Modern Covid Reality: What Profession To Master In Order To Earn Money Remotely?

 We live in a time of opportunity and cool diverse professions! Today, for every talent there is a good high-paying job. And for every talent there is a remote job! The main thing is to constantly improve and grow as a specialist! Let’s talk about what “professions from home” will be relevant for many years to come. Our world is developing at a tremendous speed and is becoming more and more technological every day. The Internet is developing especially rapidly, and thanks to it, the list of professions for working from home is expanding. Our reality makes it possible for so many of us to work from home, combine many other activities with work and take a lot of free time. Also work at a time when it is convenient for you individually, regardless of the schedule – maybe even at night! Let’s talk about professions that are definitely comfortable in the world of work from home.

SMM specialist

Who is that? An SMM specialist is a marketing professional who specializes in promoting goods, services, companies and brands on various social networks. Such a specialist is engaged in writing texts for publications, creating communication strategies, advertising on social networks, communication with the audience and analytics. He or she is constantly in touch with the audience of the brand or organization he represents, he is a kind of intermediary between the organization and society.

Who is best suited for this profession? If you cannot live without social networks, follow all the updates and always stay in touch, you will definitely enjoy this profession immensely! You can work both freelance and in a specialized agency.

UI designer

UX/UI designers are a very sought-after profession in the modern world of remote work. In order to work in this area, you only need a computer, so you can work from anywhere in the world. However, many still choose to work at a UI design agency, where there are a lot of like-minded people and cool colleagues who form a professional community.

Such designers are engaged in the user interface. Their main tasks are to make the website as convenient and beautiful as possible for the user to feel comfortable. So that user’s “purchasing path” is easy and does not make a person wait long and feel inconvenience. If you are the kind of person who likes to create convenient “buttons” and beautiful colors on websites for users to make your client’s work go faster, you should definitely try this profession!


The profession of a copywriter is becoming more and more popular every day. This is the person who has the highest degree of literacy and writes texts to order. Motivation and topics of texts can be different – for blogs, websites, advertising.

Copywriters are needed almost everywhere – businesses, communication agencies, bloggers and so on. If you liked writing essays at school, this profession will definitely appeal to you.

Web Analyst

A web analyst is a professional whose task is to collect and analyze information about site visitors. This is done in order to increase the number of visits to the resource, improve its work and the quality of it. Such a specialist most often works in a team with SMM specialists and advertisers. Helps to build effective advertising campaigns.

The specialty is suitable for those who love mathematics and numbers. This is a more technical profession than the ones we talked about above.

Do not be afraid to try yourself in something new and always remember that the 21st century is a time of opportunity and a time of constant change of professions for both young professionals and adults. We hope you found something useful for yourself. Good luck in all endeavors!

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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