Meet This Teenage YouTuber and ‘Fortnite’ Gamer Who Has Become A Selfless YouTube Channel Guide

If you are a Fortnite enthusiast, you might have already met this teenage YouTuber knowingly or unknowingly. The YouTube video named “Legends”, which has amassed over 10.5 million views, becoming one of the most viewed Fortnite videos globally, belongs to the YouTube channel, SerpentAU. But who is behind this channel?

He is someone reaching milestones and taking others with him, too. But like everybody else, he, too, started from the bottom. It was at the tender age of 15 when SerpentAU discovered his passion for YouTube. It was the perfect choice he made at the time to incorporate his love for the online game Fortnite and his passion for YouTube into one enthralling niche.

How many of you already have a passion for gaming but don’t know where to start? How many of you are already talented gamers but need a YouTube channel guide? Well, here is some inspiration and valuable insights into the life of the teenage YouTuber who is behind the success of many other teenage YouTubers, doing everything unanimously and selflessly.

How Did SerpentAU Make His Content Stand Out Among Other Fortnite Videos?

There is plenty of content on YouTube when it comes to the Fortnite online game, and standing out of it is itself a success. How did he reach this breakthrough?

The key is to be different. Look at the content similar to your niche and think of the ways you can produce something unique.

Two things helped the “Legends” creator in his niche of gaming content creation;

  • Being aware of the competition
  • Creating content such that the viewers trust his gaming skills and enjoy it, at the same time

But this is not all. We have a lot more to learn from him. How did he become an inspiration for other teenage YouTubers at such a young age? How can you benefit from it? Let’s get to it.

How Has This Teenage YouTuber Contributed To Grow Other Channels?

Many YouTubers are already making their mark in the game, and then comes this guy, who is not only thinking for himself but also giving back to his community.

After his success, SerpentAU started an initiative to share his YouTube knowledge and support small channels. He managed those accounts, and the results were eye-popping.

For you to get a better understanding of the life of this successful and selfless teenage YouTuber, we asked him about his strategy to help grow your YouTube channel, and this is what he has to say;

“I find the latest trends that would fit with their niche and capitalize off that. I do all the research, find all the charts, compare trends and find what is best. For my clients, if you would like to call them that, I tell them what type of videos to do. I provide all relevant metadata such as titles, descriptions, tags, etc. I also bring in sponsorships, promotions, and brand deals wherever I can”

That is a whole lot of work to get done, right? Who, at this age, would sacrifice his sleep to help others grow?

You must be thinking about what he takes in return. We had the same question, so we put it in front of him. What he told us afterwards blew our mind;

“No, I do not take a cut from any of this. Honestly, I am just a teenage YouTuber looking out for other teenage YouTubers.”

We were deeply impressed by this boy’s approach towards his community, and we are sure that you are equally thrilled to know him more.

We asked him what he has in his mind in his journey of being a YouTube channel guide, and as expected, we got a thoughtful answer;

“I want to be someone easily approachable, someone you can ask for advice from when you are stuck and don’t know what to do.”

When we searched for the channels he is supporting, we were delighted to know that they have reached hundreds of thousands of subscribers, one having 679k subscribers, surpassing even SerpentAU himself.

Is SerpentAU A Ray of Hope For Small Talents In The YouTube Community?

This type of contribution is no doubt so rare in this age of rat race. The fact that he is not taking anything back and doing all the effort non contractually seems so surreal. These kinds of people make us hope that there are still some compassionate beings who are willing to help others.

If you are also looking to grow your YouTube channel, know that SerpentAU is still continually looking to help growing talents get the recognition they deserve.

What Is The Future Like For SerpentAU?

You just met a successful Teenage YouTuber who is truly an inspiration for us. He is enthusiastic about being a helping hand for small channels and growing talents through his positivity and compassion. If you are one of those talents who need recognition, this teenage YouTuber, generous with his knowledge, is still looking out to lend his support to his fellow teenage YouTubers.

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