Memriez launches new automatic Journal app to record your personal history

Consistent journaling has proven to be an essential self-care practice that helps build mindfulness and gratitude, reduces stress, and encourages personal growth. While some still enjoy physically journaling and using traditional resources, many have shifted to using apps to stay organized. New technologies are turning old within minutes in this age of automation, and manual habits are becoming automated processes. Journaling has now become one of the many things people do digitally.

Memriez is an automatic journal that automatically tracks social media posts, health data, appointments, and personal entertainment media to create the ultimate record of anyone’s life. Not only can people express themselves with text or audio journal entries, but they can also connect to all social media platforms, log and rate books, and other entertainment, sync their calendars, bring their journal to life with photos, and monitor their fitness.

Memriez is unlike any other journaling app that exists at the moment. By allowing users to automatically see their posts on their social media platforms, they can have them as part of their own private and secure journal.

Designed for iPad and iPhones, essential journaling on Memriez will always be free, but members can upgrade to activate automatic journaling, automatic backup, and exciting new features. Users will also be able to enjoy a free first month of all Premium features unlocked. People who want to continue with premium features can subscribe for auto-renew services for only $0.99/month or $9.99/year. The app is currently available on the Apple App Store, with Beta testing done previously. The intention is to live life to the fullest and create a record of cherished memories right at everyone’s fingertips.

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