Motion Sensor Market Overview, Dynamics, Segments, Size, and Scope

The Motion Sensor Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period of 2020-2025. Moreover, increasing demand for consumer electronics and the rising adoption of automation technology in various industries will drive the growth of this market.

– Industry 4.0, the newest industrial revolution, has fueled the development of new technologies like collaborative robots, AI-enabled robots, etc., which have enabled enterprises to streamline many processes, increase efficiency, and eliminate errors that support the growth of this market.
– Moreover, sensors such as accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes are widely used in smartphones and tablets. As per the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) data, the global IoT connection is increased by 12.6 billion, which is influencing the growth of this market. the market is expected to experience the vendors investing in innovative/novel solutions to keep drive their market share growth. In 2019 STMicroelectronics, for instance, launched its LSM6DSO and LSM6DSOX 6-axis modules motion sensor, which is configured with finite state machine and machine learning core technology. This innovative technology helps users create their motion-recognition algorithms, and it also maximizes the battery runtime for any smartphones.

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Key Market Trends

Automobile Sector expected to be Among the Fast Growing Market Share

– The demand for motion sensors is increasing rapidly in the automobile sector due to its extensive use in the micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Moreover, the small size of MEMS sensors provides a quicker response to rapid change in the measured parameters, and because of its cost-effective features, the use of MEMS sensors has been extensive. The applications of MEMS sensors in the automobile industry are motion sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes) and pressure sensors.
– MEMS-based motion sensors are also used in airbags of different automobile vehicles. In the recent past, Bosch Sensortec GmbH​ already introduced MEMS-based motion sensors, which can detect any abrupt vehicle deceleration. Additionally, The growing demand for safety & security in the automobiles is one of the main factors, which is playing a vital role in the growth of the market.
– According to the World Health Organisation, approximately globally, more than 1.35 million people are killed in road accidents every year, and about 50 million people get injured. Moreover, increasing demand for motion sensors for battery monitoring, various positioning, and detection of moving parts of the automobiles is during the growth of this market.

Asia Pacific is one of the Fastest Growing Region For this Market

– The rapid industrialization and urbanization within this region are fuelling the growth of this market. Moreover, the emergence of Electric Vehicles (EV) and 5G smartphones are supporting the considerable demand for motion sensors in the Asia Pacific region. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology China, the number of mobile phone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in China has increased by 1.96% in 2019 compared to 2018.

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