Method Of Text Translation Of Het Vertaalbureau Online Translator

For more than 2 decades, we’ve been delivering top-notch translations. We collaborate with the most skilled translators and proofreaders in the industry. Het Vertaalbureau translation agency puts a focus on the consumer. We attempt to think like our clients and support them where needed in everything we do.

Our project managers effectively communicate with our customers and translators regularly. We make every effort to customize our projects as closely as possible to our clients’ needs. We aspire to be a trustworthy partner for both our clients and translators.

Give this article a careful read to know more about our process of professional translation!

9 Steps OfOur Professional Translation

Here are the steps that are involved in our translation process are services that we provide to our customers:

1. Files

You can either e-mail your files to us or utilize our form to give us your files.

2. Quotation

We use translation memory software to analyze your files and deliver you a customized proposal.

3. Agree

The project gets set up in our translation management system after you approve it.

4. The Translation Staff

Our project managers ensure that your assignment is assigned to the most qualified translators.

5. Revision

The translation is double-checked, and the document’s layout is modified as needed so that our customers must be provided with the best and most high-quality translation services.

6. Delivery

The completed translation is supplied within the agreed-upon time frame.

7. Feedback

The translation will be updated based on your feedback, and we can change and adjust the layout more if necessary.

8. Updating

Any terminology lists and translation memory will be updated for future reference after final delivery.

9. Billing

The task will be completed in our translation management system, and you will receive an e-mail invoice automatically.

Work Of Our Project Managers

Our project managers pay attention to our client’s needs and consider their viewpoints.

Our project managers are critical components of our organization and make a significant difference. High-quality translations start with good communication and a clear briefing. In this case, communication is critical.

On one end, there must be effective communication between the client and the translation agency, and on the other edge, there must be open communication between the translation agency and the translators.

For each customer, there is a dedicated project manager. Learning to translate is a process that takes time and effort. We can quickly educate our translators with customer-specific language and style of speech because of our personal and close communication with our project managers.

Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, we can say that for internal use, an internet translation such as Het Vertaalbureauis sufficient. If you get an e-mail from a supplier with certain sentences you don’t understand, our translation page will be really useful. Professional translations are recommended if you wish to translate a text that you will later distribute to your consumers. All translations are completed by professional and experienced translators who only convert into their original language at our translation service. You must get in touch with our team to see how we can assist you!