Manual VS. Electric Precision Screwdriver, which is better?

There is perhaps nothing more important in our mechanical world than screws. To fit those screws, you need a screwdriver without which you cannot even imagine attaching or detaching the screws. Generally speaking, there are two types of screwdrivers, i.e., manual screwdriver and electric precision screwdriver. A manual screwdriver has basically two parts, a handle and a shaft with a tip. In mechanical screwdrivers, steel is used mostly to make the shaft wear resistant. The handle is made in a way to give you a fine grip on the screwdriver so you can rotate it easily. Manual screwdriver is usually classified based on the tip, which is shaped to fit the driving surfaces such as slots, grooves, or recesses.

However electric precision screwdriver ensures tightening the screw to a specific torque via rotary motion. The most important part of an electric precision screwdriver is the clutch. A clutch is made of steel balls rolling between plates. From one end, it is attached to spring while on the other end to a side driving a screw or a fastener. The tightening must be sufficient but not excessive in order for the efficient working of the subjected gadget. An insufficient tightening may loosen up during operation, and excessive tightening might break some parts of the machine.

Although the purpose of both manual and electric precision screwdriver is the same, the ways to operate them are vastly different. In a manual screwdriver, rotation is provided through the hands, while in an electric precision screwdriver, there is an electric motor used for creating torque. In an electric precision screwdriver, the clutch is used to control the amount of torque being provided, while in a manual screwdriver, the amount of torque provided is based on human judgment. Another major difference between a manual and an electric precision screwdriver is that while the latter needs a source of electricity to function, the former is operated manually.

Compared to the manual screwdrivers, electric precision screwdrivers are smaller in size and, therefore, capable of performing operations into tight fittings. These small precision screwdrivers are also easy to carry. Since we can pre-set the amount of torque in electric precision screwdrivers, they can also be used when the material is soft without destroying the material at all. These screwdrivers can also be attached to different angled drive heads, which improve their functioning. On the other hand, you have to remain alert while using a manual screwdriver as a little bit of extra force can destroy the material on which you are using the screwdriver. All these advantages of an electric precision screwdriver make it better than a manual screwdriver.

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