Motorcycle Accidents Due to Defective Parts

Motorcycle Accidents Due to Defective Parts: What You Should Do

Not all road accidents are the driver’s fault; sometimes, faulty equipment is also responsible. This is especially true when it comes to motorcycles, as many moving parts are exposed to the natural elements. Although motorcycle accidents mainly injure the riders, they can also cause grave injuries to pedestrians. Therefore, riders need to establish facts that diminish their responsibility in the accident. If you were in a motorcycle accident, you must contact a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately to avoid further damages. You must do the following in case of motorcycle accidents due to defective parts.

Check the Frame

It’s normal for motorcycle frames to get out of shape due to their exposure to the environment. For example, the heat will bend its frame, which results in the malfunction of some of its parts. You must document the evidence properly to diminish responsibility if this is the case. Usually, the riders know when the frame is out of shape, but sometimes the changes are so small that they are undetectable. A specialized attorney can help you prove that the natural conditions were responsible for some parts of the bike malfunctioning.

Failing Brakes

Usually, a rider will not know about brake issues until they are on the road. This is also a common occurrence in motor vehicles, as road conditions massively affect brakes. For example, in rainy and snowy conditions, brakes don’t work correctly; therefore, any accidents in such conditions cannot be held against the rider.If such a scenario does occur, check the brakes and record the evidence, as it will be crucial to the success of your case.


There are two factors involved in this scenario;

  1. Burst Tires:It can happen due to the condition of the road.
  2. Defective Tires: This is something that can be pinned on the manufacturing company. Any lapses in quality checks can cause motorcycle accidents; therefore, the rider will not be held responsible.

In both scenarios, the driver will have diminished responsibility. In the first case, the city council or highway administration can be sued, while in the second one, the manufacturing company will be at fault.

Keep a Receipt

If you have just replaced or modified some parts of the motorcycle, you must keep a complete record of receipts and guarantees. This little practice will help prove your innocence when something unfortunate does occur. It’s your evidence that the parts were defective and the accident was not wholly your fault.

Hire an Attorney

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and know it’s not your fault, then it’s best to contact a motorcycle attorney. These people know exactly what to look for in such cases. They will gather all the relevant information and establish a strong case.

Motorcycle accidents usually are not the rider’s fault unless they were riding it recklessly or at a fast speed. Therefore, keep your machines properly maintained and always install recognized dealers’ parts to avoid accidents and other such scenarios.

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