Modern methods to combat pests

Have you ever thought about why we all want to kill pests, particularly mice? I am sure never, but it is extremely important. We try to protect our family members from all possible threats. And mouse and other pests can bring a huge threat to the health condition of your family member. There can be the possibility of food poisoning, diarrhea, and many more stomach related dreadful diseases. And this sets the tone for this article, through which we want to aware our audience of modern methods for combating pests. We would be enumerating several methods and one can choose as per his convenience.

Entry point

Many of us are habitual of leaving uncovered food after dinner on the table or the kitchen shelf. This is more evident in the case of teenagers and youth. They are so indulged in their fast lives that they tend to forget this threat. And this becomes an entry point for this danger in your house. 

Tackling the mouse

You might think it is so simple we can kill them. But it is not so simple. There have been several conventional methods like bucket mouse trap but people have moved forward towards more advanced and scientific approaches. And, these we are going to uncover in this article.

Electric Traps

This method deals with bringing a mouse into a chamber and then giving a fatal electric shock to the mouse. This in turn kills the mouse. These are engineered tools wherein you need not touch or see the mouse. These are advantageous as neither you nor your pet needs to encounter dead mice. They come with a signal which blows and indicate if a mouse is trapped and killed. These are certainly more expensive than traditional methods and are best suited for places with a lower number of rodents.

Live Catch traps

These are more mechanical and these have doors that are triggered. In this when the mouse enters the chamber the door gets shut and it remains shut till the time you open it. Then you can open the door after going out of your house. Thus you would not need to kill the mouse. These are effective and do not consume any kind of power. These are effective and do not put any burden on your pocket. Being easy to use these are widely used to remove rodents from your house.

Sticky Traps 

These are some of the new ways that people have started using to trap the mouse. Earlier bucket mousetrap was the most common technique people used. This arrangement comprises the glue board. It is either plastic or cardboard. It is completely mechanical. When a mouse gets attracted and tries to cross these traps then he gets stick to the board. And this stops his movement. These are of good use for inside the house and you need to keep them away from pets or children in your house.So, it is quite advisable to use these modern methods to kill the mouse and other recurring pests in your home. This in turn would keep your home healthier.

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