Mezcals to Try in the New Year

Mezcals to Try in the New Year

Have you thought about trying Mezcal? This legendary drink, which has its origin in Mexico, has for a long time been overshadowed by its rivals such as tequila, but this time it is not taking its foot off the gas. Mezcal is a soothing spirit that is made with a natural touch. Its production is highlighted by the roasting of agaves in underground pits and the slow fermentation in vats, which yields unmatched purity. If you have tried it before, then you must know how special it feels, but if you want to give it a try, you’ll surely discover what you have been missing.

To get the most extraordinary tastes of mezcals, here are the options you can try this new year to add flavor to your fun moments.

Mezcal Rosaluna

Rosaluna tops our list of the mezcals to try this year because it has many of the attributes you would want in this kind of drink. It is one of the new ones on the block, but this takes nothing away from the greatness it carries along and the epic experience it gives you. Rosaluna is made in Oaxaca, Mexico, a place that has been rightfully named the capital of mezcal. It joins other big names here and sets standards. It is gluten-free, carbon-neutral, and completely plant-based to grant you the most cordial sips.

The great taste of the Rosaluna is undoubtedly enabled by the fact that the makers are self-sustaining with integrated production where they grow everything needed for the brewery and complete every step at a single point. The natural process of production and attention to detail produces some of the best flavors. Adding a tinge of ginger here and some cinnamon there wraps up the best drink you are going to enjoy during this period.

This magical spirit can be enjoyed in many ways and on many occasions. Choose between the earthly agave, complex aroma, and smooth aroma.

Illegal Mezcal Joven

The Illegal mezcal joven is one of the drinks that you need to try because it is a natural flavor of niceness. The name might hit hard but this drink isn’t all that tough. In fact, a mezcal newbie would easily find a way with this brand. It is also made in Mexico and comes with the versatility to make cocktails but it can be enjoyed on its own.

The pieces that bring out the awe-inspiring taste are:

·       Eucalyptus add ons

·       Pepper

·       Citrus

·       Apple

Illegal Mezcal is made cautiously, with virtually every step of the way being hand-crafted. It is left unaged to produce the desired mezcal taste and leave the agave flavor strong enough to tease the taste buds.


Montelobos is a mezcal brand that gives you variety on your shelves. You can choose from the Espadín variant or the Ensamble which is an adventurous blend of different types of agave. The other Montelobos expression is Tobala which is made from the rare agave variant. The smokey effect of mezcal makes the Tobala stand out, and this is further enhanced by the excellent product that comes out of the addition of other natural ingredients in Mexico, such as pepper. Choose one of the spirit variants from Montelobos, and you can easily mark your favorite from the list.


Mezcal is a nice kind of liquor to have in your collection. The fact that it is not mentioned everyday like its beer and wine counterparts makes it even more admirable. If you want to deviate a little from your everyday kind of spirit, then these are some of the best options you can find on the market.

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