Minivan vs. SUV: Which is Better?

SUVs and minivans are the two most efficient vehicles in the market for consumers. Both vehicles have pros and cons when it comes to price, features, style, and capabilities. It is important to know your needs and to scrutinize all the features of the vehicle before making this tough choice.

Here is a comparison to help you make the right decision

Minivan vs. SUV: Cargo Space

Minivans are the winner of this category as they offer a huge amount of space in almost every minivan along with the easy-load access. In comparison, the Honda Odyssey allows up to 158 cubic feet whereas the Chevy Suburban can only have a little more than 120 cubic feet of cargo space.

Minivans offer lower floors and deep cargo in the third row gives you extra space for groceries and suitcases in the back even when the vehicle is full of passengers. 

Minivan vs. SUV: Price 

Minivans are generally considered cheaper than SUVs. If fully loaded, minivans can range from $30000 to around $40000. The least expensive SUV on the other hand can start from $30000 with three rows of seats and end up closer to $50000. 

In comparison, top trim and fully loaded minivan retail for around $50000 whereas a top trim luxury brand SUV retails for $80000. So, If you are looking for all the latest features along with luxurious comfort then minivans are the right choice for you. 

Minivan vs. SUV: Comfort

Both minivans and SUVs offer several interior features that are appealing to consumers. Minivans retain an advantage in comfort due to its flexible seating configurations and sliding doors. Almost all minivans offer adjustable middle seats that are removable and can be stowed away on the floor. The third-row seats are also adjustable and can be folded away to get extra space.

SUVs also offer third-row seat adjustments, but they are more congested than minivans. Moreover, SUV does not offer a flexible middle seat configuration.  

Minivan vs. SUV: Safety 

Many consumers believe that SUVs are safer than minivans. This can be true in some cases. however, due to their higher ground clearance, SUVs are prone to rollovers. In comparison, minivans are designed like a regular car and have a lower center of gravity which makes them more stable on the road.

Apart from that, SUVs and minivans have quite similar features and options when it comes to safety. 

Minivan vs. SUV: Performance

SUVs are known for their great performance and are the clear winner in this category. The optional v8 engines or turbocharged v six engines in large SUVs offer great acceleration and handling capabilities on the road. In comparison, minivans are nimble when it comes to handling due to their lower center of gravity.

Minivan vs. SUV: Passenger Space

Minivans have an advantage over SUVs in this category as well. SUVs and Minivans all feature bucket seats in the centre row and three passenger seats in the third row. The passenger space in minivans does not come at the cost of cargo space which allows you to fit all your stuff in the vehicle that you carry around every day. 

Let’s take a look at a practical example to better understand passenger space. Honda Lebanon has both Honda Pilot, a mid-size SUV and Honda Odyssey, a minivan in its lineup. Both can seat 8 passengers at a team. However, minivans provide more comfortable seating space.

SUVs are still pretty spacious, but if you are looking for a vehicle that can seat 7 to 8 people comfortably then a minivan is certainly the right option for you.

Minivan vs. SUV: Fuel Economy 

This category will end in a tie as there is no significant difference between SUVs and minivans when it comes to fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency of SUV hybrid and SUV crossover are quite similar to minivans. However, the higher price of SUVs can equalize your fuel-saving so think wisely before making a final decision.

While SUVs are popular for their style and power, minivans provide practicality. Both have unique features and benefits which appeal to different buyers. So, before you decide to buy a vehicle, assess your needs comprehensively.

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