Mistakes to Avoid When Vaping

When done properly, vaping can be fun and pleasurable. It can help individuals unwind and relax at the end of the day and provide a sweet treat. It can also deliver the nicotine that the body often craves.

However, those who are new to vaping may not be completely sure what they are doing when starting out. While it is fun to find deals on vaping supplies, new vapers may not know what is needed or what to purchase. Because of this, mistakes may be made. Keep reading to learn some of the most common mistakes, which will help ensure they are avoided.

Mistake: Buying Cheap Vape Gear

If someone decides they want to start vaping, they need to purchase, at a minimum, one e-cigarette or vape device and a bottle of e-juice. It is essential to buy products from a trusted store and supplier and that a person learns how to use them properly.

Several people decide to go cheap when first starting out and wind up purchasing low-quality products. Then, these same individuals are shocked that they do not have a positive experience. If someone is going to use low-quality, cheap products, they will not like vaping very much. They may also be putting themselves at the risk of an injury if they purchase cheaper materials because the products have not been properly tested to make sure they do not catch fire or explode.

If individuals do not make a smart investment when buying vaping products, they will put the entire experience at risk. Spend a little more now and buy products that are worth it.

Mistake: Taking Dry Hits

A dry hit is never pleasant. In fact, this is the nemesis of any vaper. It occurs if there is not enough juice moving through the coil. The result is a bad taste that is going to burn the back of the throat.

Before someone starts vaping, they need to look at their e-juice level to ensure there is enough in the e-cigarette to keep the coil moist. The first indication of a lower e-juice level means that it is time to stop and refill the tank. This is going to ensure that dry hits do not occur.

Mistake: Trying to Blend E-Juice Flavors

Trying to blend two e-juice flavors may seem like a good idea. However, if someone blends them, they may find the taste is horrible. Even worse, they have wasted their e-juice and have to clean out the entire tank.

It is a good idea to clean out the e-juice tank each time the flavor is switched. This will ensure none of the bad taste of mixing flavors occurs. It will also help someone avoid nasty flavors and let them fully experience the flavors they enjoy. Make sure the blending is left to the professionals.

Mistake: Using a Dirty Coil While Vaping

The coils found inside an e-cigarette will not remain clean forever. In fact, users only get a few weeks from a coil before it should be replaced. In many cases, the coil must be cleaned out long before that.

If the coil gets too gunky, it will impact the taste of the e-juices and result in reduced vapor amounts. Be sure to clean the coils regularly and replace them when needed. This is the only way someone can experience consistent vaping each time they use their e-cigarette.

Mistake: Using Too Much Nicotine

If someone is taking in too much nicotine each day when they smoke, they may not have to worry about making this big of a mistake. However, there is such a thing as too much nicotine. So, it is important to be careful about the e-juice selected. Each e-juice has a unique level of nicotine, and it is important to find the one that works for a person’s situation.

It may be necessary to experiment with different options to find an e-juice that works well. However, as time passes, it is possible to find an option that provides the desired nicotine fix without any issues.

Mistake: Not Charging the Battery

It is possible to take the needed steps when vaping, including cleaning the coil, washing the tank out before putting new e-juice in, and ensuring the nicotine level is right. However, what if the battery is low? If this happens, it means no vaping!

Try to get into the habit of charging the battery whenever the device is not being used. A few precautions should be taken to charge the battery properly, such as only using the electronic plugs sold with it. While this is true, as long as the instructions are followed, it is not too hard to keep the e-cigarette charged at all times.

Mistake: Buying the Same E-Juice Again and Again

While cookies taste great, if the same cookies are used time and time again, the body will become more used to them, which means that eventually, something else will be wanted. The same thing occurs with e-juices.

When someone first starts to vape with a specific flavor, they may love it. Over time, though, they may develop something called vape tongue. This is a condition that results in the person being unable to taste a certain flavor. While this will not last forever, a new e-juice should be used to reset the person’s palate.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

If a person wants to make the most of their vaping experience, they should keep the information here in mind. Avoiding some of the most common mistakes is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved. It is also smart to talk to someone who has vaped before or someone at the store where e-liquids are sold for more tips. This type of first-hand information and insight is invaluable for getting quality results from the vape set up that a person is using. Being informed is the best way to have a positive vaping experience, which is true for new and experienced vape users.

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