Beginners Make While Growing Marijuana

Mistakes Most Beginners Make While Growing Marijuana

The truth is, mistakes are sometimes inevitable if you’re a complete beginner looking to growing your marijuana. They can sometimes be discouraging, leaving many people giving up on their desire to cultivate the same. But all these setbacks should not hinder you. That is because websites such as ILGM will hold your hand and help you throughout every step of the way to ensure you get the desired results. 

In his post, we highlight some of the most common mistakes beginners make from time to time. That will help you avoid them altogether if you want to want to enjoy a smooth growing journey.  

  1. Starting with poor quality seeds

Growing marijuana is an exciting experience for many people. In the quest to get started as fast as possible and get the desired results, most of them end up with low-quality seeds. These seeds may have crumbled due to pressure and may not be mature enough to grow. 

Whatever the case, you need to ensure that you plant a good batch of marijuana seeds. To do this, ensure that you choose a reliable online store, one with stellar reviews and is known to supply high-quality marijuana products to all its clients. That will ensure that you get the best results, those that will give you the highest yields.

  1. Overwatering

Another mistake that most people make is overwatering their marijuana plants. Even though you want your plant to look healthy all the time, soil that is constantly wet is prone to issues such as mildew and mold. And may further deprive the roots of the plant of enough oxygen.

Before watering your marijuana plant, ensure that the soil is dry.

  1. Excess nutrients

Nutrients are critical for the growth and development of your marijuana plant. However, if it gets overfed with the same, it may exhibit signs of nutrient burn. The leaves may start to appear brown or yellow at the tip and slowly turn crisp.

Using excess nutrients may damage the roots, inhibiting their ability to absorb them. It may also result in rotting and low-quality yield. Or none at all. 

To avoid such as scenario, begin by inspecting your marijuana plant to ensure that the nutrients are not in excess. And flush out any by using water that is PH-balanced. Also, don’t go harm with the nutrients. But try to use the recommended doses as you increase as expected.

  1. Ignoring PH levels

If you’re planning to grow marijuana, you need to know how to keep an eye on PH levels. That is because it determines the level the carbohydrates and nutrients your plant will feed off or absorb for growth.

If this is unmanaged, the marijuana plant may exhibit nutrient deficiency or struggle to grow all together. The yields also suffer, and the buds produced tend to be of the lowest quality. In the worst-case scenario, the plant may die.

For this reason, you need to address the PH levels to ensures that your marijuana plants grow and thrive in the best soil. That way, you get to address any issues before they begin to show. Using PH strips will help you determine whether you need to raise or lower your PH. 

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