MilesWeb Review: Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Still, trying to take the company online in 2021? What’s holding you back? Finance, a lack of hosting experience, and web management vulnerability are all factors that may prevent you from bringing your company online.

It has become important to take your company online in today’s world of digital marketing.

You may become an online entrepreneur or businessman in a variety of ways.

When you’re working on a website on your personal computer, you’ll need to set aside some space on the web servers to make it public. Hosting refers to the method of putting web pages on servers. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting are some of the different types of web hosting available.

Small websites, small business hosting with low traffic rates go well with shared web hosting. It’s also low-cost and simple to operate. The majority of companies choose shared hosting, in which the website shares physical server services. Because of the distributed resources, this hosting style has a lower cost.

Virtualization is how VPS works. Although the server is shared by many websites, each user is assigned a unique IP address. If you need scalability, VPS is the way to go. VPS is claimed to be a better version of shared hosting, but both hosting styles have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Dedicated hosting is a web hosting type in which you own an entire server. It is better if you have websites with higher traffic and need more resources for your websites. The user has complete control over the server, allowing it to be customized in every way. A consumer can install any program he wants. Dedicated hosting provides a higher degree of protection and no other websites share the server space. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud storage is a form of computing that distributes data through multiple servers in different locations. Cloud hosting is divided into four categories: public, private, hybrid, and controlled. Dedicated servers lack the elastic scalability and protection that cloud computing provides. Pay-as-you-go cloud hosting plans allow users to pay only for the services they use, while dedicated

Dedicated hosting plans require users to pay the full plan price even though they are not using majority of resources. The elastic cloud framework manages virtual servers, caches web pages, and synchronizes webpages, among other things.

When you host your website in the cloud, it doesn’t matter what platform you use to build it.

The resources increase as cloud computing links many servers. Cloud computing provides you with a high level of uptime, scalability, and a dedicated IP address.

Cloud infrastructure works in a distributed manner. The webpages are replicated on several cloud servers and spread across them, minimizing the risk of data loss. The cloud server most likely saves a website’s web pages on various cloud clusters.

Cloud hosting is ideal for a variety of websites, including blogging websites, portfolios, eCommerce, high-traffic sites, and enterprise-level sites.

When it comes to hosting a website on cloud servers, knowing about cloud hosting isn’t enough. It is necessary to understand the differences between managed and unmanaged cloud hosting.

AWS, DigitalOcean are some of the companies providing cloud infrastructure.

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing company based in New York City that has data centers all over the world. Developers may use DigitalOcean’s cloud services to deploy and scale applications that run on several computers at the same time

There are various features of cloud hosting listed below:

Pooling of Resources

Cloud hosting with a multi-tenant model offers computing services and infrastructure to multiple clients. Physical and virtual server services are allocated and reassigned in response to customer demand.


Scalability is a function of the cloud infrastructure that allows customers to scale up and down resources according to their needs.

Safety is important

The cloud provides a level of protection that prevents data breaches. With cloud computing, the data is never compromised or lost because it is distributed through many virtual servers. Penetration testing, virtual private networks (VPNs), obfuscation and firewalls are all examples of cloud protection.


You just pay for what you use. The payment structure is not the same as with conventional hosting.

What is managed cloud hosting?

Managed cloud hosting involves having the infrastructure as well as many manageable facilities. Your cloud hosting company is in charge of cloud configuration, storage, design, and architecture, among other things. This type offers enhanced protection and keeps an eye on the site for cyber threats.

Now that we’ve looked at cloud hosting in-depth, we need to know who the best managed cloud hosting company is.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is India’s leading web hosting company that offers shared, VPS, dedicated, and AWS cloud, managed DigitalOcean hosting. About 28,000 satisfied customers can be found all over the world. Data centers are located in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Singapore, and Australia. They are the most dependable in the web hosting industry because they provide customer service 24*7.

Managed DigitalOcean cloud services by MilesWeb offers you the following:

Managed Cloud Hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb provides fully managed cloud hosting plans. The certified professionals of the company are available 24×7 to manage your cloud server.

  • Cloud server setup
  • Control panel installation and configuration
  • Third-party software installation
  • Linux security and hardening
  • CMS and Web application installation
  • CSF Firewall installation and configuration
  • Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
  • Database optimization
  • Network fine-tuning
  • Server performance fine-tuning
  • Security optimization
  • Kernel patch updates
  • Malware, virus detection and protection
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • Spam protection
  • Database and Website security
  • Protection against server blacklisting
  • Malware removal
  • Cloud server performance optimization
  • Cloud server migration
  • rDNS setup
  • Hardware and network related issues
  • Unlimited ticket, emails and chat

MilesWeb does not charge for any kind of maintenance. You only pay the charges shown on the website. Timely OS updates are done to maintain the security of your website. The company handles the entire cloud server management for any kind of complicated hosting environment. Your hosting account is managed for network, uptime and security.

With other hosting partners it is a DIY but MilesWeb provides you the finest managed cloud hosting services for your cloud infrastructure.

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