Multi-Touch Attribution Market:By Size, Supplier, Demand Analysis, Type, Statistics

The Multi-Touch Attribution Market is expected to register a CAGR of approximately 15% during the forecast period (2020 – 2025). Businesses are rapidly upgrading themselves and embracing technological disruptions globally, which is proliferating the marketing managers to strategically spend on marketing activities and adopt the latest digital marketing trends. Hence, the adoption of the Multi-Touch Attribution Model over the Single-Touch Attribution Model is expected to increase.

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– Due to the increased adoption of social media and other digital platforms, marketing managers are making significant investments to support and boost their sales. According to a published article by Advertising Age, in 2019, the total marketing services spending amounted to an estimated sum of USD 248.9 billion, out of which the majority was attributed to sales promotion.
– In February 2020, TVSquared launched a platform to provide attribution solutions across all forms of video advertising, driving sales, conversions, and business outcomes. The solution offers quantifiable metrics and analytics for performance and true reach extension. Also, in November 2019, G5 launched Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer that improves digital advertising performance by up to 25% and reduces cost-per-click by as much as 15%. The Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer uses advanced multi-touch attribution (MTA) to predict best advertising outcomes and automate the allocation of daily ad investments across the most lucrative channels that provide the maximum scope of conversion.

Key Market Trends

Retail & E-commerce Industry Expected to Show Maximum Growth

– The growing digital commerce market and tighter operational budgets are enabling e-commerce players to make smart choices regarding the technologies and solutions to invest in, which would help them maximize their ROI. To understand the customers and their needs for convenient and consistent shopping experiences, retailers are required to adopt strategic solutions that aid them to maximize their customer conversion.
– Additionally, a significant portion of the retailers loses over one-third of their investment in trade promotions, primarily due to the inability of decision-makers to measure ROI, trade promotion ineffectiveness, and profitably optimize spend by leveraging data. This has led to many retailers in the market currently adopt a multi-touch attribution model over a single-touch attribution model, which helps them analyze which touchpoint or marketing channel, which majorly drives customer conversion.
– In February 2020, Flashtalking partnered with Nielsen to jointly provide an enhanced offering providing data-driven marketing for CPG and Retail marketers. Neilsen provides the customers of Flashtalking with actionable insights and drives incremental offline sales with Nielsen Attribution for CPG.

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