blades is to cut grass and generally to keep things tidy on the farm. It can also be used to build paths across the farm and terrace fields. Blades can also be used to even out dirt while you farm. If you have a vegetable garden, blades can be used to level out the garden and make it look organized. There’s no end to the use of the versatile tool.

Lawn Care Equipment

Grooming your lawn has got to be a task you take pride in. You can’t have your lawn looking all unkept as it can harbor animals. You can use lawn care equipment to ensure that your property looks uniformed. These tools can also be used by those who have roadside edges, pastures, etc. this equipment can be used to make the area presentable. If there’s a large back that’s a bit rough, you can use other equipment. 

Pickup Truck

You’ll likely be transporting a lot and bringing in a lot to your farm. You can’t use your family car for these kinds of jobs. It would help if you had a pickup truck to help you run these errands.

Today, there’s a wide array of pickups that can be used for farm work. And they can transport farm equipment, among other items. To carry your livestock, you may need to hitch a trailer at the back of the truck. When the truck isn’t used for farm work, it can be used for other activities, making this the ideal car you want when you have a farm.

Compact Utility Vehicle

Some farms are pretty significant to carry around feed or tools. In this case, you may want to get a compact utility vehicle. These vehicles can help you move around relatively quickly and protect your back from hurting.

If you have a truck, you may not see the need for this compact utility vehicle, but you’d be wrong. These vehicles are built to go to where trucks usually can’t. They have low center gravity and light in weight. They also possess ragged tires making them ideal for farm service.


Every farmer worth the title knows that it’s crucial to have the right tools. Farm work can be rugged and require specific tools for the task. These are just some of the tools that every farmer must have. The tools make the farmer’s life a bit more manageable as farm life isn’t easy.

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