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Music PR Tips: Creating Great Content



Music PR

At Quite Great, we encounter a lot of acts who come to us initially for PR, but they also want to know how they can build a bigger presence online. Some people just understand social media, whilst for others it can seem like a foreign language, so we try to offer advice to our clients so they can get their heads around the modern phenomenon.

Whilst there are tricks of the trade to improving your following on social media, the one thing we always say to clients is that success online is about creating great content. It might seem obvious, but creating the right sort of content for what you’re all about as an artist is fundamental to your online stature. You see a lot of people and musicians who will just share other articles and videos on their pages, to keep them ticking over, but these aren’t the sort of things that really engage people.

What you need to be doing is creating your own original content; things that are unique, involve you as an artist and tell fans something interesting. If you have any idea about social media at all, you’ll probably know by now that we are well into a video revolution – people are lazy, they don’t like to read too much text, instead, they want to see 30 second videos of people doing stupid stuff and embarrassing themselves. It’s just the way the world has gone. But as a musician, trying to promote themselves online, you need to jump on this bandwagon and embrace it – be silly, be stupid, be funny if you can, as this is what the public want! Not everyone is comfortable making a fool of themselves in front of the camera, so what can you do? As long as you’re making engaging and interesting content – you should do fine.

Think Niche

Say for example, you use a very specialized piece of equipment, a seven string bass or a retro synthesizer from the 80s, you could make a video of how it works – what kinds of sounds it creates and what it has added to your music. Your die-hard fans will always appreciate anything you have to share online, whilst there’s bound to be gear-heads out there who just love watching videos about niche pieces of kit, like those Youtube channels that simply show people un-boxing new stuff. I don’t understand it either.

Use What You Have

Don’t bother going out and spending lots of money to create good content because you don’t need to. Try to think about what you already have that you can utilise and this doesn’t necessarily mean tangible things. How many followers do you have on Twitter or Facebook? Ask them to send you their most pressing questions about you and your music, then you can reply to them via a video blog. This will give your fans a rare insight into your life and there’s a certain personal touch when you mention their name along with the question they posed – they’ll love it.

Get Out!

You don’t have to confine yourself to your bedroom or your studio when creating this sort of material, get out and about and involve the public in some way – viewers will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, as opposed to sitting on your backside. Perhaps interview your fans after a gig or take your performances to the streets (make sure you have a busking license if you need one!).

Quite Great PR

Here at Quite Great we’ve been working alongside the UK and Europe’s premier karaoke label, Sunfly, and recently we’ve been working hard to create some quality content to promote the brand. As usual, a brainstorming session ensued to come up with video ideas and one of our best to date was the outcome.

The idea was put on the table that we go to gig venues before big events and get some impromptu karaoke going in the queue, which would aptly be named ‘Queue Karaoke’. Fortunately for us, teen-pop legends Busted were playing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in the following week so we decided to make them the first installment of the ‘Queue Karaoke’ series.

Consequently, on the night of the gig, three members of the team headed down to the queue armed with a huge wheelie-speaker, a microphone and a camera and the results made for an entertaining watch.

Find out how Quite Great can get your band noticed – contact us today. We offer music PR and brand services. See our client list here.

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The Park Avenue MBR city



The Park Avenue MBR city

Park Avenue is a low-rise residential neighborhood in Mohammed Bin Rashid City located on Meydan Avenue (MBR City). Park Avenue MBR city is in a prime location, just a short distance from Meydan Grandstand. However, it is present at the site of the Dubai World Cup, the world’s biggest horse event, and had surrounded by lush greenery and nature. The residential complex is adjacent to Downtown Dubai, Dubai Festival City, and Dubai International Airport, and it offers the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, the term MBR stands for Mohammad Bin Rashid City. It is one of Dubai’s largest mixed-use complexes and freehold neighborhoods. The project, launched by the emirate’s ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in the latter half of 2012, is expected to cost AED 30 billion. 

Sketch of the Community:

Park Avenue MBR City was supposed to be finished by 2020. While handovers have begun and much of the region is now complete, numerous more projects had added throughout time. Today, the neighborhood rents and sells high-rise and mid-rise apartments, as well as magnificent villas and townhouses. The community is well-connected, being located between Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Al Khail Road. Those with school-age children will discover two international educational institutions in the area: Hartland International School and North London Collegiate School.

Made well-known by the presence of the Meydan Hotel nearby. Park Avenue MBR City will also be an appealing community for animal enthusiasts since it will be home to both an equestrian and a falconry center. With a variety of cafes, entertainment centers, retail shops, and many other futuristic developments on the way. MBR City aims to establish a vibrant community in an ultra-modern setting.

The specification in Park Avenue MBR city:

The residential units in the community offer magnificent apartments and a premium lifestyle. These had created with green building standards to preserve energy, create a natural environment, and maintain efficient environmental procedures.

There are studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments in Sobha Hartland. While some larger 4-bedroom units in District One stretch 3,000 sq. ft. Those interested in investing in luxury properties might look at the penthouses in this property. Some are lagoon facing, some are duplexes, and some have partial canal views.

In Park Avenue MBR City, villas typically range from 5 to 6-bed apartments, some of which are brand new and fully furnished. These residential units for investment, on the other hand, may have more possibilities for you, ranging from 2 to 6-bedroom family homes to 8-bedroom mansions.

Updates about Construction:

Mohammed Bin Rashid City in Dubai is one of the emirate’s most anticipated projects. As the community matures, it had intended to become another Downtown in Dubai. While the first two phases had completed in 2019 and handovers have already commenced, the third phase is almost finished. Some of the most anticipated developments, Dubai Hills Estate and District One, have been completed with ready-to-move residences on the market. Other developments, such as Wilton Park Residence and various phases of the AZIZI Riviera residential complex, are projected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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5 Tips To Learn Music As An Adult



How to Become a Musician

Learning music starts with passion and practice. If you have these two qualities, then you have the basic two things that will help you become a musician. The second thing you need to know is that there are no shortcuts! Your journey of learning music will be filled with various challenges and hard tasks but that does not mean that you’re not getting anywhere. All these hard steps will help you make the climb.

We have jotted down a few tips for you to help get you on the right track of learning music as an adult.

Choose The Music That Inspires You

When you’re on the journey of becoming a musician, you must first clear your choice of music and the related instruments with it. For example, if you love Metallica or music that is mostly created with the sound of guitars then you need to focus on creating that kind of music.

For this, an important step would be to play the guitar so that you can sync your compositions well. The same goes for music that is made from violins, pianos, drums, and other instruments.

Find A Good Teacher

If you are someone that will love some help in learning music, then you should look for a good teacher who will not only show you the skill of creating music but will also keep you motivated and encourage you from time to time. There are different places where you can learn to play different instruments and learn music. You can take gitarrenunterricht Wien at very affordable rates.

Consistency in Practice

This tip is a lifesaver! If you wish to be good at something you’re learning, then you need to be very consistent in it. Practice will make you perfect and with time you will realize that the more you practice the more improved your music will become. More practice will also give you a better idea of how to make innovation in your music and what tracks are you good at creating.

 Learning music is like finding new things to continue for yourself because at the beginning you don’t really know what you can create until you’ve created it.

Record Yourself and Listen To Your Recordings

You must record yourself and listen to your recorded music. Listening will help you build a perspective about how you’re performing and give you a bigger edge at focusing on the vocals and the chords. This way you get to see your mistakes, your highs, and lows and you can also analyze where you need improvement.

Perform for Other People from Time To Time

You may not want to try this because of stage anxiety or even because of the fear of being judged, let us tell you that this is the only way you can boost your confidence. Performing in front of people will give you an idea of how well you’re doing from their expressions and reactions.

These are some of the ways which can help you become an expert from a novice.

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How to Maximize Contract Management for Construction Companies?



Managing multiple agreements for construction can be a complicated process to manage and streamline, particularly when you have to deal with numerous parties and various timeframes for construction projects. Using different techniques for contract management – like postage stamps, wet signatures, filing cabinets, email and shared drives, and negotiation using paper – wastes valuable hours and effort.

With the help of simplified construction contract management software, you can streamline and centralise your processes and get the entire contract lifecycle, from renewal requests to contract cancellations, particularly with the aid of integrated eSourcing tools that reduces the cost of construction project bidding. Fortunately, you can enjoy free demo for contract management system by clicking this link

When Should You Use the Construction Contract Management?

Utilise a construction contract whenever you contract someone to handle any construction project or whenever another person employs you to complete construction work. If you’re working with your family or friends, it’s beneficial to draft a contract to ensure everyone gets fair compensation and agrees on what the project will involve. If any disputes in the future need arbitration, A contract will be essential for resolving disputes.

Learn more about how construction contract administrators can optimise their contract management by utilising essential contract lifecycle management software features.

Executive Summary

Construction contract managers face enormous pressure from the parties involved in managing contracts effectively and efficiently. If they do not have the proper system in place, managers are susceptible to contract management bottlenecks.

Centralized and Web-Enabled Contract Management

Construction contract managers from both the private and public sectors are accountable to coordinate the expectations of diverse stakeholders, including the landowners, construction managers, engineers, electrical engineers, architects, electricians, and construction foremen.

With the high expectations of landowners for construction projects and their strict deadlines, construction managers who rely on outdated techniques for managing contracts can get behind and be stung by the risk of over risk.

A reputable contract management system can centralised contracts through the use of highly customisable reporting tools, including graphical dashboards and milestone notifications that provide an unbeatable level of transparency from contract requests to renewals. Furthermore, a centralized platform for contract lifecycle management can seamlessly connect to MS Outlook and MS Word to simplify the contract process, particularly in managing sub-contracts.

Managing contracts with stakeholders from various locations and time zones is a breeze using web-enabled contract management software that allows necessary stakeholders quick access from any part of the world with an internet connection. This is especially useful for coordinating the international contracting process before the start of the project. Construction contract managers can maintain the best pre-award and post-award oversight by monitoring changes to the status of contracts, which includes negotiating contracts, eSignatures, and compliance.

Streamlined Sub-Contract Bidding

Construction contract managers and construction procurement managers, particularly when looking for subcontractor candidates for temporary and unplanned construction services, may spend time and energy interacting with potential candidates for construction sub-contracts through asynchronous processes like email or phone calls. An easy-to-use and customisable electronic solicitation and management platform can provide efficient workflows to facilitate RFP management with real-time transparency.

Rapid Pre-Award and Contract Management

Construction contract managers may face continuous delays in contract awards caused by miscommunication in contract requests, contract demands, and writing difficulties due to outdated templates for contracts and clauses, slowing approvals and negotiations due to inconsistent paper-based processes communication, and delayed wet-signatures.

Fortunately, a central contract management software can simplify the process of preparing award contracts electronically. This is achieved by allowing construction contractors to request contracts directly through their contract lifecycle management tool to draft contracts using already approved templates and clauses take part in negotiations and approvals by logging timestamped changes and tracking progress, and quickly collect secure signatures utilising the use of electronic signatures.

Post-Award Effective Management of Contracts

The management of construction contracts can be difficult to track the important dates and milestones for hundreds of contract documents using a centralized contract repository such as filing cabinets, spreadsheets, and emails. A clear view of the contract’s pre-award lifecycle can save time, energy, and money.

When it comes to contract types ranging – like lump-sum contracts, cost-plus contracts, and guarantees for maximum pricing with different deadlines for renewal and milestones, Construction companies can suffer unnecessary financial losses due to inconsistent and manual processes for managing contracts. Lack of visibility after the award of contract lifecycles can lead contractors to waste their time and resources and fail to recognise value-driven opportunities during renewals of contracts.

With the plethora of crucial dates and obligations in the construction sector, contract management professionals can use artificial intelligence to create goals and metrics to ensure accurate monitoring and assessing the performance of contracts giving the best transparency and alerting contract managers to non-compliance with the contract. The automation of workflow tools will virtually guarantee maximum compliance with contract terms. With these oversights, contractors can focus less on doing paperwork and can spend spending more time managing.

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Virtual Reality – How It’s Evolving in 2021



Virtual Reality - How It's Evolving in 2021

You must have the word “virtual reality” being mentioned countless times, right? Well, for most of us, what comes to our minds when this word is mentioned are films in the science fiction niche? But the reality is that this technology- which is moderately new blends with every aspect of our lives. From education, video games, and medicine among others, virtual reality is likely to bring out massive changes in almost every industry. With virtual reality, it’s possible to come up with a simulated environment that gets the user fully immersed using high-quality and specific helmets and headsets.

What’s virtual reality?

Virtual Reality refers to a computer-generated environment, with objects and scenes which appear like they are real, therefore making the user feel completely immersed in that surrounding. The users get connected to that environment using a specially designed helmet or a virtual reality headset. With these, anyone can be immersed in video games, as if they are among the characters, and also allows for the performance of surgeries and also to maximize the performance outcome of training programs.

This invention started way back in the 1950s and researches, together with improvements have been going on ever since. Among the first virtual reality, inventions was the machine named Sensorama, which had the built-in capability of playing three-dimensional movies, generated vibrations, and gave off odors among others.

How is VR being used in 2021?

In 2021, about 70 years after virtual reality was first discovered, which sectors have embraced this technology today? Architecture, agriculture, culture, and medicine are among the areas which have taken advantage of this relatively new, but growing technology. From the dissection of a muscle to a guided museum, virtual reality makes it possible for us to transcend boundaries that we would have never imagined before.

Here are the real-life applications of virtual reality in 2021

1. Use of virtual reality in dining

Today, VR technology enables anyone to travel to any of their desired locations and immerse themselves in diverse environments, tasting different culinary offers that are available. 

2. Applications in the medical field

The world of medicine has benefited from virtual reality. For some years now, the Spanish National Research Council has used it to reduce the effects that Parkinson’s disease can have on the patients, through applying a treatment that used virtual reality.

3. The use of VR in the media

The media, just like all other notable sectors has not been left behind. Immersive journalism takes the ushers to places and also to events that have occurred with real 360 degrees streaming of videos. This means that a journalist can get amazing stories and report on them like other colleagues who were physically present.

4. Virtual reality in Education

Virtual reality has got several uses in the classroom. From kindergarten to higher education, the application of this immersive technology enables the learners to retain knowledge better, and help them solve complex problems in a better way. Learners who have experienced some learning difficulties have benefited more from the use of virtual reality in the classroom.

However, remember that if you are using Oculus Quest for your virtual reality experiences, it is of essence that you have all its accessories that include the Oculus Quest charger, which you can order online.

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The Best Snake Shoes – Which Snake Safety Shoes Are Best For You?



8 Best Snake Boots [Buyer's Guide] (Oct. 2021)

The best snake shoes are a very effective way to protect a person’s lower legs from the risk of snake bites. Although most leather shoes prevent the body from getting inside many snakes, anti-snake waterproof riding boots usually provide more protection because they are made of perforated tissue and raise the feet higher than normal shoes. Often below the knee. Snake shoes are made in different designs for different events. The key is to find the best snake shoes for your situation. Here we talk about the best snake shoes for many different occasions.

Do you need snake shoes?

Only you, as the parent can know for sure. In fact, in the United States alone, 47 out of 50 states have venomous snakes. The rest of the world is inhabited by a single venomous snake. Antarctica is the only non-snake continent on earth.

Thus, venomous snakes are perfect and can change not only incredibly painful teeth but also life or death for many people. A large portion of snake bites occur on the soles of the feet, so shoes are the best place to start if you are at risk of snake bites and need the protection and peace of a snake protective suit.

The best snake shoes for travel:

It is very dangerous for a person to be bitten by a snake while traveling. The larger the area of ​​the earth, the greater the likelihood of venomous snakes. Placing your feet in a place where a snake bite is needed often makes the disease narrower or bigger. This walk is very strong on the feet and ankles so it needs high quality, good detail. There are many rope shoes that are tied with a rope, comfortable, walking style shoes. Snake’s best shoes can also be warm, so make sure they fit snugly and are a little more comfortable.

The best snake shoes for fancy clothes:

Snake shoes can be bought in any shape. The most popular are western style knee high boots. Many of these beautiful shoes are made of high quality leather and can be very expensive, but they look very functional, comfortable and very beautiful.

The best snake shoes for the yard:

If you are outside, you run the risk of being bitten by a snake. Add outdoor activities or other activities with outdoor yard work, then you can add a little. In fact, when snakes often bite near courtyards and houses, snakes are sometimes attracted to the human body because they often have space to eat and cover.

For these reasons, snake-resistant clothing, such as shoes, is often worn. The best snake shoes for work and other activities around the house – you can wear. The problem with most snake shoes is that most of them take longer to get out. It can’t be what anyone wants, so they put on their shoes and go on their way.

Therefore, it is recommended to walk around the house with a pair of snake shoes. If you want to stay physically healthy, you may want to consider straps that are hard to wear but provide more support.

The best snake shoes for hunting:

Poisonous snakes are common during hunting. That’s why there are so many shoes that can be the best snake shoes for hunting. There are different methods of hunting, so hunting boots that protect the snake’s teeth vary depending on the area, the animal hunting and the level of activity expected throughout the day.

For hunters who need a lot of walking, you will benefit from the perfect pair of shoes, such as the best snake shoes for the journey described in this article. If you want to hunt with a wooden platform while controlling the smell, these rubber snake shoes may be the best bet for you. If you plan to hunt blind people, a comfortable slip on western style shoes will be the best bet for you.

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