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Marble shower trays. Advantages and disadvantages

The production of modern sanitary ware allows you to choose a wide variety of options for the shower bases for the bathroom. We are talking about almost any form of the product and the material from which it is made. You can choose shower trays made of artificial stone, acrylic, steel, cast iron, ceramics, and other materials on the market. 
Experts advise prioritizing quality and installing imitation marble shower trays in your bathrooms. On the one hand, such material is, of course, more wear-resistant and robust than acrylic or stone pallets. On the other hand, this composite is noticeably more affordable than a product made of natural stone. Artificial marble is made using the technology of “casting” a mixture of natural marble chips and synthetic materials, particularly polyester resin. Outside, the product is covered with a gel-like gel coat, which is necessary to protect plumbing made of artificial marble from the effects of an aggressive environment. 
In addition, it should be noted that artificial marble shower trays are absolutely moisture resistant, which means they are protected from the penetration of harmful microbes and bacteria. Thanks to the artificial structure, the cast stone material is characterized by high antibacterial properties and ease of manufacture. Marble “casting” allows you to make shower trays of almost any shape and size.
Shower trays made of imitation marble are a product of a quality substitute, which is ahead of its “natural” counterpart in many respects.
All of the above are undoubtedly the advantages of artificial stone plumbing. If you choose a shower tray for your bathroom, cast marble is the same material that will give your product a long life. Cast marble shower trays are well proven in use, so their popularity is increasing.
If we talk about the shortcomings, then they may only be an insufficiently wide range of models that would ideally fit in your bathroom, in the presence of a particular store.
In the collection of the “New Bathroom Style” bathroom supply stores, you can find marble shower trays of any shape and size in a suitable price segment and discount bathroom vanities near me
You can choose from models of classic rectangular or square shape: Fleurco. A shower cabin installed on a pallet in the corner of the room will also look ideal. A complete solution for the corner-shaped booth will be a stylish pallet model from DreamLine – a pentagonal shape stylized as a diamond.
These and other models of shower trays can be installed indoors in three ways:

  1. Firstly, install the tray directly on the bathroom floor.
  2. Secondly, mount the tray on the floor.
  3. Thirdly, place the base of the shower cabin on the legs.
    Each of these approaches depends on the design of the interior solution in your bathroom and the features of the shape and size of the pallet.
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