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Manual VS. Electric Precision Screwdriver, which is better?



There is perhaps nothing more important in our mechanical world than screws. To fit those screws, you need a screwdriver without which you cannot even imagine attaching or detaching the screws. Generally speaking, there are two types of screwdrivers, i.e., manual screwdriver and electric precision screwdriver. A manual screwdriver has basically two parts, a handle and a shaft with a tip. In mechanical screwdrivers, steel is used mostly to make the shaft wear resistant. The handle is made in a way to give you a fine grip on the screwdriver so you can rotate it easily. Manual screwdriver is usually classified based on the tip, which is shaped to fit the driving surfaces such as slots, grooves, or recesses.

However electric precision screwdriver ensures tightening the screw to a specific torque via rotary motion. The most important part of an electric precision screwdriver is the clutch. A clutch is made of steel balls rolling between plates. From one end, it is attached to spring while on the other end to a side driving a screw or a fastener. The tightening must be sufficient but not excessive in order for the efficient working of the subjected gadget. An insufficient tightening may loosen up during operation, and excessive tightening might break some parts of the machine.

Although the purpose of both manual and electric precision screwdriver is the same, the ways to operate them are vastly different. In a manual screwdriver, rotation is provided through the hands, while in an electric precision screwdriver, there is an electric motor used for creating torque. In an electric precision screwdriver, the clutch is used to control the amount of torque being provided, while in a manual screwdriver, the amount of torque provided is based on human judgment. Another major difference between a manual and an electric precision screwdriver is that while the latter needs a source of electricity to function, the former is operated manually.

Compared to the manual screwdrivers, electric precision screwdrivers are smaller in size and, therefore, capable of performing operations into tight fittings. These small precision screwdrivers are also easy to carry. Since we can pre-set the amount of torque in electric precision screwdrivers, they can also be used when the material is soft without destroying the material at all. These screwdrivers can also be attached to different angled drive heads, which improve their functioning. On the other hand, you have to remain alert while using a manual screwdriver as a little bit of extra force can destroy the material on which you are using the screwdriver. All these advantages of an electric precision screwdriver make it better than a manual screwdriver.

Jakemy is specialized in making electric precision screwdrivers to make your daily routines easy. Their products are used all over the world, and they are helping businesses worldwide to save production time and cost with the highly precise electric precision screwdrivers. One of the distinctive features of Jakemy is that they provide customized service so you can always get the gadgets related to your needs easily.

Their development and design department make sure to produce the product according to the client’s needs. The compromise on the standard and quality is next to impossible for them as they have all the necessary certifications of the products. Their products are of wide range, and you can get any one of your choices easily. For instance, they offer electric precision screwdriver for household accessories, telecommunication repair, electric repair, and any other DIY repairs.

If you are looking for an extremely accurate electric precision screwdriver, Jakemy should be your first choice, as you will have no need to turn anywhere else again.

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Critical Types of Freights Available from the U.S. to China



There are two main sorts of freights you will appoint your products forwarder to take care of when delivering your items from China:

Air Freight as well as Ocean Freight

Air cargo

Air cargo is stock carried or to be brought in an airplane. Air cargo is normally more expensive than shipping by the sea, yet the delivery will get here to the U.S.A. a great deal faster. Occasionally, your items will need to reach their location as quickly as feasible. Items that may expire are far less likely to run out if they are transported by air as the shipping time from China to US by flight is far less. Airfreight is a terrific set of transport where the rate is a significance.

Delivering your products by air is likewise safer than delivering your items by sea. There is a minimal threat to your items being damaged. Airport guidelines have stringent guidelines in place when it concerns handling, stockpiling, as well as safeguarding your bundle for transportation. Naturally, the potential danger is that the aircraft will collapse or be destroyed, yet, those threats are extremely unlikely.

Although it is safer, as well as faster to ship by air, shipping by air has its ability restrictions. An airplane’s cargo room is substantially less than that of a cargo ship. Considering that an aircraft has substantially less room, space is more valuable on an airplane, as well as products filled are smaller.

Ship Cargo

Shipping your items by sea is the most inexpensive form of transport from one location to one more. A lot of companies decide to ship by sea as a result of the price as well as the capability of a freight ship. Since there is a good deal of area on a ship, the ship’s expenditure reaching its location is separated by plenty of other companies that have freight on the same ship. Freight ships might also bring enormous quantities of cargo with no regard to form or dimension. Ships are capable of carrying huge vehicles, equipment, as well as tools.

Although ships are the least expensive kind of transport, as well as have a lot of space, they are extremely sluggish and unreliable. An airplane can deliver items in an issue of a couple of days, while a ship can use up to thirty days to ship items to the U.S.A. from China. Ships are going to take longer to cover the remarkable quantity of locations in between China and the U.S.A. Ships are likewise extremely unreliable. Hold-ups are fairly usual for shipments by sea due to the ships running by a regular schedule, as well as the risk of things falling is high.

We would usually suggest shipping your products by sea to conserve your company cash. To save a few of your item area on a ship, you could even have your items shipped unpackaged, as well as have your boxes delivered level. By shipping your boxes level and packaging your items in the U.S.A., you will use up less area on the ship and ultimately save cash.

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Growth of diversity in the Trucking Industry



trucking industry

The trucking industry is attempting to build a diverse workflow all over the world by staying in a suitable position to enter the cultural shift. Companies are progressing by setting their standards for diversity in the supply chains. The trucking industry needs to get its act together to profit from existing diversity and meet these needs. The trucking industry is responsible for 90% of the freight transported. It is accountable for the running of the economy and daily essentials. With the growth of the trucking industry in recent years, younger employees, including women and minorities, are more than before.

The hiring of a diverse population

With the accelerated trucking’s demographic shift due to COVID-19, trucking is undergoing a driver shortage. Hiring a diverse population was one way to fix it, which is practiced in the U.S., Dubai, and all over the world. The supply chain of the trucking industry has been severely affected due to driver shortage.

Recruiting of millennials is done to overcome the driver shortage issue. To move freight swiftly, efficiently, and securely, trucking companies have adopted the culture of diversity. Diversity has resulted in success whenever adapted. The diverse workforces help boost a company’s reputation, augmenting employee content, and retention.

Bringing in millennials and women

Trucking companies to meet their needs, need to start hiring women and millennials to change the image of the trucking industry, as many truckers are about to reach their age of retirement, which will lead to a decrease in the number of drivers.

The diversity is giving both men and women a chance to be successful. Due to the women truck drivers being less, the trucking industry’s initiative to welcome diversity in their workforce will not only improve the company’s image but also of the society.

Flexible working hours

Working as a trucker can turn off the millennials as they are all about keeping their balance between life and work, with as much flexibility as feasible, acknowledging the work concerned – is a way to attract new drivers to look into a trucking career.

Better incorporating of diversity by all carriers

Welcoming diversity into the workplace will ensure that all employees are heard and respected. Incorporating a clear code of behavior and conduct, anti-harassment and oppressing strategies, and several more policies like the ones that have been adapted in Dubai’s trucking industries.

Building a strong foundation of the company by involving diversity in the workforce and training employees on what the company aims to accomplish. Programs are introduced to grow the trend of diversity in trucking companies. These will open up possibilities to collaborate with some big clients in various countries.

Result of diversity on businesses

The troubles of the trucking industry can’t be fixed with a few minute changes. The work of the drivers has kept the trucking companies alive all over the world. To incorporate all the above will help the trucking industry not only stay alive but also be the one where people would love getting employed.

Bringing diversity in trucking companies will grow the morale of drivers, enhance driver custody, and maintain a contented workforce. The diverse workforce in companies will change the trucking industries and make changes by executing new diversity programs to lead industries’ to progress.

It will lead to equipping all companies with the honor, knowledge, and care they deserve. If you are looking to get into the trucking industry that has a diverse and workforce culture and meets all your needs, contact Trukkin, and leverage its products and solutions.

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Best Graphic Designer in Edmonton



Best Graphic Designer in Edmonton


In our daily life, we have seen a lot of advertisements, brochures of different companies. These advertisements are of different kinds. Some are just pages with no image on it and just something written on it. While the other consists of pamphlets with images and designs on it. Which one fascinates the most? I hope you will be saying the one with images and designs because images attract more than mere words. It is a human psyche that colorful and different things attract it. These designs and images on pamphlets are due to Graphic designing. In this article, we will discuss the best graphic designer in Edmonton.

What is Graphic Designing?

In the above introduction, we have tried to explain to you the basic idea of graphic designing. Graphic designing is the use of visual communication to deliver a message. This visual communication requires the use of typography, iconography, and photography.

It is the making of visual content to attract people and deliver your message. With modernity in the world, many changes are seen in advertisement and marketing skills also. Graphic designing makes the most boring thing exciting and helps to illustrate your message efficiently.

Pros of Graphic Designing:

There was a time when people have to read long paragraphs to get to the point. Now videos and graphic designing have made everything a piece of cake. Graphic designing consists of many items. Now we will discuss its pros in the following:

  • Graphic designing has become an integral part of the advertisement departments. It can easily capture the focus of people. It is a human psyche that designs and images attract it more than simple outlets. So graphic designing has become a must part of our advertisement companies.
  • Graphic designing gives an aesthetic look to your item. A page with different designs looks more beautiful than a page with just words.
  • In today’s world, people do not have enough time to read long paragraphs, so graphic design makes information easier. Instead of reading long paragraphs, graphic designing provides an image that you can absorb easily in no time.

Types of Graphic Designing:

Graphic Designing is a vast term and includes a lot of items. There are a lot of types of graphic design. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Web Designing: To design a User Interface (UI) for your web.
  • Motion Graphic designing: to design Animated videos, texts, and GIFs for several purposes.
  • Advertising Designing: To design an advertisement video, image, texts, GIFs for your business. These advertisements, texts, videos then play on TV, billboards, radio, Internet, etc.
  • Environmental Designing: includes graphic landscapes, interior, architectural and industrial designs to make that place more memorable and exciting.
  • Publication Designing: To design graphics for printing items, e.g., Books, Newspapers, novels, etc.
  • UI Designing: to design an User Interface that gives an attractive aesthetic look to your Website.
  • Information Graphic Designing: It is to make the information enjoyable. Graphic designing makes information easy to be absorbed. In this modern world, people need ready-made information that can be absorbed quickly and in a short time. Graphic designers design this type of information.

Best Graphic Designing in Edmonton:

Many graphic designers provide you with several services, but there will be no graphic designer who can offer you all the services on a single floor. But we have discovered one who can offer you all the above types of graphic designing under one roof in Edmonton. Following is the graphic designer who can provide you with all the services of graphic designing:

This graphic designer is considered the best in Edmonton and deals with all types of graphic designing. In the following, we will explain to you the services provided by the best graphic designers in Edmonton:

Services Provided by :

This graphic designer is considered the most popular and skillful graphic designer in Edmonton because it provides almost all graphic designing services. Following are the detail of these services provided by :

LOGO Designing:

Whenever you make a company or a brand, the first thing is to decide its name and LOGO. LOGO has a significant impact on your brand because it is the first thing that comes into the customer’s focus. So is determined to provide you the best-designed LOGO in Edmonton.

Car Wrap Designing:

A lot of cars are moving around in the world, but what makes them discriminate from all others? If you are thinking about “Modification,” you are right. If you modify your car, it will appear different from all other cars. The best way to modify your car is by wrapping it. provides you the best car wrapping service in Edmonton.

Business Card designing:

If you have started a business and want to make your business card in an aesthetic design, is the best place to come.

Cartoon Art Designing: is providing the best Cartoon designing in Edmonton and provides you the best service.

Brochure Designing:

Brochures are the most part if you want an advertisement for your company or brand. Brochures must be appealing and must give an aesthetic look to attract the focus of your customer. For this purpose, is the best place to come. The designs the most attractive brochures in the whole of Edmonton.

Email Signatures:

There was a time when companies have to use letters and fax machines to address someone. But now, in this modern world, you have the facility of Email. All the companies and people in business are using Email to address someone. For this purpose, you need an Email Signature, which will provide general information about your company or business. provides you the best designs for your Email Signature in Edmonton.

Our Verdict:

Graphic Designing has become a vital part of our marketing industry. If you are looking for the best Graphic designer in Edmonton, should be your preference. This company is providing almost all the services that come in the division of Graphic Designing. These services include LOGO Designing, Car Warp Designing, Email Signature Designing, business card designing, Cartoon Art Designing, and many more. So we suggest you do follow if you want a satisfying design for your company.

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Odyssey Teams



Odyssey Teams

Here’s How You Can Improve Communication & Collaboration With Remote Teams

Are you one of the many businesses that had to suddenly transition to telecommuting because of Coronavirus? This unexpected change is certainly challenging, but it also has a silver lining for your organization and employees. It offers your employees flexible working hours, allows better focus by minimizing office distractions, and eliminates the time, energy, and money spent on commute.

Is your organization struggling with team collaboration and communication? In this post, we’re sharing strategies to improve communication between your employees. Take a look.

Give Inbox a Break

Starting the day with a packed inbox can be overwhelming for your employees. Instead of communicating everything via email, invest in a messaging platform that can be used for everyday collaboration. Google Hangouts and Slack are two popular options. You should also emphasize that these messaging tools should be used for collaboration, while emails are still necessary for important updates.

Find a Suitable Meeting Schedule

An 8 AM meeting may not be suitable for everyone, especially when some of your employees are in different parts of the country or world. Try to come up with a meeting schedule that is suitable for everyone. If possible, you can conduct two different meetings to accommodate everyone’s requirements.

Include Visual Elements

In-person conversation allows a person to pick up facial expressions and interpret the interaction accordingly. The same is not possible in written communication, which may lead to misunderstandings. Encourage your team to be as clear as possible in written messages and also include visual elements for further clarity.

Try Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are an excellent way to help your employees trust each other and enhance collaboration. However, with social distancing requirements, the usual team building activities aren’t possible. Fortunately, virtual team building is a suitable alternative. Head over to Odyssey Teams to explore more.

Use Project Management Tools

Just emails and messaging tools aren’t enough for effective communication. Invest in a project management tool to help your employees collaborate seamlessly. Platforms like Trello, Workzone, and Asana allow your team to easily organize tasks and track progress. 

Host Virtual Get-Togethers

Under normal circumstances, you would probably take your team out for lunch or any other form of social gathering. Since we’re in a pandemic, you can boost employees’ morale by hosting virtual get-togethers every few weeks. Make it a point to discuss topics other than work during these digital hangouts.

Set Clear Expectations

Working at home offers flexibility, but there are still deadlines to be met. Remote employees are more likely to procrastinate, and you can prevent that by setting clear expectations. If a project needs to be completed by the end of the day, then communicate the urgency. 

Celebrate Milestone

If a team or an employee does well, remember to celebrate their milestones, even if it’s a virtual celebration. 

Trust Your Team

Your team won’t be able to focus or stay productive if managers are constantly asking for updates. Employees may start to feel underqualified for the job, which will impact their job satisfaction and even increase absenteeism. Clearly communicate the requirements and trust your team to get the job done. You can always provide feedback for improvement.

Be Empathetic

A professional workspace has an environment that’s designed to enhance productivity and eliminate distractions. But this same atmosphere cannot be expected from your employees’ homes. They may have kids or a demanding family that may cause hindrance to the work. Try to be empathetic, the world needs it more than ever.

The Bottom Line

Navigating remote collaborations during these unprecedented times can be difficult. But by promptly implementing reliable and effective virtual communication and collaboration tools, you can set up your remote working teams for success. 

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Find Sustainable Condos in Canary District Toronto




As they all say, “Home is where you make it”. If you haven’t found the home of your dreams yet, here’s a place that is waiting to be uncovered. Join the sustainable living in Canary District, a perfect place to call home.

With the rise of environmental problems such as global warming, climate change and unprecedented catastrophes, we consider sustainability when finding a place to settle. Is the place fit enough to support thousands of residents without having to go through risks and damages?

In today’s world, it’s a question that most communities struggle to answer. In Canada, the ice keeps melting and the water rising. Which neighborhood can keep you and your family safe?

Fortunately, Canary District was able to combat these pressing issues by introducing a sustainable living community. The residents and nature can work together to preserve and take care of Mother Nature.

Modernization doesn’t have to be destructive and other ways can be implemented to multiply residential neighborhoods. Canary District has introduced environment-friendly buildings, more green parks and clean-up activities to keep the neighborhood healthy and clean.

This effort also encourages residents to be aware of the environment while also participating important causes.

If you’re looking for a community that has a purpose to the environment, Condo Mapper provides an array of condo listings around Canary District. Here are five listings you might like just updated this week:

455 Front St E #S313

Looking for a modern condo unit with futuristic but minimalistic design? This space provides all that featuring 1 spacious bedroom and 1 bathroom. Whether you’re a boss lady or gentleman, this property will suit you well. For the price of $570,000, you’ll get a modern classy looking condo.

455 Front St E #N1002

For only $770,000, this condo unit can be yours which features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 dedicated parking space. The highlight of this space is its glass panels that makes the room even brighter and welcoming.

510 King St E #421

For a modern look with a pop of color, this 1+den bedroom and 1 bathroom is a lovely space to call home. You will enjoy a much spacious area plus an extended dining terrace area for special occasions for only $798,000.

120 Bayview Ave #N511

This rustic and elegant condo unit offers a warm ambience especially for the winter months. Cosy up your family with this 1+den bedroom and 1 bathroom, overlooking the city views. It’s now available for only $738,800.

51 Trolley Cres #1309

One of the top rating condo units in Condo Mapper, is this minimalist space that features a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom, with 1 parking space. The location, space, design and quality of the home is worth every buck for only $889,900.

Don’t miss out on the updated condo listings from Condo Mapper around Canary District. You can filter your search to help you find the right condo, where it best suits you.

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