Medication Identifiers- A Solution For Digital Pharmacies

Medication Identifiers- A Solution For Digital Pharmacies

What is Medication Identifiers 

Pharmacies have access to every kind of drug. Anyone can access those drugs with a prescription from their doctor. Medication identifier is the process of identifying the patient and verifying the prescription so the drugs do not fall into the wrong hands. Many people can manipulate the system and present a stolen or fake id to access drugs. This is why it is absolutely necessary to verify the identity of the patient. With the help of medication identifiers, underage children can be identified so they cannot acquire harmful drugs.

What is Know Your Patient

Know your Patient (KYP) is required to verify the identity of the patient through their health Id or Id document. Medical fraud is not limited to pharmacies only. People can steal the insurance of a person and get treated in their place. This can alter the medical history of the fraud victim and cause life threatening problems for them. Not to forget that the hospital or insurance company can be facing lawsuits and penalties.

There was a huge data breach, in 2017, called Anthem breach and it affected around 78.8 million people. This data breach not only included patients but employees as well. Due to the sensitive data record breach, the insurance company had faced $115 million lawsuits.

How does KYP works

AI solutions can be used to verify the identity of the patient. AI solutions can screen the identity of the person and the age of the person to verify if they are who they claim to be. You can integrate the AI software with the hospital’s website for screening.

A person is required to take a picture with an ID document or show the ID document along with their face on a webcam. The information provided previously is then extracted through AI solutions. Both the informations are then matched and screened for verification. The authenticity of the document is also provided to ensure that the document is not fake, tampered with, or stolen. For age verification of the patient, their date of birth is required so it can be screened and verified. Face verification can also perform biometric authentication.

AI based KYP solution verifies the patient within seconds. This comes in handy in case of emergencies. The digital verification solution not only saves time, but it also saves quite a lot of money for the healthcare sector.

Digital id verification for pharmaceutical in united kingdom

GPhC, General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK, gave some guidance regarding the registered pharmacies that are providing pharmaceutical services online. According to GPhC, pharmacies are required to verify the identity of the customer before allowing them to purchase opiates, diabetic medicine, medicine for asthma, and medicine for epilepsy.

How can one tell that the online order for a medicine is placed by someone with an authentic prescription or whether it was given to them by a qualified doctor. This is where medication identifiers solution plays an important role.

Pharmacies keep very sensitive and significant information. A person’s medical data is worth a lot on the dark web. This is why verifying the identity of the patient is quite necessary before selling any kind of drugs to the patient.

KYP solution helps not only the patient but also the healthcare provider. Credentials of the  patient are not enough before buying any medication, it is also necessary to verify their ID documents. To stop the medical identity theft, medication identifier requirement has become mandatory, not only in the UK but around the world.

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