5 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Mattress Guide -Which Mattress you should Buy?

1. Spending maximum budget and not compromising

Financial constraints determine how much a person is going to spend, but you can always stretch when you really want something. What is the value of waking up every morning feeling refreshed? Is spending a thousand pounds for two people on something that last over ten years really much. It will be worth 13.6 pennies every night, which is worth it.

2. Asking for advice and recommendation

Stores have sales advisor whether in-store or online that you can ask any questions you might have. They are there to guide you through the process until you finally get your mattress. They have the training needed to help you with the process of finding the perfect mattress for you. Take time to read customer reviews. Look at these Bear mattress reviews.

3. Choosing the right tension is important for comfort and support

You should avoid going for perfect mattress that are too soft because it can cause your shoulders and hips to pinch or curve downwards, which is going to put pressure on your muscles and joints can cause pain throughout the night or in the morning.

You should also avoid mattresses that are too firm. They can put a lot of unnecessary strain on your hips and shoulders, and it is not going to support your lumbar region of the spine, which can lead to stiffness in high-pressure areas and back pain.

Another factor that will affect the tension of a mattress is its base. If you choose slatted bases, then expect the mattress to firm up. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing the right tension for you. 

We recommend;

 Soft Tension: Under 50 kgs

Regular Tension: 51 to 114 kgs

Firm Tension: 115 kgs and above

4. The base is more important than what many people think

You should look at changing the bed base because a mattress has been designed to contour to your body shape, and it also contours to the base. While your base might look good, you should ask yourself whether it is going to last you another ten years. You can easily ruin a new mattress by using an old base. A metal or wooden slatted base significantly firms up a mattress, which is why it is always a good idea to choose a sprung option when possible. To ensure maximum performance of your mattress, the gap between the salts shouldn’t exceed 7 cm wide.

If you are having a hard time finding a natural sprung base, then consider chemical-free wool beds.

5. It is important to think about head and neck support

Pick a new pillow when shopping for a new mattress because it affects the position of your head and therefore spine and neck.

When you get wool pillows, your head and neck get the support it needs while you get a great night sleep. You will also sleep knowing you are sleeping on natural materials.

6. The size of your mattress

You should carefully consider the length and width of the mattress. If you are sharing the bed with someone else on a double, you feel like you are sleeping on a cot mattress. You need to upgrade to a King-size which has more width and is great for tall people because it has an extra 10cm in length.

It is also important to match the mattress topper/protector with the size of the bed because it is going to add a couple of years to your mattress. If you choose a natural mattress, then choose a wool topper/protector to go over it so you can get the full benefits of the natural mattress. You can get a 100 Night Guarantee when you buy a mattress, which is going to take out the risk of buying.

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